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Two eagles struggle to survive and produce offspring to maintain their species: Golden Eagle are sedentary birds, build very large and long lasting nests, feed on a wide range of preys. Short toed Eagles are migratory birds, hunts exclusively snakes and build very small nests. Both species are successful, if man does not prosecute them. The film describes their life stories in the typical Mediterranean mountain ecosystems.
Foreign there exists a special world where Bears and Eagles Live Free among the vestiges of a distant past it is a veritable Treasure Trove of biodiversity but from the Alps to the islands facing Africa is home to Riches of inestimable value thousands of.

Species of plants and animals including the continent's fiercest Predators this is Italy here among the art and the history a wild heart beats Two Eagles a cute sight powerful beaks sharp claws and a two meter wingspan live in almost.

Neighboring territories in the heart of Italy the golden eagle has chosen the mountains the short-toed eagle the low warm and Sunny Hills full of snakes it's prey two very different Lifestyles have allowed them to adapt perfectly to the wild environments of the Mediterranean.

And become unbeatable champions in their field oh my God a goshawk has caught a Martin.

It eats looking around continuously it won't be easy to finish the meal there is a family of golden eagles around they've arrived on the Rock spur overlooking the still snowy Valley the father has found what remains of the Martin caught by the goshawk a few grams of skin and bones but it's better than.

Nothing a young female despite being fully grown continues to demand food from her father who is smaller than she is her crop is full which means that she has already eaten plenty but this doesn't stop her bugging her parent for more he tries to keep a slight distance no.

Matter how affectionate a daughter Eagle is still an eagle the golden eagle stays here all the year round but the other species of eagle is still far away thousands of kilometers away from Italy in Africa the short-toed eagle more simply known.

As the snake Eagle comes to Italy in the spring when snakes which fear snow and ice and cold begin to wake up from their Long Winter lethargy snakes are numerous in the south of Europe where you can find 10 different species among the rocks and bushes in the same area agile stealthy and deadly it seems that.

Nothing and no one can threaten them but that is only an impression because for the short-toed eagle hunting for snakes is a way of life foreign the short-toed eagle is the only European Raptor that specializes in.

Hunting snakes which make up over 90 percent of its diet since snakes are predators the short-toed eagle can be considered a super Predator at the top of the food chain foreign wipes out at least a thousand snakes in.

The course of a single breeding season if you put them in a row they would measure over a kilometer snakes for breakfast lunch and dinner nothing else the body of these birds of prey and their behaviors are designed for maximum success in the hunt for snakes with a wingspan of almost two meters.

Yellow eyes the light frame of a glider short-toed Eagles dominate an area of 60 000 hectares inhabited by no more than ten thousand human beings this is the tolfa Hill district foreign north of Rome an area exploited by herds of free-ranging livestock.

The forests made up largely of Oak are still large and Alternate with vast pastures where horses and cattle are bred in the wild no human beings just wild creatures and domestic animals living like Wild Ones foreign.

District the aponine range trespasses 2 900 meters of altitude and hosts some pairs of the bravest European eagle the golden eagle it differs from the short-toed eagle in the darker aspects and in its hunting skills.

Thank you golden eagles are not specialized Hunters like the short-toed eagles they can feed on a wide choice of prey ranging from small rodents to Cubs of large herbivores and carcasses one pair has chosen to occupy a large Cliff sunbathed with Evergreen Home Oaks rooting among the rocks.

Its hunting territory is a large piece of mountain range from tree belt to the highest altitude pastures which are free from snow only in the summer the apron 9 mountain is full of cast features such as swallow holes caves gorges and sinkholes the water is absorbed by The Rock which.

Is full of fishes and runs Underground for this reason there are very few streams and lakes the Deep Canyons may carry water only once every 50 years but this does not mean that there are not suitable Nest sites the red build chuff is a Mediterranean member of The Crow family and perhaps has benefited from the warmer drier.

Conditions of recent years for now the golden eagles start their breeding season early before the trees have leaves each pair has its own mountain with its slopes and Rocky canyons and has several nests that it uses in rotation as these nests are occupied by Eagles.

