Shark Facts – Great White Shark, Lemon Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Megalodon, Salmon Shark, Mako Shark

Shark Facts – Great White Shark, Lemon Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Megalodon, Salmon Shark, Mako Shark, Megamouth Shark, Bull Shark, Thresher Shark, and more.
All right guys today we are going to do a shark's collection but what is making it extra special is that we are going to identify its information caught right here so every single figure let's read some facts so let's get right into it all right guys so let's have a look okay so let's have a look at this one right here what is this I think this is a blue.

Shark really beautiful figure it's from 1993 so it's like 30 years old this figure okay and of course we actually have a blue shock card right here so let's read the facts together so let's read this blue shark the size is about 3.5 meters long Ado they can be found worldwide blue shocks are not as common these days due to excessive fishing they.

Are potentially dangerous but only if they feel threatened or very hungry in any case try not to find out if you see one all right so very nice figure of a blue shark I'm gonna place this one right into the box and all the cards that we have read over here okay next up let's have a look at this one which is the basking shock this is quite a cool.

Figure 2020 figure from collecti so you guys should know that basking sharks they are filter feeders um we have the card right here so let's have a look at it together average size is about 8 meters long mysterious in terms of being mysterious and not two let's read this straight out of a nightmare that's how the basking.

Sharks looks however this huge shock is nothing to worry about since it fits on small animals as it strolls along its extremely big mouth wide open so yep it is pretty much harmless to human beings so this is a very nice basking shot figure we should have a few more basking shocks an hour of collection okay next up we have a great.

White shark okay I think this has got to be one of the most popular shots out there shark species out there and it's a 20 21 figure which is relatively quite new okay with 3 000 sharp teeth at any one time and a big a bit of a temper the great white shark's the monster of choice for any okay it's a terror movie although they are less ferocious in real.

Life they are such perfect predators that Evolution kept them virtually unchanged for millions of years so they are basically like leaving forces and uh what do we have right here we have an oceanic white tip um shock I think we don't have an oceanic white tip shop that's for sure but I think we do have a you know.

Um white tip reef shark this is not an oceanic but it's okay I think they're quite closely related so let's read this the white tip real shock is probably the most common type of shock found by divers and tropical reefs the name comes of course from the white tips on the first and sometimes on the second John sulfine as well as the tail looks right.

Here which is right over here okay very cool shop figure let's move on to the next one um here's another great white as you guys can see the great white shark is basically um my most favorite shark species of all time what about you guys let me know down below okay next we shall have a.

Look at um a hammerhead shark right here okay hammerhead shark do we have any hammerhead shark facts right here let us try to find yep it's right over here so let's read this together you can laugh at its look but the hammer hit the Hammerhead shark's hit is carved in you know tiny special sentences that help them detect electric fields in the water.

To locate prey this means they use their heat as a matter detector to locate their favorite new stingrays very nice let's move on to the next one all right we do have another Hammerhead shock and but this one is actually a baby so let's put it aside first another one which is exactly the same all right we do have another one which looks like.

A hammerhead shark but it is not exactly a hammerhead shark it is a scallop hammerhead shark slightly different a different breed I suppose uh we don't have any you know facts about this right here we don't have any facts over Hammer Scout hammer hit so let's move on next we take a look at the Mega Mall.

Shock which is one of the most mysterious looking and one of the um harder to find shocks out there 2016 Mega Mall shot figure from safari Ltd and check this out this is actually how it looks like very very scary looking that's for sure the mega moth is considered one of the rarest species of sharks and it really honors his name.

With a bit of a Kerry corrects look carry catcher caricature Escape look much Misty much mystery surrounds this species since it was discovered by sheer chance in 1976 so they can only be found like really deep in the ocean water so it's not really hot it's not really easy to find them that's for sure okay here is.

Another great white shark figure we have plenty of great whites in um today's video that's for sure here's another one okay and now we take a look at the fruit shock okay which is right here so this is the cut of the fruit shock the fruit shock is a living Frosty reminiscent of prehistoric times it has changed very little since then it looks a bit like an.

Ewe it's trending five rows of needle-like teeth however need not frighten you this shock leaves in very deep Waters where most of us never Venture very cool so similar to the mega mouth shop they can only be found like really really deep into the ocean waters um here we have the white shark which we have read just now I mean it's quite.

Similar to the oceanic white River shock right here I think we have the same Diamond shock I'm not too sure whether this is a salmon shark but it could be it could be alright um let's move on um or it could be a cow nose cow shark as well possibly okay next we have a bow shock I don't think we all we do have we.

