Feathered Friends – Stork, Crane, Flamingo, and more!

Learn more about all animals that have feathers and wings.

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This episode features: Stork, Crane, Flamingo, Owl, Hawk, Condor, Ostrich, and much more! Take a look at their behaviors, eating habits, overall lifestyle, and their locations.
Zeke the robot has powered to earth to learn all about our animals let's join Zeke on his adventure today he has a fascination for our feathered friends it's right when flying through the facts on birds come on it's time to take off so hold on tight as we venture into Zeke's animal world Heisey are you ready for another animal.

Adventure today we're finding out about feathered friends and our first appointment is with the stork stork stand graceful and tall or March deliberately on their slender legs they can also bend their long neck into some amazing positions storks are also beautiful in flight they fly mostly by soaring on warm air.

Currents with long broad wings that only flap occasionally most of the time the storks are gliding this helps them conserve energy so they don't get too tired they stretch their necks out and dangle their legs behind them as they fly making them easy to spot even from far away most stocks build their nests in trees.

For many species a new nest needs to be made each year but some go back and use the same nest several years in a row stork nest can be huge almost three metres deep and 2 metres wide in some cases that's as big as 2 bathtubs z storks can be found on all of Earth's continents except icy cold Antarctica but they're most commonly found in warm.

Tropical places storks like to live in wetlands grasslands tropical forests and savannas storks certainly have long necks Zeke a long neck allows them to stretch out to capture their prey at about three weeks old the stork chicks start to stand up in the nest and flak vests W wings chicks can eat up to 60% of their own.

Body weight per day if you weigh 36 kilograms that would be like eating 22 kilograms of food every day often the storks nests are mostly made of sticks which the male finds and brings back and the female puts in place take a look at the storks long legs Zeke they allow the bird to take long strides and wade into deep water or tall grasses and Reed's in.

Search of food that's why the stork is called a wading bird he likes to walk through the water rather than swim in it since most stalks live in wetlands or near water they usually eat fish amphibians small reptiles shellfish and insects although some also catch small mammals like rodents and moles Zeek some storks dig up patches of turnip and.

Place them inside the nest for a soft bed often the male will bring a leafy green twig as the finishing touch after all the construction is over it's the stork version of home decorating the stalks aren't the only ones using the nests small birds like sparrows starlings and wrens make their own nests.

In spaces between the stakes it's like a bird hotel when stork chicks hatch they are almost naked but they quickly develop a covering of fluffy down feathers they need their parents to care for them so both parents are very busy flying back and forth to bring them food after a few months their flight feathers start.

To grow in and they learn to fly so what else have we found out about storks week we know storks are wading birds and they like gliding through the air to conserve energy storks build very big nests and they have long necks so they can stretch out and catch their food you've done very well Zeek and some of you come on with.

More birds to catch up with cranes are another tall breed of bird with long legs next and usually long bills cranes are generally brown gray or white in color during migration cranes fly with their head and neck straight house and their legs straight behind them they're able to reach heights of almost 8,000 meters that's as high as an airplane.

Cranes live in groups called flocks within the flock male and female cranes form pairs they remain in these twosomes for life chromes eats a variety of clients and small animals eke they like to build their nests in marshy areas or low trees okay let's look at what we've learnt about cranes cranes fly with their long necks stretched right out.

There a tall bird with long legs and they live in groups called flocks another report complete well done the crane certainly is an interesting feathered friend this feathered friend is one of the most colorful of the bird world these are flamingos can you guess what their favorite color is that's right it's pink.

There are several species of flamingos and each one comes in a different shade of pinkish orange yes eek even the boys flamingos live in large groups eek a large group of birds is called rock some flocks of flamingos have been known to contain 1 million birds with everyone wearing pink it would be very hard to find your family.

Flamingos are not born with their beautiful pink plumage the flamingo chick has white ground feathers it also has a straight pink bill and swollen pink legs both of which turn black within a week looks like this little guy is a bit wobbly but he'll grow into a graceful adult.