That hand them down from generation to generation they are huge large clusters of dry branches on the Rocks often in a niche that offers some protection from the storms that blow constantly in Spring taking plants and animals by surprise foreign.

this year the couple decided to use the Royal Suite with an adjoining home Oak the sturdy evergreen tree that has implanted its roots deep into the cracks of The Rock and guarantees protection from the Sun and wind now the female is ready to start egg laying.

Short-toed snake Eagles have spent the winter season in Western Africa here in the tolfa Hills the winter is too cold for them and although it rarely snows for a few months snakes disappear from circulation and the Eagles would not find anything to eat but at the beginning of March the snow drops have already appeared.

And that means that spring is not far behind these flowers are rather special blooming while it is still winter thanks to a few minutes of extra light the only ones left are in the wettest most shaded corners of the forest not far from the bushes of the Mediterranean maquis.

Most of the annual rainfall Falls in these months and swells the streams that flow down to the terrainians the short-toed snake Eagles have had a long journey to reach the mountains of tolfa they left Africa at the level of Gibraltar cross the whole of Spain and then southern France.

They gather along the coast of liguria on Montebello where they are greeted by enthusiastic bird watchers who come from all over Europe to watch them pass from that mountain overlooking the sea on one single day in March you can see 200 snake eagles flying out to populate not only Central Europe and Italy but as far south as the hills of tolfa.

In mid-march the pairs are ready to begin a reproductive Adventure that will last for seven months during which time they will have to raise their little Eagle a single Offspring which will be as pampered and spoiled as any only child both golden and short-toed Eagles are relatively long-lived birds and can.

Reach as much as 50 years of age males and females look very similar and you need to see them up close to spot that the female is slightly bulkier than the male they are very loyal creatures and pairs usually remain together for Life most will live long enough to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.

Their connection to their nesting area is very strong each year they return to the site where they have nested previously they are very jealous and they will not tolerate Intruders every pair of snake Eagles defends a large territory of 3 000 hectares and covers the space the family needs to.

Survive throughout the breeding season it includes the woods where they nest and the clearings where they search for prey a special relationship exists between the cattle Eagles and snakes the cows grazed the saplings and shoots and prevent the trees from overrunning the grass thereby making it a suitable.

Habitat for many species of reptiles and especially keeping it free of obstacles like a shooting range so that the Eagles can spot their prey from a great height cows horses Eagles and snakes are all bound by the same thread which sometimes breaks it is not uncommon for a mayor to die in childbirth and a thousand small.

Creatures make sure that nothing goes to waste graceful butterflies also join the feast if there had been a couple of golden eagles in the area they would not have missed their opportunity the golden eagle is twice the size of a buzzard and if it wanted could kill it in an instant but buzzards are.

Aggressive Raptors that won't put up with intrusions into the area around their nests despite the danger it sets off in a crazy pursuit of a golden eagle the latter is rather annoyed but seems almost amused by the challenge unlike golden eagles snake Eagles avoid.

Rocks and cliffs they choose a large and solitary wood and build on a tree a new little Nest each year moving a few hundred meters from the position they occupied the year before the pair changes flat each year they have no fear of moving house the pair makes sure that the nest is well concealed by vegetation from the.

Earlier stages of reproduction that is why they choose evergreen trees such as the home Oak and the cork or a broad leafed tree covered with ivy it is at the top in a dominant position to make it easier for the large Eagles to take off and land the short-toed snake Eagle only lays one egg.

But it is a very large egg as big as two hens eggs and the female must sit on it for 46 days she does so with extreme care to avoid damaging it the future of the species depends on this large egg with its fragile shell the female snake Eagle incubates her.

Precious egg day and night consumption is minimized by enforced inactivity so this mother snake Eagle can also stand long fasts when the weather turns bad and prevents snakes from emerging from their shelters she has to fast in early spring strong Westerly winds can still sweep the coast.

