Sea Animals – Bluefin Tuna, Octopus, Trout, Sailfish, Red Sea Bream, Flatfish, Reef Squid, Sea Bass

Sea Animals – Bluefin Tuna, Octopus, Trout, Sailfish, Red Sea Bream, Flatfish, Reef Squid, Sea Bass, and more.

Hey guys I'm Jenny welcome back to the basement I just came back from my trip to Japan and I've actually got plans here different figures okay here are some of the figures that I've got from Japan this are actually fish figures from favorite cold they look fantastic I think they look absolutely amazing there.

Are one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten different species right here okay so let's open them up assemble it and have a look together let's do this all right guys so let's begin by taking a look at our first figure right here which is the North Pacific giant octopus looks great so each pack actually comes with a card.

Which I think will contain different information about you know the sea animal which is a fantastic idea so let's get you know both the card as well as the figure out as you guys can hear there is you know I think my voice is slightly different because I'm actually having a flu right now so let's have a look at.

This wow it looks really fantastic guys it is highly detailed as you guys can see intricate detailing done on this figure oh my goodness where should we actually display this I don't think I'll be just throwing them into the box I'll definitely be displaying them in my Shelf looks really really nice this one.

Um North Pacific Giant Octopus as you guys can see I'm trying to find if they have actually printed its name on the body because otherwise I don't think I'll be able to remember the name um clearly in future so you can clearly see it has some information about this animal but it's in Japanese I'm not able.

To understand Japanese but if you guys you know understand you can just drop some comments down below as you guys can see the length is about 300 to 500 centimeters long very very cool and this is basically the scientific name of this animal of this octopus okay all right so let's flip this over I'm able to read.

Some of the words because they are actually in Chinese so very nice um I'm not too sure whether you're able to spot the octopus here probably probably all this could be served as a background very nice card so our first figure of the day is the North Pacific giant octopus you guys should know that giant octopus I mean you are to purse they are.

Actually very good in camouflaging themselves next up let's have a look at this Japanese sea bass okay so let's open this little pack up and you can see this pack looks really nice yes this is actually how you should display the figure with the background okay so you can actually put the background over here so you can see every figure comes.

With a different back backdrop can place it right here and of course you can display it like this it looks really nice if it displays you know with the backdrop behind it okay so we have the Japanese tea bass right here guys okay so you can take a look at this figure the mauve is wide open.

I think you guys should remember we do have a sea bass figure in our sea animals collection and check this out the length is 40 to 100 centimeters long so you can actually remove this little stand which is like a Little Rock Yep looks really really nice okay Japanese sea bass all right so that's our second figure of the day.

Let's open up another one how about this one Pacific Blue themed tuna okay let's get this caught out wow yep it definitely looks like a Pacific bluefin tuner as you guys can see really really beautiful I love how they have actually painted the skin or rather the body the texture with shiny.

Metallic paint and it looks really nice and the stand actually resembles like um some waves so it looks really good and all this figure they are pretty high quality I would say so you guys must be wondering where did I get this I basically got this from a shopping mall in Japan yeah in Tokyo Pacific bluefin tuna the length is about 60 to 300.

Centimeters long and the scientific name is actually known as tarnis orientalis okay very cool and they are able to swim up to 70 kilometers per hour so that is really really fast okay let me try to find whether there are more effects right here which I'm to tell you okay all right very nice and of course it comes with a different background this.

Background basically features different lots of different tuner right at the back very nice let's place the figures right here and of course the accompanying collector's caught in front of each figure next let's take a look at this Cherry Trot I have never heard of this.

Species before to be honest with you so let's get the Cherry Trot out of the pack okay so this is the card okay and this is a cherry trout so let's fix this you can see there is a little pattern so you have to fit it correctly into the body so very nice this Cherry.