After hatching the chick stays in the nest for five to 12 days during this time the chick is fed a type of milk called cough milk that comes from the parents upper digestive tract it doesn't sound very nice to us but the chicks love it and both the mom and the dad flamingos can feed the babies in this way a flamingo nest is not fancy just a.

Mound of mud maybe 30 centimeters high the nest needs to be high enough to protect the egg from flooding and the heat at ground level this chick is very hungry Zeek lucky mum and dad are close by ready with a snack flamingo chicks are so cute I love those little pink legs thank you long legs let Flamengo's wade into.

Deeper water than most other birds to look for food and speaking of food the Flamingo has a very distinctive eating habit the beak is held upside down in the water the Flamingo feeds by sucking water and mud in at the front of its bill and then pumping it out again at the sides tiny filters in the beak trap shrimp small shellfish and water.

Creatures for the flamingos to eat the flamingos pink or reddish color comes from rich sources of pigments in the food they eat including algae and small aquatic insects and crustaceans the Caribbean flamingos are the brightest showing their true colors of red pink or orange on their legs bills and faces flamingos lay a single large.

Egg which is incubated by both parents that means both the mum and the dad sit on the nest flamingos are very social animals eek this looks like a flamingo traffic jam you'll often see a flamingo standing on one leg standing on one leg really is their most comfortable resting position let's see how long you can stand on one leg the flamingos strongly.

Hooked beak helps them to scoop up all those shellfish from the muddy bottom of shallow water both the males and females build the nest by drawing mud toward their feet with their beaks these are very clever feathered friends eek once the young birds leave the nest they herd together in large groups called.

Crashes and can run and swim well at an early age flamingos eggs are very big aren't they the mom-and-dad flamingos take turns in sitting on the nest for up to 31 days waiting for their little chick to hatch could you sit on an egg for 31 days Zeke no I didn't so what have we discovered about the fabulous flamingos.

We know that flamingos have long legs and their feathers are a beautiful shade of pink flamingos like to eat small shellfish and their hooked beak help them to scoop up food from underwater fantastic work Zeke you should be tickled pink our next feathered friend is part of nature's cleanup crews Zeek these birds.

Are called condors and they belong to the vulture family like all vultures condors are scavengers and feed on carrion do you know what carrion is Zeek carrion is the remains of a dead animal condors prefer large dead animals like deer cattle and sheep but they also eat rodents rabbits and even fish even though it sounds pretty yucky.

It's great that condors clean up they're an important part of the animal world and without them things could get pretty messy because they eat scraps some people think of condors as dirty but they're actually pretty tiny Zeek after eating will clean their heads and necks by rubbing them on grass rocks or.

Branches Condors also bathe frequently and spend hours smoothing and drying their feathers Condors don't have vocal cords so they only make hissing and grunting noises they don't have a good sense of smell so they find their food mostly by their keen eyesight.

Crevices and caves and rocky cliffs make for great Condor nest sites the adult female will lay a single whitish or pale green blue egg between January and March when they fly condors are a wonderful sight to see that's when they're impressive wings are shown in all their glory and when you can see the triangular patch of white flashing under.

Each wing the condors catch thermal air currents that rise up as the Sun heats the ground and with those huge wings they can stay in the air for hours soaring through the skies as they scan the fields below for their next decay meal Zeek these large birds gorge themselves on one and a half kilograms of food at a time and then.

They can go without food for several days until they find another carcass they may not be the prettiest birds you've ever seen but the Condors head is designed to keep rotting food from sticking to them as they eat the skin on the bear heads of adults can also express some emotions it turns a deep red pink during courtship or when the.

Birds are excited or alarmed the adults also have a throat sack that they can puff out during courtship displays when they're hoping to find a girlfriend condors are one of the largest flying birds they have shiny black plumage plumage is another word for the birds feathers condors have very big wings their wingspan can reach three metres.

Wide when the Condor chick hatches out of the egg it will have bare patches on its head neck belly and under way let's go back over what we've learnt about condors ewwww condors are scavengers and eat the compasses of dead animals a condors wingspan is very large almost three metres their feathers are black and the.