Do have the card right here guys the blue shot right here so bull shots are basically one of the more aggressive species out there bull sharks look pretty scary and are actually quite treacherous if there's 300 kilograms of muscle they are among the species with the most registered attacks and the shop track angular team can serve it flash.

With ease yeah very dangerous um species of sharks out there that's for sure here we have a bamboo shock I think but we don't have any um bamboo shock caught right here which is fine and here with the tiger shark which is quite common tiger shark basically have straps on his body and um it's very easily.

Recognizable but I don't think we have any tiger shots right here that's fine let's move on to let me find one shot that I really like which has got to be the Thrasher shock it has a very long tail that you know it can actually use to whip out at the spray and it is a 2014 safari Ltd figure right here okay and of course we have the fact card.

Right here and it says the most identifier trait of a thresher shark it's still which can grow up to half the shark's body length with a long upper Loop in a short lower loop it is used as a whip to stand and prey and makes a great hunting to shaken not stood very very nice alright let's move on to the next one.

Um here is another great white and this is also from Safari LTD a 1996 figure which means this is 27 years old oh my goodness quite an old figure another Megalodon do we have any Megalodon cards right here let's try to find I don't think so I think it's fine all right next let's have a look at this one lemon shark I am very very sure we.

Do have a lemon shark in our collection so let's try to find it um it's yellow in color basically so it's quite easily recognizable but somehow it is not showing hmm did we put it in the wrong box previously are you guys able to spot the lemon shark yes right here guys right here so this is a lemon shark.

Like most tourists lemon sharks like warm and shallow Waters but unless you happen to live by the South Atlantic or Caribbean coast you should not expect to come across one of them only a CO only occasionally they migrate to West Africa cool it basically gets its name from its body color that's for sure next we take a look at it the will shot guys to will.

Shock witches um I think it's right where is it I think a wheel shop should be somewhere inside oh I think we have actually placed a wheel shop along with the dolphins and wheels alright next let's look for the nurse shark right here okay I think this is a nurse truck so check this out okay no sharks are common in Caribbean and they.

Are very calm and peaceful attacking only if treated with violence they can also be found around the Eastern Pacific Western Atlantic and tropical West Africa very nice let's move on to the next figure uh let's see what we have how about the tiger shark right here okay yes we do have a tiger shark right here and this is actually from safari.

Ltd 1993 figure which means this is 30 years old quite a no figure tiger shrubs are the second most dangerous of all shots after the great white they like to hang out in tropical and subtropical climates and usually very close to the surface so they are relatively easy to spot they are usually hungry so beware so yep tiger shark they are quite.

Aggressive as well so they may attack you so stay away alright let's move on to the next one let's have a look at this which is another Tiger shot so we do have like two tiger shots of the same type Great White Once Again next we have a goblin shark do we have a goblin shark hot I don't think so but goblin sharks they are also very very.

Scary and intimidating looking but they are actually quite hum humblers I think they can only be found like you know along with the mega monster they can only be found like at the really really deep ocean waters so here's the Mega Mall truck here once again it's pretty much harmless to humans.

Next we have a sore shock right here guys so let's take a look at this it is also known as a sawfish the saw shark it's perhaps the easiest to recognize it's long sore like it's not gives them away very instantly this is of course used for hunting quick shakes of the snot from side to side you know.

Um caught the prey to be swallowed easily very cool so they basically used this saw and cut them up in you know this side to side movement which makes them easier to be fat very very cool that's for sure oh we actually do have a megalodon or caught right here but we have actually placed a megalotron into the figure I.

Mean into the box so let's pick it up again if you can picture a ferocious shock the size of two double decker buses then you know how big and scary megalodons were they lived from middle myosin approximately 60 million years ago to the plyosine approximately 2.6 million years ago very very cool so let's move on to the next one we have a.

Shock Ray do we have a shock Ray card I don't think so I don't think so I don't think so definitely not so let's move on we do have a mako shark that's for sure so this is a mako shark right here and um yes we do have a Mako shot card vehicles are one of the most adaptable and resilient species of sharks which led them to sprawl out all over the.

World stay away from them because they are also the disaster shock being able to swim quicker than you could ever run 74 kilometers per hour now prone to aggressive behavior so Mako shocks stereo from them they are fast streamers scalloped hammer hit we have seen this before so let's put it right in basking shark another figure in our.

Collection 2007 Safari Ltd figure and this one it's a leopard shock construct 20-07 figure I don't think we have a leopard shark figure I mean caught in our collection I don't think so but we do have a zebra shock they are the same okay so we do have another one which is right here is.

The brush Rock so let's have a look you may came across you may have come across a zebra shot also known as a leopard shock at some point since many aquariums of them in captivity they change their appearance over their lifetime stripe when young okay hence zebra and more spotted towards a dog hand slap but you know.

