Tiger Hunts Lone Baby Deer | BBC Earth

Deers look out for each other in groups, but a lone baby deer is not match for a hungry tiger.
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Natural World: Return of The Tiger
Five years ago the tigers of Sariska Reserve, India, were completely wiped out by poachers. This beautiful film follows a female tiger and a hot-blooded male over 18 months as they try to establish their new territory, learn to hunt their prey and dodge the ever-present threat of poachers.

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Living alongside Tigers for as long as I have means you notice the smallest detail I have a theory that when a tiger licks its paws it's preparing to hunt this could be a good sign it's been many days now but I still haven't seen began II make a kill with no Tigers to hunt them cerise keys deer herds have increased in.

Size but bigger herds mean more eyes to watch out for hunting Tigers and that makes them more difficult to catch yet another problem for the Gani I'm desperate to see her cut something so I can be sure she's getting enough to.

Eat these are young deer and they've never seen a tiger they might be easier to catch she's perfectly placed.

Has she got one yes at last I know for sure she is feeding it's only a small meal but it gives me great confidence for the future of Pagani and Raj all you

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Tiger Hunts Lone Baby Deer | BBC Earth