Skin on their head changes color depending on their mood you're a champion so a music this time we'll meet some birds of prey do you know what a goddamn crazy a bird of prey like this owl is a bird that hunts smaller birds as well as small mammals and rodents like Mike's and ranks birds of prey like hawks.

A carnivores they are predatory birds that catch kill and eat a wide variety of other animals in order to survive orcs are strong powerful birds their feet are equipped with sharp curved talons or paws capturing prey and they're strong beaks are hooked ours have the best hearing of all birds their ears are located on the sides of their.

Heads and the Hawks sense of hearing is excellent too and their eyesight is the best in the entire animal world birds of prey are carnivores that means that they eat meats they have hook beaks sharp claws and fantastic eyesight good work Pete is a real hoot our next feathered friend is the largest and heaviest living bird leakes not sure.

What this bird's name is can you help him you're right this is the ostrich it's a flightless bird that can never take to the skies so instead it's built for running the ostriches long thick and powerful legs can cover great distances just one of an ostriches strides can be up to 5.

Metres long it's longer than many rooms ostriches mostly eat plants especially roots leaves and seeds but they also munch on insects like locusts and small animals like lizards whole look seek this giraffe has something in common with the ostrich do you know what it is yes they both have lovely long necks ostriches like to live in groups which.

Helps with defense with their long necks and keen vision they can see long distances so in a group at least one of them is likely to see danger coming mummy and daddy ostriches share the task of incubating the eggs that means they take turns in sitting on them to keep the eggs warm they share caring for the chicks too.

Oh are these chicks adorable Zeke just think these fluffy little bundles will grow to be big powerful and very fast ostriches lay very big eggs in fact one ostrich egg is equivalent to the weight of about 24 chicken eggs imagine frying that up for breakfast did you know that an ostrich's eye is almost 5 centimeters wide that's the.

Largest eye of any land animal ok we discovered about the wonderful ostrich Zeek they are flightless but have powerful legs ostriches are the largest living birds and they lay very big eggs good work team come on Zeek let's follow those feathers Zeek our last feathered friend is one that starts out life a.

Little on the ugly side but grows into one of the most graceful and beautiful Birds this is the Swan these wonderful water birds can be found in areas around lakes and rivers xik male swans are called coves females opponents and their young as cygnets you'll often find swans at the park.

Maybe you've fed the swans some bread swans have a very large wingspan when they tuck their wings into their back they form a lovely shape which flows into that long arched neck swans spend plenty of time preening and cleaning their white feathers these are mute swans they have a triangle of black in front of the eyes.

And a deep orange colored build pearl look Zeke this one is diving for something to eat there are different types of swans some have black feathers smaug's can make some loud noises eek they snort when they're annoyed make a shrill trumpeting when they're really angry and also an aggressive hiss.

You should never go too close to Swansea even at the park just throw your bread and admire these beautiful birds from a safe distance the average lifespan of a wild Swan is 18 years swans living in captivity average 30 to 40 years with 1 on record having lived 30 years that's what I call.

A senior citizen Swansea phones are able to float on the water because of air held in their feathers the Swans body feathers or plumage is continually covered by oil from the cream glands they are very careful not to get water under their plumage Zeke as Swan can have over 25,000 feathers that's a lot of preening.

Swans have the longest neck of any bird with 23 to 25 neck vertebrae swans are wonderful swimmers their large webbed feet propel them through the water Swann's can go underwater from 10 to 20 seconds at a time Z because of the length of their long stimuli necks the birds can dip their heads by curving their necks into the water and lay their.

Chins flat on the bottom continuously swallowing Swann's usually make for life remaining together through the year they lay from five to ten eggs but take about 42 days to hatch the female does most of the egg incubation but every now and then the male will replace her for a while so she can have a swim bite to eat in the lake.

Cattle Zeke remember the Swans wings are very powerful we also learnt that swans have a deep orange colored bill a male Swan is called a cob a female is called a pen and a baby Swan is called a signet Zeke has learnt a lot about our feathered friends and I hope you did too see you next time.

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Feathered Friends - Stork, Crane, Flamingo, and more!