They've actually named this the opposite this one is the name um you know zebra shock and this one is named as a leopard shark so you know when they are young they look more like a zebra and when they are older they look more like a leopard which means when they're old they have spots when they're young they have stripes very very cool and uh we do.

Have another one right here guys this is also I mean if you take a look at this it looks like a zebra more than a leopard which means it is more like a a dog leopard shark so very cool let's move on this one I think it's a um salmon shop I'm not exactly sure but I think so because salmon sharks are known to have.

Spots all over their body but also on the bottom of this body but this one doesn't really have it sore fish or rather saw shark right here 1994 which is quite OSL 29 years old another hammerhead shark right here from a Schleich quite a cool figure this one I think it's known as a rubber ball do we have any Rob gong.

um cards right here I don't think so guys I don't think so but this one actually looks very similar to this guys rajar a Apple it shock you can see apples and coral reefs and shallow Waters in Australia feeding on crabs and brooms what is amazing about them is the.

Ability to walk using their fins as licks to explore the rift during low tide they can even stay out of the water for a long time very very nice but I don't think this is the one this one also looks like you know one from um you know this card right here in terms of um.

The coloration black tip reef shock we do have the card right here which is the exact same one so let's check this out black tip reef sharks love to hang out in Shallow lagoons and the coral reefs of the tropical Pacific and Indian oceans they aren't aggressive but beware of them just in case they think your legs.

Are a pair of fish all right very cool black tip reef shark let's move on to the next one manta ray is not in this box that's for sure because we have actually kept it with other rays in another box cow shock I don't think we have any Karl shock in our collection so too bad bull hit shark we don't have it as well.

Too bad and this is this was the one that I was mentioning salmon shop you can see a lot of patterns and spots on the bottom of his body next we have the sand tiger shark this is very very cool okay because we do have the exact fat caught right here the sand tiger shark is also known as the Ragged toothed shock in Africa.

And a Greener shock in Australia for some time their shocks have been cute because of their threatening appearance although they are actually harmless Yep they're pretty much harmless and they are actually quite timid in fact okay next up we have the Bonnet headshot which looks a little bit like a hammerhead shark but the snot is.

Actually much shorter than the hammer hits this one I have no idea what it is it's probably a boo shock okay let's see what else we've got okay this one right here looks like the bull head shock it looks very very similar to this so I'm definitely I'm quite sure this is a bull.

Head shock so let's read this some shocks look very different from what we are used to the bullhead shark has a distinctive blunt nose head ending in a pick like Snot with two large pectoral fins used to clamber along the seabed maybe your dinosaur's producer hmm maybe who knows um let's see.

Let's see what else we have okay um let's go with this another hammerhead shark and I actually call this the lemon Hammer to show because of its color right here a wobbegong which is a kind of like a carpet fish I don't think we have any you know effect caught about this but.

This one actually looks very very similar I don't think it is shock Ray right here we have another great white which is quite a cool figure 2016 and um seven years old very nice love this figure a mini saw fish this one I have nose I have no idea is.

This a ghost truck what is this ghost swimmer go swimmer fish drone is part of the US Army program stealing its design from nature itself a great potential for attack and surveillance it can be controlled remotely or Swim independently resurfacing from time to time to communicate what is this actually it's.

Like a machine spiny dogfish shark we don't have this that's for sure again here we have a great white okay this one it's a gray reef shark all right.

And the rest of this we actually don't have it oh we actually do have the water gone which is this one right here guys rubber gun so guava gong shots are also known as carpet sharks since they are bottom dwelling shocks they lay motionless and the colored skin patterns are a handy camouflage to snap the prey from.

Below which is very cool and the rest are basically some Minifigures okay if this run right here is a short thin Mako shot which is probably like our last figure we have a basking shot right here from Toys R Us this one I have no idea what it is a shock ring from mini hammer hit as you guys can see this I'm just gonna call it a mini great.

White uh mini sawfish mini great white this is definitely a great white shark as well this could be a Megalodon it could be this one is most likely a blue shark Megalodon that's for sure black tip reef shark hammer hit and.

Another great white so all right so that is all guys that is all for today's shock video hopefully you guys enjoyed this hopefully I'm able to get more of these cards and we can actually do other videos as well this is actually quite a you know a fun pack of cards that actually allows you to learn things and at the same time you can also play a.

Game of it yeah I got this from a bookstore on my own very nice all right thanks for watching this I will see you guys in the next one goodbye thank you

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Shark Facts - Great White Shark, Lemon Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Megalodon, Salmon Shark, Mako Shark