Taigan Lion Park – Where Lions Hug Tourist

Taigan Lions Park is located in the Crimean Peninsula, close to the town of Belogorsk. The nearest airport is Simferopol, about 55 km away.

These are various animals & birds you can see in the park, including – Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Cougars, Snow Leopards, Jaguars, Hyena, different monkeys (Chimps, Orangutan, Baboons and smaller species), Wolfs, Brown & Black Bears, Camels, Horses, Buffalos, Cows, Alpacas, Giraffes and other hoofed mammals.

There are also Kangaroos, Pigs, Goats, Sheep, Raccoon, Raccoon Dogs, Coati, Foxes, a Roe Deer, Rabbits, Chickens, Guinea Hens, Peacocks walking around the park, Macaw Parrots, Vultures that are Crimean endemic, Pelicans, Flamingos, Cranes and others, and even a Seal.

There are about 80 Lions, 40 Tigers, other big cats are less numerous, 2-3 couples of each species.

None of the Lions have been castrated of sterilized and will often fight with each other and form prides with leader.

Taigan’s territory is 32 ha, 20 of which serve as a big open savannah where Lions live during the warm season.

There are over 2 km of overpass roads from which visitors can observe Lions’ natural life.

With more than 80 Lions, with many friendly lions with whom you can interact with, such as hug and pat and take selfies with.

All this costs just $6000 Rubles or about $90 USD

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► Taigan Lion Park Russian Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5NcNJPRh5KGc-0K3IpBZ5Q

► Taigan Lion Park English Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIPr0W2QixfyCkolN6Irg1w

► Stanislav Arnold Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCualFWbSFPJxYfgpXiUY5Xg

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have you ever wanted to hug a lion and have him hug you back then I have just the place for you Tigan Lyme Park is located in Crimea Russia there are about 80 lions at the safari park making it the biggest lion park in europe but there are also approximately 1500 other animals and.

Birds at the park including 40 tigers but the Lions of what this park is famous for and not because Lions are king of the jungle it's because of this park you don't just observe them from behind a fence or a pane of glass they come up to you and hug you and they love to be hugged back tourists in open Safari.

Buses are often treated to friendly licks and cuddles from curious Lions who decided to jump into their bus but it doesn't stop there once in the bus it usually climbs all over the people and seats from front to back giving everyone a head rub like a loving house pet.

partial partial color tipping seems does Richmond Kazuyoshi look crazy philopator whoever correct to me any video is short as it when you put you closer to 80 buddies la serie Oh legs up cough who drives the tourists around the park is a conservationist and.

The park owner he hopes that by giving visitors the chance to hug and pet the Lions and take photographs and selfies with them that it will help discourage people from hunting Siberian tigers in white lions which are endangered species with respective global populations of about 500 and 100 in winter the Lions stay in warm houses because it's cold.

Outside and snow is not a rare thing in Crimea but in spring all of those 80 lions are being released into a 20 hectare open wilderness in the park Lions there run absolutely free and you can either enjoy them up close and literally face-to-face on an open tourist bus ride or from behind fences and upon protected viewing bridges.

the safari park is only possible with all eggs up cough no one else he can feel the animals predict their moods and behaviour not every line is friendly there are aggressive lines who live in separate enclosures also a lion's.

Personality can change with time that is why Oleg tests them constantly especially in spring before they walk into the Savannah out of their warm winter houses only predictable lions are led out there where tourists will interact with them as I said not every line in the park is friendly towards Oleg he has one white.

Lion who has had to remain in a separate enclosure as it attacked all it twice already but Olek was able to get away to this day he still remains very aggressive creative arousal you need Amish nights miss Toonami at nursery now in every video they have on their YouTube channel it clearly shows no adult is in any real.

Danger other than to be nuzzled to death by a heavy lion giving them a hug but in one video one lion got a bit too excited at a closed-door bus Oleg showed there was no danger to any of the adults and asked them all to step off the bus but Oleg blocked the Lions path from getting to the kids and asked.

The adults to keep the doors closed between the kids and the lion I assume it's because the lion could potentially crush a child under its weight when coming in for a hug either that or to the line the kids look like snack food either.

Yeah if junkie even an eighth of a tree water's valid now every now and again in some videos Alex seems to treat some of the lines a little rough but Oleg says lions are much bigger and stronger than humans what may seem like heading to us is just an enjoyable massage for them.

Maui's Wikipedia because our movie paid them my wish list is the begonia perdition Tigan lime Park is unique because there's no other place with just anybody can find himself among several line primes with friendly lions with whom.

They can interact with without a closed vehicle or any special protection measures but top secret you gotta be stretched is potentially media Oh God is it.

so if you ever wanted to hug a line and have him hug you back well now you know where to go anyway that's the end of this video thanks for watching and we'll see you next time bye-bye

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Taigan Lion Park - Where Lions Hug Tourist