GORILLA vs LEOPARD – The Honest Truth #gorilla #leopard #animals

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Who would win in a fight between a Silverback gorilla and a leopard? Watch to the end 🙂

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Leopard yawning by flowcomm

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Matthew Hoelscher, CC BY-SA 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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All right why do we find gorillas interesting maybe it's because they have a high IQ among animals or maybe it's because they are our evolutionary cousins or maybe just maybe review them as jacked Unstoppable primates that no human can match up to all those aspects are true to some extent but there is one animal that has a say on a gorilla's.

Face and that is the African leopard ah yes a good old natural rivalry nature sure doesn't like humans knowing the answer to this debate since both of these animals are very Elusive and not well documented but regardless it's time to address this debate with facts and actual scientific reasoning once and for all silverback gorilla versus leopard.

This is not a one-sided debate like tiger vs Grizzly this is a decently matched fight but there is a winner for reasons I will discuss in this video now to establish the premise this theoretical fight will be between a silverback gorilla and an African leopard we'll assume both animals are enraged and willing to fight to the end.

So no backing out we will also assume this is a head-on fight so no claiming that a leopard can Ambush the gorilla or catch it off guard alright so we have some ground rules established let's begin the analysis size and physique the gorilla size is rather impressive when it comes to primate Evolution they.

Are one of the largest primates our bloodline has to offer well ever since humans surpassed the 500 pound Mark gorillas inhabit the rainforest and equatorial Africa and a Silverback size greatly depends on its location the Silverbacks you typically see in zoos which are Western lowland gorillas way on average around 310 pounds in the wild.

That is relatively small compared to their Eastern counterparts with the eastern lowland gorilla weighing in around the 400 pound range now leopards leopards leopards they are the smallest of the four big cats but that does not mean they should be underestimated in fact they are pound-for-pound the strongest living panthera and did you.

Know there are nine different subspecies of leopards for this video we'll be focusing on the African leopard and their sizes just like gorillas vary by location a male African leopard averages around a 130 pounds now it should be noted that African leopards that inhabit the rainforest jungles of Africa are generally considered more robust for.

Factors that are currently unknown to proper scientific research but their overall weight should be similar to their Savannah counterparts so regarding sizes there is a pretty big difference between the two the average silverback gorilla is around three times the size of the African leopard that factor would be a big problem for the leopard to get.

Around if not for one thing leopards are active carnivores that have the proper Weaponry to take down animals so perhaps size isn't everything the individual's weapons are another Factor we have to consider since you know they fight with them weaponry and fighting IQ what would hurt more getting hit by a.

Hammer or getting gash by a knife this is not an objective question but rather a metaphor for the two different types of weapons being used in this fight lepers are pretty stealthy animals and they rely on that aspect to capture their prey now how they managed to take down their prey is a unique combination of positioning and biting sure they use.

Their claws but is typically only used for gripping onto their preys body and securing a favorable position they don't just straight up paw swipe when hunting but they do so when fighting other felids it's not that it won't do any damage it's more or less that Poss wipes don't really kill but rather deter its Rivals from Gaining a favorable position.

You could think of it as a jab or slap in the face but not a knockout punch however in a battle with any primate for example a gorilla having claws would give the leopard a great Advantage it can rip through the anther Point flesh rather easily you know sharp things hurt us this is due to the fact that a primate skin is tightly wrapped around.

Its muscles which rips rather easily and gorillas are no exception to this fact so the Silverback is definitely going to receive some slashing wounds in a confrontation with a leopard but what about biting who has a better and more effective bite well this should be a no-brainer but there is a lot of misinformation about a gorillas and.

Leopards bite potency first we need to look at the individual skulls of each animal in order to understand their capabilities on screen now is the skull of the average Mountain silverback gorilla and the average male African leopard as you can see the gorilla has a larger skull specifically in the cranium area this implies that gorillas are more.

Intelligent which really comes to no surprise another thing this comparison shows is the mandible size difference gorillas have a more bus mandible system compared to leopards this should imply that in theory Silverbacks should have a stronger bite but that's actually not really the case given multiple reasons first off how strong do you think a.

Gorilla's bite is many of you have probably heard that gorillas bite with 1300 PSI but that is unfortunately false there have been no scientific studies that even support that claim it was just a falsified number made by poor judgment and now it's floating around the biology Community seriously can anyone actually find these scientific research paper.

Referencing that number no well regardless there is a scientific study showing the true force of a gorilla's bite and it comes to a round you ready 503 PSI if you convert it correctly just for reference that's around three times stronger than a human's bite yeah that's far off from the 1300 PSI bite force claim now regarding the leopard's bite.

Force there is also very little information regarding that too many sites claim that it's supposedly around 300 PSI which would put it on par with a German Shepherds does that really seem to make any sense leopards are not only larger than German Shepherds but they have a way better skull for killing when referencing actual scientific data and.

Converting the units correctly a typical leopard's bite force comes to around 458 PSI this means that a gorillas and leopards bite forces are on par with one another but that does not mean they output the same damage there are more factors to consider like dentistry and skull shape gorillas have relatively flat Jaws that are pressed against their.

Face furthermore their teeth are also built for eating plants and not ripping flesh their large canines are also more fragile than the leopards this is because they are you use for intimidation purposes now the leopard on the other hand has a nearly perfect skull for killing its canine teeth are more robust and has unique Dentistry.

