World’s Largest Albatross Colony | Blue Planet | BBC Earth

Black browed Albatross feast on the fish that live in the nutrient rich and stormy South Atlantic seas off the coast of the Falklands

Taken From Blue Planet Series 1

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Nutrients can also be brought up so less predictably by rough weather particularly near the polls huge storms stir the depths and in which the surface waters and here in the South Atlantic the seas are the roughest on the planet and many rich she is they are too for here the cold offerings current from the South meets the warm Brazil current from.

The north and that their junction that is food in abundance these black-browed albatross are duck diving for krill that has been driven up to the surface like all Albatross black brows are Wanderers across the face of the open ocean.

You a feeding assembly on this scale is a rare sight most of the times the birds of the open sea are widely dispersed but these feeding grounds are close to an albatross breeding colony and a very special this is steeplechasing a remote island.

And the power west of the Falklands it has the largest albatross colony in the world there are almost half a million albatross here an astonishing demonstration of how fertile the ocean can be and how much food it can give evening to creatures that do not actually live in it.

new clearance by themselves are not enough to generate these vast assemblies the heat and light that the Sun brings every day is also essential for the growth of the microscopic floating plants the phytoplankton and it's the phytoplankton that is the basis of all life in the ocean.

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World's Largest Albatross Colony | Blue Planet | BBC Earth