Birds of Prey Show – Erica Fenske – Milwaukee 2012

World Bird Sanctuary presents
Birds of Prey Show
at Milwaukee County Zoo
Summer 2012

Trainer: Erica Fenske
Speakers: Leah Sainz, Cori Nuss, & John Castelli

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Oh those were so wonderful life through the trees day nature follows burst over I live near man there you gentlemen boys and girls welcome to Milwaukee County Zoo and the bird show I'm sure everybody recognizes this road.

Right yes this is Norbert the American bald eagle and he is just one of the many beautiful birds you have to show you today other animals like bats and insects quack but what is northern hate that they don't have what covers is whole body shot it out with feathers that's exactly right tell theirs alone birds like the other to fly higher.

Further and much more swiftly than any other creature on the planet there's a lot of these birds to occupy every corner of the globe or the Scorch deserts all the way to frozen time ago and today with the help of their beautiful girls like Norbert trainers Erika Corey and myself you all know more about feathers and the birds that wear.

Them during our show today there's going to be many free slide presentations where the birds like Robert are going to fly directly over your heads so it's very important that you all the main seedha for the whole show and don't try to touch the bed to stay fly by one more important thing if you happen to look up at our beautiful birds i highly.

Recommend you keep your mouth closed the feathers have been on this planet for a very long time but it wasn't until 1861 then a man working at a German limestone quarry he his doctors though with what would become one of the most revolutionary process of all time it was the first feathered fossil ever discovered there were mains for that of.

Archaeopteryx a small animal about the size of our European far no marshmallow Archaeopteryx have wings but they were usable for gliding rather than flopping it also had claws on the edges of those wings and a mouthful of see our captors was not a bird it was actually a feathered dinosaurs but as birds evolved they lost those features.

And it's dead they were replaced with talents on head to their toes and a lightweight BTW marshmallows feathers give him a unique ability silent flight the leading and trailing edges of his flight feathers and fringed like the teeth of a comb they muscled the air passing through he also has a sound capturing facialed risk it's a.

Characteristic heart shape of a barn owl it's covered its personally feathers that funnel sound directly into his years this owl has the best hearing of any animal on the earth he can actually fly to capture his prey in complete darkness even hearing mice from up to 90 feet away he is the ultimate mousetrap and he's one of about thirty three.

Different species of gardels found worldwide on every continent except Antarctica so how about a hand for our silence liar marshmellow guys wanna see even bigger ah ok meet everson bigger angel largest in the world look at these eyes only showed you today this is a South Asia.

I'll expert also from Asia Africa he's nothing like those cute and fluffy coaches you all just saw he's got a very unique taste in food you wouldn't want to share dinner of this fur I'd like you all to meet Diablo vitani eagle in the wild Diablo would look for a flock of vultures vultures sure so that he could frighten that you would jump around make.

A lot of noise that's because the vultures are frightened they throw up all everything they could beat and if you folks thought it was really gross going down it's even worse coming back up yeah roaches back hot men one of the things I really enjoy about front I like the great variety to their earlier I mentioned to do the math that.

Only leaves difference or something important like a brain okay well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but owls are not the brightest feather or a bird they are however member of one of the smartest my brother fun can you hear your names me-mow is from sleepy those guys are glued on the planet.

Covered in water I talk receive transmission from this princess we should free yeah she works just like me oh she must this princess habits came back by the e vulture Vader Nemo Scott soccer knew she was her only hope he chased after that alternator spaceship home the big wings and we flipped a vulture mayor space station.

With a nice loud charge the doors locked so when the whole surveyor Oh left the doors Nemo soccer stands it with his blazer she was so grateful that she gave me most what makes you so special like what I can't talk but I cannot fight you have us all beat you know but he only smokes nice big wave goodbye oh oh other expansion and can be quite.

Destructive what's the difference between a parent like Nemo and real you can see she's quite a bit larger than evil and she has a really thick of it because she used to crush the tough nuts and seeds in the main course Rio's needed to South America look at all those brilliant conquers on me as you can see the she's showing off blues.

Greens and of course that vibrant red but you know that real actually has no tree pigmentation on those feathers pigmentation is what could you hair and skin color Rio doesn't have a lot of that all these group views are produced by how the light hits her feathers and then scares off the roads in fact if you were all one of those gorgeous feathers.