Specifically built for a carnivorous diet for example leopards have carnacial teeth that are used for slicing flesh but gorillas do not the leopard straws can also open up at a wider angle and it snap protrudes from its skull all those aspects give the leopard not only a bite reach Advantage but also a more effective bite for killing and causing.

Harm and yes a leopard's knife-like Weaponry would be Troublesome for the gorilla if not for one thing it has to get really close to the Silverback in order to dish out damage and the Silverback is not just gonna let that happen so easily a silverback's arms are huge and Powerful after all they do most of their Locomotion using them their arm.

Span is about double the size of the average male humans that would give it a good reach advantage in a confrontation with a leopard a gorilla's arms are also used for climbing trees manipulating objects and of course for brawling purposes and speaking of brawling who fights better a gorilla or a leopard this is a bit of an odd question but it.

Technically does have an answer gorillas well we all know what they're capable of they are insanely powerful primates that love to display their strength and wrestle their opponents they are the brawling type of animals meaning that they don't actively hunt and kill but rather just spar with their Rivals to drive them out of their territory they.

Are obviously great Grapplers given their bulky upper body and opposable thumbs now when it comes to striking this is where it gets a bit iffy gorillas have poor control over their individual muscles unlike humans for example we work out specific muscles like the bicep and do more dexterous movements with our arms a gorilla's.

Anatomy makes it such that that when they do tasks like striking or throwing they use their entire arm muscle as a unit much like a robotic arm this translates to overall more Force being put behind the swing of an arm but much less accuracy and preciseness this also means that gorillas don't really punch but more or less just Club push and swat.

At their opponents now comparing a silverback's fighting technique to a leopards it's pretty interesting a gorilla would be more dexterous and can use a wider range of techniques given its opposable thumbs limb anatomy and cognitive advantage on the other hand to put simply leopards are Master Hunters they take any advantage they can get to.

Kill their prey and that almost always means ambushing rather than a head-on fight and surprisingly they do consume a decent bit of primates including baboons and yes sometimes gorillas and speaking of hunting we should probably probably addressed the big elephant in the room that being the confrontations of gorillas and leopards in the wild but.

Before we dive further into this topic it should be noted that these quote unquote recorded statistics are very limited due to the leopards and gorillas elusive nature with that being said there is context behind leopard predation on gorillas first things first leopards don't really hunt large prey as many believe a study was conducted where.

They tracked the preferred leopard prey Choice which weighed between 20 to 88 pounds this puts juvenile gorillas in the preferred hunted weight range but not fully grown adults leopards just like most big cats are not that successful when they hunt in fact there are reports of chimpanzees chasing away leopards from their own prey just.

Because the panthera was close by if a couple male chimpanzees can chase away a leopard imagine what a Silverback Gorilla can do however some may bring up the fact that gorilla remains have been found in leopard scats that is true no one is disagreeing with that claim but just like the tiger and bear situation the remains in the scat does not tell a.

Complete story it does not address how the gorilla was killed all that means is that the gorilla was consumed by the leopard for example a leopard could have sneak attacked a juvenile gorilla while it was sleeping at night also the remains that are found in leopard scats were Juvenile and not fully grown gorillas basically the only documented.

Evidence of gorilla remains being found in leopard scat was this gorilla's big toe by doing some dimensional analysis we can tell that this pedal digit is around 2 inches a fully grown Silverbacks pedal digit is usually around 3 inches in length but I digress sure scat remains indicates predation but actual recorded reports are another.

Thing we have to consider in multiple reports analyzed by biologists the encounters May between gorillas and leopards described the leopard as either trying to flee from confrontations or displaying defensive Behavior this inherently shows that leopards want to avoid head-on confrontations with gorillas and this makes sense since.

Healthy adult gorillas are out of the leopard's preferred weight range of prey in addition to that leopards like to attack at night since it maximizes the success rate of an ambush however like I said earlier they are not always successful in fact in one instance a local heard a fight breakout between a leopard and a gorilla at night with the.

Leopard being found dead in the morning and if we take basically the only reputable account of a leopard killing a Silverback and surviving it wasn't a head-on fight in the light of day the account goes as followed the leopard attacked an adult gorilla at night while it was sleeping and was rudely waking up by the Ambush this freaked out the.

Gorilla which made it tumble down the slope to die so base basically the leopard pulled off a scar from Lion King in fact the only reliable account of a leopard physically killing a Silverback Gorilla resulted in the mutual deaths of one another so there wasn't even a solid winner since they both died due to injuries sustained and that's about it.

For Reliable documented Encounters of the leopard and Guerrilla confrontations the other ones you may hear about are more or less exaggerated stories or assumptions based on the environment but no direct evidence it also should be noted that gorillas being part of a leopard's diet is so trivial that it cannot be properly attributed to a.

Significant percentage so now that we got the basic straightened out it's now time to determine a verdict all right we have our stats so who would win in a fight between a silverback gorilla and an African leopard if this fight takes place in an open field I would say the gorilla would win with high difficulty the Silverback is around.

Three times the size of the average male leopard thus there is a notable size and power gap between the two the gorilla's arms in lengthy reach would likely batter the leopard before the felid could inflict a lethal blow it should be noted that the gorilla would likely walk out with some wounds due to its anthropoid skin but just remember a.

Silverback is out of the preferred weight range of the leopard's prey options gorillas are also decently more intelligent than the leopard and have opposable thumbs which would simply just give the Silverback more of an edge in a head-to-head confrontation now if the fight took place in a rainforest I see the odds of the leopard jumping up quite.

A bit but I still think the Silverback would squeak out a win more often than knots foreign

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