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Water holes can be dangerous traps for thirsty animals, as this hippo soon finds out…

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Natural World: Hippos – Africa’s River Giants
David Attenborough reveals the life of the hippopotamus as never seen before. With incredible underwater footage, this film delves into the world of the hippo – an animal that cannot swim yet is utterly dependent on water. In Botswana’s Okavango delta, hippos face an unparalleled challenge – deep floodwaters dry to dust in a matter of months. In one extraordinary season, the team go beneath the surface to see them protect their families and face their enemies as they deal with the drought. Going far beyond their dangerous reputation, the show discovers the true nature of the hippo, an animal that is compassionate, sensitive and highly intelligent.

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The heat is overwhelming hippos can't sweat but they do secrete a thick oily reddish fluid this acts as a sunscreen and helps protect against infection but he still needs to drink water holes are dangerous traps for.

Thirsty enemies this one is staked out by lions they're practiced giant killers together they can take down an elephant he's dying of thirst but he stands firm oh.

a hippo can hold his ground if he needs to and he forces the lions to allow him a share finally he gets his much-needed drink relief is on its way in the distance a flood is creeping.

Slowly closer it travels along the hippos dry paths so once again the hippos have determined the course of the river's terminals the face of the occupant.

Changes once again and all that the hippos had lost will soon return their resilience determination and adaptability have carried them through the toughest of times water once more flows along the veins of the delta.

And life soon reappears as the land recovers and the flood waters peak the channels created by the hippos carry the water to its furthest limits.

It's they who perpetuate the watery wonderland of the aquavanco everything and everyone that lives here owe their presence to the hippos africa's river giants.


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Hippo vs Lion Clan | Natural World | BBC Earth