Southwesterly begins to howl and rain clouds gather on the first line of Hills those where the snake eagles live the sea is rough and beats against the rocks some creatures love this but not the snake Eagles the temperature has dropped rapidly the snakes are holed up in their deep.

Shelters and the Eagles are forced to go without food their only hope is to catch a mole a rabbit or a frog then finally the storm is just a memory and spring arrives and this time there is no doubt the pastures disappear under a white Veil the flowering Asphodel a plant of.

The lily family the cattle avoid it as its leaves and stems contain a powerful poison but there is plenty of grass to Grace higher temperatures wake up hermann's tortoises these are the only land tortoises indigenous to the Italian Peninsula and are increasingly rare due to.

Indiscriminate collectors forest fires and predators a large specimen can survive the bite of a fox but of a hundred Offspring only one survives to adulthood after hibernating for almost six months the snakes are now hungry and in a hurry to mate at this time they come out into the open.

More often and the snake Eagles know it their reproductive Cycles are perfectly synchronized with those of the reptiles to allow them to take full advantage of the greater availability of their prey the chick is being born at this very moment it is a ball of white down and weighs no more than 50 grams.

the female never leaves it protecting it from the Sun with these soft feathers on her belly the snake eagle has excellent hearing and seems able to pierce the camouflage canvas with its eyes The Cry of a j the crashing about of a cow a careless noise anything can put it.

On its guard the hunter returns to the nest with a snake in his stomach with only the tip of the tail dangling from his beak it is still alive the female grabs the snake's tail she pulls it with all her might but the snake does everything to avoid being extracted.

Is a real tug of war but in the end the snake gives up there it is the male can now go in search of more prey it is up to the female to feed the young one chopping up the snake into small mouthfuls the larger pieces she keeps for herself in this phase the division of labor.

Within the family is very clear the female looks after the chick day and night and the male must hunt for all of them there are three mouths to feed including his own he must be really good to carry out this almost impossible task but this female has chosen a good mate.

After 38 days of incubation another Eagle chick is now crying it is completely covered with white down foreign of the golden eagle pair sometimes their brood consists of two even three nestlings but in this case the pair has only one chick which is.

Guarded and fed with great care thank you Knight Falls and in the wood of the Eagles prey and predators begin to move in a struggle for survival high up in the tree the snake eagle and her chick should be safe.

As long as there isn't a couple of Tawny owls in the area in the middle of the night in total darkness an owl suddenly appears behind the snake Eagle sleeping in the nest with its chick it strikes the bird in the neck with its claws and then disappears the attack is repeated 11 times between.

11 o'clock and 2 A.M in the morning the eagle completely helpless has to suffer unable to react Tawny owls hate Eagles and if they could they would not hesitate to kill a small snake Eagle but the mother Eagle refuses to be intimidated after an eventful night a new day dawns.

In the nest of the short-toed eagle the male lands with the first snake at 9 30 A.M it is a grass snake about 80 centimeters long in order to defend itself the snake emits a foul smelling substance but apparently the snake Eagle doesn't care every day it takes three four sometimes.

Up to six snakes to feed the chick and its parents the female eats the larger pieces her daily ration consists of whatever the chick does not eat these are medium-sized specimens not too small the snake Eagle does not stoop so low as to kill newborn snakes and lizards it.

Would be too much work for a modest number of calories as we would say it's not worth the bother but snake Eagles also avoid snakes that are too large an escalapian snake like this one almost two meters long wouldn't give in without a fight and could cause some serious problems.

There are stories of snake Eagles being locked in Mortal Combat with their prey only human intervention saved them from Death the snake was slowly strangling them in this area there are six species of vipers and collubrids their appearance and their habits are different but they have one thing in common they are all.

Potential prey for the snake eagle beginning with the rat snake more than 70 percent of the Eagles prey it is an agile and aggressive snake a specialist in Catching lizards the Eagle's second favorite item on the menu is the four-line snake which can reach a fair size some Shepherds claim to have seen four.

Line snakes three meters long that may be an exaggeration but two meters is Not Unusual among very old specimens the young have black markings and resemble vipers while adults are brown with four dark stripes on the sides the four-line snake is a constrictor and kills its prey by suffocating it in its.

