home for a penguin home for a whale habitat story

I have a beautiful story in front of me about ocean habitats and the title is home for a penguin home for a whale are you ready lots of grinds too creeping crab when all alone hides itself beneath the stone glowing jellyfish round and wide drifts ashore on breaking.

Tide flightless penguin waddling free dips and dives in icy sea wide-winged albatross sleeps afloat but breeds on islands quite remote means nobody's there huge blue whale with swiftest motion travels far in every ocean great white shark gives toothy grin to lure the little fishes in.

Wandering polar bear white as snow slumbers on a cold ice flow like an iceberg long tusked walrus bellows loud and likes to gather in a crowd means he doesn't like to be allowed alone and he likes to be loud and fellows dainty seahorse small and frail holds on.

To coral with its tail so it doesn't get swept by the current cunning octopus in disguise blends with backgrounds to surprise it's one of my favorites sneaky barracuda strikes its speed through coral reefs and mangrove trees we don't have them in florida pelican's.

Pouch is deep and wide with room for lots of fish inside dolphin leaps and dives in play but uses sound to catch its prey manta ray appears to fly but no one knows the reason why orca's teeth are sharp and long it talks by singing secret songs seal can dive in.

Seas quite deep but lies on rocks to rest and sleep flying fish can leap and glide above the sea with fins stretched wide sea snail has a pretty shell which is its home and guards it well see otter dines while on its back using its stomach to hold a snack sea urchin can.

Be large or tiny but it is always round and spiny lobster hides in rocks and weeds but hunts at night for the food it needs and here beside the surf and falling i just love my seaside home and there are lots of information about habitats about these ocean creatures.

And if you're checking this out from the library it'll tell you all about each one a little bit more in depth so i hope you enjoyed it and we'll talk more about habitat soon stay well

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home for a penguin home for a whale habitat story