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Welcome back to another episode of fact versus history monster horror movie edition this episode actually has a group of animals that i am in fact a little bit afraid of and the movie that we're talking about is one of the scariest cornerstone movies of all monster horror movie and that is alfred hitchcock's the birds so in this movie birds all over the world start to attack and murder humans because of global warming and what humans are doing to the world right well that isn't really a thing that's gonna happen but that being said birds are scary y'all like when i say that i'm not i don't really there are a couple animals in the world i don't like that don't like me horses but birds are one that i'm legitimately a little intimidated by and not just one specific kind of bird and i want to talk a little bit about some of the birds that well.

Necessarily aren't going to mass swarm and take over the planet like what happened in the movie but will absolutely uh well they want to put you on a t-shirt we'll just leave it at that all right so there are a couple that even you know steve irwin didn't even really want to mess with like the start of that was like parrots so parrots they've never you know killed somebody or anything like that but they're incredibly smart they have very strong beaks they get bored very quickly and they're a little unpredictable and so that was an animal that steve irwin honestly didn't like to mess with and birds in general steve really didn't like it all and one of those probably because it lived in his backyard probably the most deadly and dangerous bird in the world and that's the cassowary so the cassowary is a flightless bird like the.

Ostrich and the emu and penguins i guess although they fly through the water but cassowary is this helmeted blue-faced velociraptor that runs through new guinea and the parts of northern australia of the rainforest that can jump incredibly large amounts of feed are very protective and territorial will defend their chicks to the death and can do a lot of damage with a single kick ostriches and emus also can do that but cast warriors let's be honest they're like here's here's them there's cassowary's they're up there and so while we're on the subject of you know burbs of australia that absolutely will you know unalive you if they absolutely can that's the australian magpie so magpies in general around the world all belong to a group of birds called corvids that's crows ravens js and magpies they are all highly intelligent arguably as or.

More intelligent than any of the parrots they remember things they learn they mimic they watch they use tools they mourn their dead they are incredibly intelligent and amazing animals however all of those things means that they are incredibly scary animals too and so this might again might be the only episode where i'm gonna end up actually maybe doing more harm than good because these guys are absolutely scary so the australian magpies not have a reputation and it is 100 deserved and earned for them being dive-bombing aerial menaces so every year during nesting season around australia australian magpies become incredibly defensive and territorial and they will dive bomb people walking to work they will attack animals dogs cats uh dingos kangaroos everything that comes within near their nesting sites and in addition to that because they're very smart.

They remember individual people they remember specific routes they continue to take where they will hang out and wait for you to come along and so because of that there are several companies in australia that have now started to manufacture anti-magpie helmets for people to wear while walking biking skateboarding on their way to work or school to hopefully deflect and discourage the dive bombing menaces that are the magpies here in the united states we also have magpies they're not as territorial and scary as the aussie ones because they're aussie ones but here they do they have learned that people are sources of food and entertainment they can know they them crows and ravens have learned to mimic human voices they will mess with people they know how to get into things while filming another video for this series we watched two ravens.

Get into a jeep in a park and rifle through people's stuff because they left their sunroof open and every time they saw a person come up one would hang out outside as a lookout and the other one would go into the jeep and go through things and they would swap out and when what person would walk by they would both come out of the car and hang out and if they got close to the car they would fly over and as soon as they left they would come back over to the jeep and again look out and they would swap out highly intelligent scary scary animals and honestly if there was one bird that i am the most afraid of it might be that one however there is another one that is super scary and that's swans yeah that's right i said it those absolutely majestic long-necked waterfowl yeah well that's scary they've actually put someone on the census before there was an australian swan.

That a canoer was going along and the swan felt threatened in the panic the canoe flipped over and the swan physically kept attacking him until he actually drowned so swans super scary they're not the only ones that you wouldn't think of and as well there are there are large birds of prey eagles hawks that have um there are a lot of african hawks golden eagles great horned owls they have all been known to attack uh people that have come near their nests as well as those larger birds of prairie like the eagles do have records of attacking small children that have come near and viewing them as prey items because some of them are large enough to carry away or even you know depending where they are you know in the world golden eagles will actually grab goats off of cliffs and drop them so that way they can have this larger prey on them.

Without having to worry to take down something so big they're physically capable of lifting them up but not necessarily without great harm in themselves so they will drop them off a cliff and so there are stories of large birds of trays attempting to take away small children or toddlers for that purpose in all honesty um there is one very famous one that we've heard of because this is actually a viewed known behavior and that is the lamborgh which is essentially kind of like a eurasian hawk vulture looking thing that looks really cool it's very pretty but kind of scary looking at the same time where they are known to drop rocks or coconuts onto prey items or them onto those things to kind of help break them up or kill them which also includes turtles they will pick up a turtle or tortoise and they will drop it from a great height to crack open.

Their shell and supposedly this is how the greek author escalus died was that an eagle a lamborgh because where they lived dropped a turtle on his head and unalived him which is absolutely scary and again this is a noted behavior that these birds have that may have actually happened we don't know it was hundreds it was hundreds of years ago but it's a really interesting thing that they do know in fact has happened at least maybe not necessarily on the skull of a dude right so this last one comes from a bird that you wouldn't think would ever happen you see them walking around all of the time at zoos at parks at you know botanical gardens and things like that they're these amazing beautiful birds but it turns out they have a body count and that is the peacock i'm serious there was a pea fowl and it was a peacock that killed its owner for reals i'm not.

Making this up when i first heard this story i had to do a a good amount of digging and fact checking and verifying from like eight different places to see whether or not this was actually true and yeah no totally there was a peacock that was you know showing off for the ladies or something and he got startled and disturbed by his owner coming across him from behind and the peacock attacked him and peacocks are actually pretty aggressive predators they are known to attack kill and eat snakes and so that's actually uh you know kind of like a two-for-one special why they would keep them around they were beautiful and you know signs of providence and royalty nobility and it was really cool and it was like a status symbol but they would also kind of help keep the grounds clear of snakes because you know everyone's afraid of snakes so.

There's that so as he startles this peacock who's showing off the peacock attacks him with their fairly substantial talents and they just happen to catch him in the right place and he cut an artery and he unfortunately bled out before he could reach hospital for treatment so there you go um crows as far as we know not taking anybody the rats with wings with pigeons owls anything like that hasn't done it but a peacock and a swan have and that is why birds are absolutely terrifying to me because birds are just scary feathered reptiles that i can't read and i don't know enough about and they terrify the ever loving heck out of me and if they and if there was an animal out there that scared steve irwin i think that is enough to say that these animals deserve some respect on their names right so let's not make fun of the fancy blue peacocks sporting.

Around with his butt waving in the air no put some respect on that peacock's name all right guys so that's this one is that again while not necessarily like the movie the birds they're all taking it out on humans because of you know global warming or they've just decided they've had it with with humans there are some birds out there that are intelligent enough to where if they wanted to they could actually they could do a fair amount to us but luckily we don't really have to worry about that too much as well as maybe we need to you know put a little bit more respect if we ever want to have some of these ornamental foul as pets or features on estates lawns and even zoos and parks right so hopefully you enjoyed this video thank you again for tuning in to another episode of monster movie horror fact versus fiction i'll get this.

Straight one of these days i promise hope you're having a great day and we'll check you next time

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THE BIRDS! - Monster Movie Fact vs Fiction - Birds in Real Life/The Only Animals That Scare Me!/