Coils this meal can easily satisfy them for three weeks or more in third place is the escalapian snake another skilled Hunter of rodents finally grass snakes an aquatic species that moves away from the river after having deposited its eggs at which point it becomes potential prey for eagles and the smooth snake.

Small rare snake snake Eagles also catch vipers although they are not immune to their venom they simply try not to get bitten in some areas of the Alps and Central Europe vipers represent 70 percent of the Eagles prey foreign.

Akes have adopted a number of countermeasures to avoid short-toed Eagles choosing to lead a discreet and secret life and to hide among the rocks and bushes at the slightest sign of danger so even the best hunter finds it very tiring and difficult to find them and.

Catch them yet a family of snake Eagles can get through at least a thousand in a single season but how do they find them tiny radio transmitters the size of a ladybird are used to follow their movements.

These can transmit a signal for weeks with a small battery and a thin steel antenna now we are receiving the radio signal of six rat snakes and two four line snakes living in a stone wall that separates the fields from the woods an ideal habitat for both reptiles these animals have proved to be quite.

Territorial especially the females but males also rarely move more than a hundred meters from their dens both sexes have been observed to be very much creatures of habits that follow a strict daily routine in the morning they remain in the open to bask in the sun then start to move through the dense bushes and rocks in.

Search of prey during the hottest part of the day they disappear somewhere cool and Shady in the evening they again indulge in sunbathing with the regularity of a Swiss guard they make the rounds in their well-defined territory only those who are perfectly familiar.

With their dens and routines can spot them in the brief moments when they appear out in the open and the short-toed Eagles are the only animals which are able to do that the space occupied by a couple of snake Eagles includes the territories of a number of snakes and it is likely that over the weeks even years the snake.

Eagles learn exactly where all the snakes are in the area all the potential prey and where they like to sunbathe you don't catch a snake by accident perhaps as it is crossing a street you have to go looking for it in the right place at the right time when it comes out from the shelter of the rocks and shrubs for just a few minutes to lie in.

The Sun although snakes know how to camouflage themselves snake Eagles can spot them from a height of 500 meters thanks to their extremely sharp vision and particular flying technique hovering or Holy Spirit as the Italian ornithologists like to call it exactly like a drone which uses a series.

Of mechanical and electronic devices to maintain its position even when there is a slight breeze but the snake Eagle is much better at hovering needing neither sensors nor gyroscopes although it is one of the largest European birds of prey the snake Eagle is also one of the lightest since it.

Does not exceed two kilos in weight the golden eagle the bearded vulture and the Griffin vulture are much heavier and are like bombers the snake Eagle however is a glider because it's Wing loading the ratio between the weight and the surface of the Wings is the lowest of all.

that is why it only stalls at a speed of 6 meters per second and if there is a little headwind this speed drops to zero meters per second at that point it is immobile like a kite held by An Invisible Thread it just has to calculate the distance from its Target assess the strength and.

Direction of the wind and calibrate the dive it descends slowly and accelerates only when it is a few meters from the ground knowing full well that snakes are not in the habit of looking up into the sky golden eagles do not hunt snakes usually they are able to do that but they rely on other prey.

Top of the menu is the brown hair a large mammal which can weigh up to four kilos and lives in clearing and Mountain pastures seeking Refuge during daylight under the cover of bushes and Amal trees there eagles cannot spot them but they are able to surprise a hair feeding on grass in the Twilight at sunset or sunrise.

Young Chamois represent an important food item in early summer when they are small enough to be killed and transported to the nest but old enough to move a few meters away from the patrolling females and mothers and aunts The Rock Partridge is one of the golden eagles favorite prey but it is a very attentive bird a lookout sets off the.

Alarm enemy in sight this pair hunts every imaginable kind of prey but for some time has specialized in Catching door mice dormites are nocturnal mammals that live deep in the woods these Eagles must have found a way to.

