The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson: Joan Embery’s Animals (1975)

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one of the most popular spots on The Tonight Show for the past I guess four or five years John has been visiting us is a we look forward to it the visit for miss Joan Embry was an animal handler and she's certainly in the right spot with this group tonight at the San Diego Zoo she's a charming lady and as you if.

You've seen the cover story the recent Newsweek it's about wildlife and the problems of the extinction and the endangered species and they mentioned the Sandia because it was being one of the finest in the world which it is would you welcome miss Joan Embery.

so you didn't get your usual warm welcome there for the audience because I cautioned them that the animals are getting a little bit skittish but well I don't know what is what is coming up but I want to see if anybody I would not know if you brought this animal that I happen to have it down here what it is.

But I would not know what that animal is like a deer right there and it's the smallest member and it's known as the Chinese or Reeves muntjac the Chinese or Reeves she weighed about a pound at Birth they weighed anywhere from a pound to a pound and a half they stand when fully matured 17 about 17 inches tall they had touched repent sure.

You know I always ask her you never know and they from that nation of you from China said yes I'm one Jack look at that face we have a picture of her on a scale when she came in she was unbelievably small you notice just one born in captivity yes it presumes she's in our nursery in the Children's Zoo in San Diego and you'll notice right below our.

Eyes there's an opening that's a scent brand they sent the territory why should I see that yeah right she has spots which are disappearing and her name is squeaker you can okay we're talking the male's will have antlers the females do not and also the males and females actually have the tooth which.

Projects below their gum like like a Fang never seen one before and that's what they're called them look look Jack we're tusk Jack yeah are they rare actually not too awfully rare they're reading fairly well in captivity we've had a number of them born at this one today today she on milk she's on milk formula yeah.

They are browsers they'll eat leaves and bark and fungi and things like this and funky Larry fun guys the fungi they're nocturnal nocturnal in that's very pretty okay thank you we'll go out now don't don't applaud for whatever is coming in because I don't know what's coming in I say Craig over there saying don't say.

That a killer we've had some strange experiences on the show with animals over the years remember the night we had there safe pussycat not too close to the cameras one of the most beautiful cats in the world and we made a special effort to bring him and show him so that nobody will ever try and make a coat out of this type of cat again.

No it's and this is one cat which has been taken for their pelt because they have undoubtedly by looking at it one of the most beautiful coats they have both stripes and spots this is a leopard in this is a clouded leopard very rare and not too often bred and zoos he doesn't love anything animal we have a pair that just came in from laws and Admiral.

Rafferty paid for their transportation from San Diego so they are a donation and we are very very proud of them they'll go out on display within the next month what a beautiful animal he is nine months old he has all of his claws in his teeth and he's done very well he really does like people but he gets a little bit nervous with the band so.

That's why we asked for it to be very quiet and living for a cat this size that he's done pretty well here this evening how large will here these are a relatively small cat of a big cat family and he'll be about oh up to 45 pounds so I feel gained maybe 10 or 15 pounds more you really hope the days are now past with what we know and.

Everybody in the world knows that the days are past where animals like this or any wild animals will be killed to make clothing for people we are beautiful fake furs and there are various furs that are able to be raised domestically that are quite beautiful so there's really no need and it's it destroys animals like this in their natural.

Habitat beautiful just gorgeous if we can lift his head up and you can see his name is Tooey Tooey Tooey Tooey trees in the background any thought he was back in the jungle and he ran for them hi there never had a leopard coat never will have one trust me he didn't believe he didn't believe me.

I meant it I meant it the movie moves remember that one night yes well it would it was at the grill there what they would have on chimp I think the chimp whenever chimpanzees they always say they're just gentle as the rain yeah and then they see me and we'll be right back we had some more fascinating animals for you so stay.

Right with us you just join us so we're talking with you on Embree for San Diego Zoo we have foster Brooks Adler Roger st. John and Victor Buono tonight I guess I'm supposed to cross over and knee to John here was for our next animal potty train okay John this is another one of y'all.

It's very poisonous very poisonous snake you have anti-venom with you you have to carry that with you some snakes we don't have it with whenever we do have it you bring it along now that's not a Python and that's not a it's not a Viper or what do they call them it is a Cobra that's a colbrunn this is a Cobra this is the hooded Cobra though yes it is and.