Up to direct light it would actually appear completely gray but the way the light plays off those feathers really makes good camouflage in the rain forest home those feathers also protect jochen predators if she thinks dangerous near like another frame for example well she's just gonna fly really close formation made it super flop all those.

Flashing cutters will actually confuse a predator makes it hard to pick out just one very crap off each one of rio's flight feathers as well as mateo butters there's a special shape called an airfoil this airfoil shape Creed's looked and cut smoothly through here but watch how she misses her tail and she flies back to the trainer Erica she's.

Going to use that tail to help your balance we also help you steer through the air just like rush let you can open the lock and put on the brakes it's pretty easy to see for real bar species name where degree macaque our next bird ok it's missing I'm so brightly colored jeans car if you see a raptor while we're going to give a grey veil.

It's not the same water to get that redtail continuous few years don't before that gate human monster if you were to see a rental Hawkins miles is there average weight lifting it all your over or body fat cool air to circulate against their skin they also pants and mantle that's when they pulled their.

Wings out again along that flew air circulate oh here we have bat reach the geek culture is a very unique way nice white color cool down he poops on me home bear see it's not natural and it's not a difference as you can see back creatures no feathers in his head that's the help he puts his head inside a.

Carcass and won't get by their injury vultures relatively weak feet very strong beats and as the now suggests that bruised the king vulture he's on the top of the speech name these birds break into a practice it allows other vultures who smaller more specialized to be able to come in as well vultures like that where's the future are unique.

Because they were worshipped by me as the aspects believes the key vultures your messengers to the god 100 years ago feathers played an important role in women's fashion in fact the most expensive item lost the Titanic it wasn't a car or jewelry it was actually 40 cases of ostrich feathers ostriches egrets and stores were hunted for their.

Feathers driving the price up to two thousand dollars for just a ballast well this is Otis the white pony store when he comes out we'll see how his feathers actually change color according to the angle in which they're viewed it's called iridescent it's produced by design films of the feather structure he's negative to africa and pink would.

Migrate along the tropical regions and arrive just before the rainy season that's why farmers there consider them to be good luck it's a pretty big bird but connection smallest species of store you can see a whole flock of white belly torque I'll disease aviary definitely represent check out that building our next bird.

He's the dark dark and light feathers cool inmate she has a white stripe and a white fully these white feathers she's also an extremely intelligent enjoy you like if i get like volunteers that were chosen at the beginning of the show to stand up will host blogs like we were shown I'd like to bring out I assign the African hi oh I sign is Nicole Brown.

Just the show us how to recycle you see the ECB recycles you folks like y'all take a step forward oversee little bit better her eyesight is movement face Oh what do you think yeah looks like she does in the landfills what she gonna do with it she's gonna look like she does she's found another plastic bottle she's going to take that bottle in the right.

Girl how does fancy book to color let's bring back another two tone bird hold on American one this time Whitehead white teal brown body let's see harbert American bollywood you want to get these face feathers until he was prime years old before that he was mostly grounded if you look closely more intensive face didn't see his skin that she found.

Around his eyes the Harvard is seven years old he's probably going to retain his own marking supposed to the spot I like to say he has a very youthful reflection bald eagles like norbert build the largest nests out of any bird print this is because like most birds of prey they like to use same nest over and over you.

Just add sticks to it well this way the largest nest ever discovered as funny the mortar and that nest wave three times if you're hardly just snap to the tree they built in it that is like SUV in a tree bald eagles like norbert and other birds are symbols of wildness and but keep in mind that even they are not free from the choices that you make in.

Your everyday lives choosing to recycle save energy syrup water while all the choices will be good really big difference and we'll be sure to have these beautiful birds and their feathers with us for years to come after the show we invited to approach the stage they get some good pictures of norbert and as does any questions you like and if you.

Would like to make a contribution to organizations that support the conservation of these wonderful birds like the milwaukee County's you and the world can't sanctuary you may do some of the help our final bird sherry sure is messy like I start she'd be more than happy to take your donations waxing your head you.

Can bring it all the way up to she will place it your donation box have a wonderful day Milwaukee County Zoo that safe drive home you

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Birds of Prey Show - Erica Fenske - Milwaukee 2012