Trot basically comes with a stand that resembles some wooden lock okay very nice Cherry trot beautiful patterns let's see the length is about 20 to 40 centimeters long it is not exactly a very big fish and the scientific name is below Uncle rinkus muscle muscle okay very nice let's take a look at some of the written.

Words right here I will try to identify a few words or facts to let you guys know okay so they basically fit on water insects if I'm not wrong it is written here as water insects in Japanese okay and any insects that drop into the water very nice okay.

Yep and you can see really beautiful patterns on its body are trout next up let's take a look at this giant trevally very nice let's get the giant trevally out okay I'm gonna show you guys where I'll be keeping the new figures you can see I've.

Actually cleared a space so this space we can actually use it to display some of these um animals and of course previously we've actually purchased some of this uh beautiful figures from kayodo we can actually display them together at the bottom row I think it's gonna look really really nice okay let's get the.

Figure out of the pack so what is this giant trevally 70 to 170 centimeters let's get the figure out of the pack as well I've totally forgotten about this figure giant trevally it is a radius zamboat wow okay it seems to be a blue fish with.

Shiny scales John travali okay let's see all right it basically says that the length is roughly about 177 100 centimeters long of course there will be different fish that would be different ones that could exceed that size all right.

Um I'm trying to read this and try to give you more facts about this so it basically can be found in the Pacific Ocean and the scientific name is known as corrects a noble is very nice okay let's have a look at the backdrop right here wow you can basically find like an entire show of.

Giant trevally very very beautiful yep of course the colors looks slightly different I really love the fact that they have actually taken the effort to provide a beautiful backdrop right here I think we had forgotten to take a look at the charity chart that drop so this one looks really good so you can see try chart they do not live in deep ocean.

Waters I suppose so this is basically our Giant trevally and in case that you guys don't know this is actually my first and my one and only giant trevally yes not kidding you alright let's have a look at another pack right here so what do we have right here red sea bream wow very nice once again.

If you guys have like Google translator you can actually pause the video and just translate it so this is our a Red Sea Bean very very beautiful let's have a look at this card right here okay and you can see it actually has like a blue eyebrow it looks really cute the length is about 30 to 80 centimeters long.

And is known as the praggers major alright um it can be found in the Hokkaido region okay I'm trying to locate and identify more facts okay let me try to find more effects I really can't understand it but I'm able.

To read a couple of the characters right here but not enough to tell you guys you know more facts about this one right here but of course in the next video I can tell you guys more facts about this sea animal for sure today it's basically just for us to have a look at this new figures okay.

Next up we have a big fin Reef School never heard of this species before to be honest with you okay so let's get the big fin read squid out of the box wow we definitely have a reef squid figure but this you know the one that we have is actually a pink colored reef.

Squid so Reeve squid I think they are also able to eject a kind of um black ink to to camouflage and also to distract its predator okay let's have a look at this the length is about 30 to 50 centimeters long and the scientific name means wow this is going to be hard to pronounce.

Sapio tutus lessen your your okay so let me try to identify a few more keywords um yeah basically it can be found in the Pacific Ocean as well and and um the warmer regions I think so okay very nice really really beautiful figure you can see it's highly detailed and.

It's slightly translucent as well you can slightly see through the tentacles very very beautiful love this figure okay let's move on to the next one indo-pacific sailfish very very beautiful figure okay.

As selfish as you guys can see it comes with this little sword in front and these figures are really really beautiful the length is about 150 to 300 centimeters long so this is this can grow up to three meters long which is very very large and the scientific name is actually known as is still Forest.

Platter Taurus wow okay let's see yep it's able to swim really fast and of course this can be used as a defensive weapon and of course a hunting two as well it is written right here okay the last one I was able to recognize that very nice and you can take a look at this beautiful figure it looks so amazing this large sale right here this.

Is basically which is why it's known as a sailfish because it has a very large sale and um if you guys are like a huge follower of damn surprise you should know that you know Spinosaurus has a huge sale as well which is a giant result next up let's have a look at the black seed green so previously I've shown you.

