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Faint disturbances in the heart of Antarctic waters gives way to breathtaking images of whales hunting krill in this fantastic clip from the from BBC natural history masterpiece, Planet Earth. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/BBCEarthSub

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Even at the height of summer less than three percent of antarctica is free of ice and nearly all of that exposed rock is found in one place the antarctic peninsula its long arm extends further north than the rest of the continent so spring arrives here first.

the thor unlocks sheltered bays that provide refuge from the relentless battering of the southern ocean in the depths something stirs humpback whales they have traveled over 5 000 miles to reach these waters.

the whales are harvesting krill shrimp-like creatures that begin to swarm here as soon as the ice retreats diving into the heart of the swarm teams of whales spiral around each other in close coordination now they turn blasting air from their.

Blow holes and ascend towards their prey the krill becomes concentrated as the spiraling letter bubbles draws inwards the team of whales work round the clock for the boom is short-lived summer is already fading and the whales will soon be forced north as winter.

Returns the sun's influence diminishes and the ocean starts to freeze the greatest seasonal change on our planet is underway the ice grows at an extraordinary rate advancing two and a half miles a day in a matter of weeks the continent.

Effectively doubles in size life flees from antarctica you

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Whales Hunting Krill | Planet Earth | BBC Earth