Catch them probably when they are on top of the trees intent on eating fruits or buds the young Eagle displays the large white spots under its wings and tail that are the paths that allow it to continue to live for a time in its parents territory has grown rapidly.

It is one month early with respect to the short-toed Eagles a snake Eagle survival depends on the number of snakes available and that in turn depends on a delicate balance of conditions that sometimes is in danger of being broken putting the survival of the chick and.

Its parents at serious risk especially in the height of summer when the temperature is very high and it hasn't rained for weeks in the toll for Hills summers are long hot and dry and All Creatures try to survive the Heat after hunting in vain for hours the male snake Eagle now needs to rest on its.

Perch the young chick in the nest tries to find some shade for snake Eagles this is the most critical period of the year not because of the lack of water they hardly ever drink but due to The Disappearance of snakes the snakes have virtually become ghosts.

The radio signals still arise from the dense vegetation and rocks but they never show themselves out in the open it is too hot if they stayed out in the sun for more than 10 minutes their bodies would reach a temperature of 50 degrees and they would die in a few moments.

This chick hasn't eaten for three days has lost 15 percent of its weight and could die if this happens the couple has no chance to lay a second egg this year's attempt at reproduction would have been a complete failure.

The cows are tormented by flies and horseflies for weeks they have been surviving on leathery spiny plants the horses suffer as much as the cows perhaps even more so because they're not able to assimilate their food as efficiently as the ruminants the foals in particular are suffering for these animals survival depends on.

When the rains come to make the grass grow and especially how long the Springs will continue to be filled with water pitiless natural selection has forged animals that live completely independently without relying on humans but still many will die All That Remains of them is a few bones.

Scattered in the bushes or a skull with enormous horns at the bottom of a ravine no one will register the death finally in the land of the Etruscans the weather begins to change the white clouds on the horizon grow in size change color and the distant Rumble of Thunder can be heard.

it is raining after three months of drought the rain returns vital life to plants and fills streams and springs with water but the most important thing is that the temperature has dropped and the reptiles emerge from the stupa into which they had sunk to resume their activities.

Now their goal is to eat to store the fact reserves they need to see them through the winter the Eagles return to Serious hunting they do not miss a strike the young chick has survived the most critical moment of its short life it has become as large as its parents it has quickly regained weight and reached.

Two kilograms it has now been in the nest for two and a half months and the day is coming when it will begin an independent life the young snake Eagle is in its nest at the top of quite a high tree and we can only hope that the ladder is strong enough to Bear the weight of the person who has to climb up and place the radio.

Transmitter on the young eagle the young snake eagle has an almost two meter wingspan but it allows the radio to be attached to its back with a small harness that will automatically break in a couple of years.

In the middle of August on a day of strong winds the young snake Eagle leaves the tree that has been its home for so many weeks carrying on its back the small radio that will connect it to humans over the coming years if everything works well the data should come in every two days it will probably begin its migration.

Alone without the company of other snake Eagles who taught it how to do that its eyes are yellow and even if they are not yet golden like those of the adults it has already become a magnificent super Predator almost ready for the long migration that will take it to Africa in.

The Sahel region where the borders of Mali and Niger are merely lines on a map most European snake Eagles reach Africa without passing over Sicily and maretimo retracing the long migration Loop that leads them to Gibraltar then they head south across Morocco over the Atlas Mountains at a height of almost 4 000 meters above sea level.

They crossed the Sahara in stages of 230 kilometers per day and in October they reached their wintering grounds in Mali where they will remain until January thank you.

thank you the golden eagles are still here the winter rips the mountains of the apennines range in central Italy in the heart of the Mediterranean the rock partridges face the snow they could be caught by the eagle they are always ready to run away and.

Use their calls to keep in touch and warn each other of danger for now the Golden Eagles and short-toed Eagles live close by but without coming into contact however the environmental change triggered by the greenhouse effect is changing everything.

thanks to the increasingly mild winter temperatures snakes are beginning to colonize higher altitudes and the short-toed snake Eagle is following them drawing dangerously close to the golden eagle it's time.

Sparks could begin to fly foreign

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