Guys the red sea bream so let's have a look at the black one right now I'll definitely be keeping this collector's card because I will need to actually take a look at um you know the names in future because I don't think I'll be able to remember every single one of them so check this out black sea bream.

30 to 70 centimeters long can be found in the Hokkaido region and the scientific name actually means Echo ekken topaz shigelli okay I hope I got got the pronunciation right okay let me just try to read this hmm.

Okay not much fact I can provide you with but let's do a quick comparison the red sea bream you might think they you know could have used the same sculpt but no they actually use a different one you can see this fin right here is actually very long as compared to this one which is wider but shorter at the same time you know the sale on top also looks very.

Different even the mouth is different this one seems to have a you know a wider opened mouth as compared to the red one so they are definitely different scope which I respect them for that it's really nice next up we have a fish which is known as the flat fish noise this fish is the flat fish I'm not going to.

Read this because in English this means some very very crude shall not be pronouncing this um fish in English for sure because this is the flat fish this is actually known as a flat fish you guys should know that we do have a flat fish in our collection this one it's just amazing it's much more highly detailed and you can see.

What is so interesting about this flat fish is that okay let me just pop this right in okay so you can see from the side you know without looking at the eyes it actually looks like a normal fish right but if you take a look at this this fish is known as the flat fish because it can always be found.

Lying flat on the ocean sea bed the ocean sea floor and if you flip it over to the other side you can't find any eyes right here but you are able to find a fin which is sort of like useless because it is lying flat and this fin can't do anything okay so as they grow the position of the eyes will actually move.

As well and it just looks really weird yeah it just looks really really weird I mean if it's supposed to be a fish you know facing upwards why do they have a side that looks like you know and not a fish so this is actually one of the um weirdest fish ever I would say okay yep so.

Let's have a round up okay let's have a round up and um wow this one yep you can see it's basically showing the environment or the habitat of the um flatfish and it's basically a flat ground that's right so okay let me show you guys let's do a very quick round up so we have a giant trevally okay which is quite a big fish right here.

We also have the North Pacific giant octopus which looks absolutely incredible highly detailed Japanese sea bass as you guys can see the mouth wide open we do have a um sea bass in our collection okay Bluefin tuner we have actually um two of three of these figures Bluefin tuner very beautiful.

And of course the Cherry Trot right here the fits on insects in the water okay try chart with very nice patterns on his body red sea bream right here okay black sea bream over here which looks almost exactly the same as the red sea bream big theme.

Reef squid which looks very very beautiful I would say that this has got to be the mall one of the more beautiful ones I would say yeah the figures in terms of the colors it looks very very amazing I love it indo-pacific sailfish okay that comes with a huge sale and.

Lastly the flatfish beautiful one all right so thanks for watching this um I won't be keeping this wrappers for sure but I'll definitely be keeping the collectors card and um I will still be making some videos about this new figure sometime soon probably next week again because we have.

A ton of figures to open up I'm gonna show you guys okay so you know in my trip to Japan I've actually bought two more of this you know two reptiles they look really really cool and right here I have more fan mail from Jeremiah Jeremiah has been sending me a lot of um figures I am very very.

Grateful but at the same time I I do feel concerned because he has been sending me almost every week new figures every weekend is costing a lot of money so Jeremiah if you're watching this you know send me letters I'll be very very happy to receive them okay um send me letters or semi drawings I'll be happy to receive them okay.

Um yeah and check this out you know I've been away for a week and this is basically our mail call table as you guys can see okay not this AC remote you can see we have plenty of figures you know them that we have to unbox and check this out I'll be doing the unboxing of this for new dino trackers tomorrow super excited about them so.

Make sure you you guys catch the new video tomorrow on dancer prize okay I'll see you guys on the next one goodbye

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Sea Animals - Bluefin Tuna, Octopus, Trout, Sailfish, Red Sea Bream, Flatfish, Reef Squid, Sea Bass