Robin is in the try and see if he can get her to hood she's moving very quickly there what makes them would they have vertebrae that they expand in this expands the skin on their neck and the Indian Cobra has one of the most beautiful and largest hoods of the Cobra it has a very distinctive pattern is quite beautiful why don't you do your.

Thing the snake charmers use the Cobras and some snake charmers in the past have either sewn their mouths up so that they wouldn't be able to bite them or they have removed the things this is what is known as a fixed fang snake fangs are straight and see I I have a way with all wildlife.

Call fear if he if he bit you what's the trainers name handsome Robin Robin is a snake bit you how I want to take you before you would you die that's hard to say everybody everybody reacts different everybody has their own individual reaction to each type of snake and.

There are snakes that are considered more deadly as far as their poison goes than this one they are beautiful aren't they yes we think so okay thank you very much well that's all I got want a buddy that want a good you got to be in a mood okay how many people have them in it an ordinance fear of snakes.

Should've asked that do I go back I stay here what was that noise that's good what's coming out there's a terrible terrible sounds back there rattling bars and things our next animal the invisible Mandarin disguises himself haha come on come on.

Come on easy boy easy girl okay just not your business it's no trooper that's no trooper even what the animal is anyway it's a kudu was that what the noise was has he been on the show before he has this is baby Jim who is now 14 months old part of our gorilla breeding program at the Wild Animal Park hi Jim I.

Remember once on the show was that the one I was sitting with at the desk he was about I think three months old but they said and we show the slide somebody said we had a slide if when he was on the show that's when he was three months old remember that show was just a little partner now look at him I couldn't do that now could I.

Well idea I know he's been biting a lot haha see what you told me my head my hand in my hand was in the case he's been fighting a lot look at the size of him already I Jim we have since had tried a few females sent to us from all right zoos for breeding purposes they doing how big.

Will he get well they'll be about five to six hundred pounds they're very large when fully matured it takes him about ten years to reach his full maturity yeah and he's still eating monkey chow and milk he's gonna give you his plank and give me the blanket okay he wants it back give me the blanket Jim Jim give me the.

Blanket Jim Jim Jim he's only weighs 130 pounds I can't get it away but 30 pound gorilla at that size they're as strong as a human right very strong when they get pulling on this then he likes that tell he has an orangutan sure does like white what their blankets have my finger there Tim.

He is strong you won't believe this what grunting can he hurt me if I touch him don't let him pull my finger don't believe the strength okay Jim now you won't be able to bring him back in a year but where shall one we have some film his new sister which the mother is taking care of on her own okay just going back to decimal roll of film take.

A look at it watch the monitor this is his baby sister we're going to sing a lead oh well he getting that big well actually larger that is a female and you can see the little baby Ben see now the first child she rejected which is Jim run he's being hand reared the second one we had a researcher who taught her how to hold a baby doll because she was.

Jim around by his hind leg but we had a teacher they learned from their family group how to care for their young look we had to teach her how to hold a baby and since then she's done very well with the birth of this child she has accepted it and cared throw it properly and we've had such success that Kansas City sent us two female gorillas and we just sent.

One back to Phoenix that we hope is pregnant look at that watch the toes it's yeah see how she just kind of what you got to do their own swimming pool and their own play structure about 25 feet tall the animal you were trying to bring out here a moment ago was a CUDA beautiful member of the Antelope family but a little bit nervous and I think the.

Lights frightened or someone we don't want to push her because she's very valuable to us and if we have animals that we take out if they right show us that they aren't really ready and they're going to fight we'd rather not play it's always fascinating and gray because I know what the trouble is if transporting animals up here from San.

Diego but it's a toys a fascinating spot on the show is that the kudu back there Jim stretching Jim's looking what's going on Jimmy I think usually are they easy to raise yeah yeah not really they require tremendous amount here you see now he realized that nobody's standing there with him and he wants attention so he's kind of fried eel.

Sympathy gorilla trick they'd sleep so they do want affection right very much and they required for about five to seven years they are dependent on the female and for this length of time they are dependent upon humans if they do not have a mother of their own I thank you again John for being here tonight I hope we'll see you again shortly Happy New.

Year same to you put that microphone he gets ahold of will never get the microphones back again definite here we wanted to do a few numbers we will take a short break and we'll be right back with our with.

Our next guest stay with us you before you would

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The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson: Joan Embery's Animals (1975)