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The Siberian Tiger is one of the most endangered species, therefore footage of it is invaluable…

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The cameras have captured other animals scavenging Rivera's kill sable a type of weasel eat whatever they find Eagles and even wild bored benefit from Tiger killed in winter and then Vivaro makes her entrance ah look at that daytime as well yes he looks pretty but look out conscious is she's smelling where you.

Guys work she still looks quite young I mean she's a she is she does she does look good doesn't she's but she's she's a good shape great and the other camera we had here don't tell me that in fire to see the markings like that it's this nice ISM isn't it yeah yeah that's nice.

But where the Cubs I mean she well we didn't actually get to the site where the Cubs were stashed and she didn't bring him down through here unfortunately so we missed that opportunity collectively with the radio collar the camera traps in these videos we've gotten a much better understanding of the way mothers interact and take.

Care of their Cubs up until this point we had always thought that females would leave their cubs at a kill site and then go off hunting and then go back to the kill site get the Cubs and bring it to the new kill but we've seen in this video right here they don't leave their Cubs at the kills and then that makes sense because that's a dangerous spot.

We've seen through these camera traps all these other carnivores coming through Lynx and sable and what even wild boar coming in so it's actually a dangerous place to leave your Cubs so she takes them off someplace and we don't even really realize that until we started getting some of this footage the Siberian tiger is one of the world's.

Most endangered animals footage like this is invaluable only by studying this remarkable animals natural behavior can scientists learn how to protect it and while we haven't seen the Cubs it looks like Guevara has got over her camera shyness

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Siberian Tiger Kill | Operation Snow Tiger | BBC Earth