The Rare and Exotic Animals ” White Lions”-[HD]National Geographic[Full Documentary]

The Rare and Exotic Animals ” White Lions”-[HD]National Geographic[Full Documentary]

The Rare and Exotic Animals – National Geographic Documentary. The white lion is a rare color mutation of the Timbavati area. White lions are the same as the tawny African Lion (Panthera leo krugeri) found in some wildlife reserves in South Africa and in zoos around the world. White lions are not a separate subspecies and are thought to be indigenous to the Timbavati region of South Africa for centuries, although the earliest recorded sighting in this region was in 1938. Regarded as divine by locals, white lions first came to public attention in the 1970s in Chris McBride’s book The White Lions of Timbavati. Up until 2009, when the first pride of white lions was reintroduced to the wild, it was widely believed that the white lion could not survive in the wild. It is for this reason that a large part of the population of white lions now reside in zoos.
Foreign it's tough to raise a family these days in the Wilds of South Africa two lionesses sisters are single mothers with two Cubs each their mate and protector has gone missing leaving them vulnerable to marauding.

Males who will kill their cubs and claim their territory two of their cubs are extraordinary they're almost completely white the result of an unusual genetic twist how will this strange coloring affect their survival and the fate of their struggling family together they must face every danger in.

The African bush to play it safe they must play it smart and it will take all their courage foreign South Africa's wild Bush country there are coats of Many Colors some stand out others blend in.

Each coat has a purpose to distract to communicate to hide anything new or unusual is tested every moment this will be the case for some very special lions that were born as white as snow.

only three such Cubs have survived to adulthood in the wild since white lions were first documented here in Timbavati in 1975. their cousins are two months older so these white cats will always be the underdogs.

But it's their high visibility that may become their greatest challenge all right any Cub is in danger if spotted hyenas catch one alone she's only four months old too young to.

Fend for herself the hyenas will try to kill her they don't see her better camouflaged mother foreign cub she and her sister are bound to attract attention.

Their mother is matimba the powerful one both of their parents carry the rare Gene that produces white offspring the Tawny Cub's mother is Almost White herself Rangers call her Kanye the pale one small Pride just two adult lionesses says.

And their four the little white cubs have a fighting spirit they are eager to take on their bigger cousins the males are stronger but these younger females are feisty little lions.

Foreign the Cubs will need to be both Brave and cautious for they only had their mothers to rely on their father and defender of the pride has disappeared rival males may have killed him.

But whatever the cause his disappearance is a crisis for the pride without him the little family is a magnet for marauding males the two mothers have already detected Intruders who are attacking a nearby herd of buffalo one of their calves is down.

Buffalo will defend their young ferociously but this young male doesn't fear them he has a brother to back him up and another brother to back him up these lines are nomads in search of a pride of lionesses to take over at five years old they are in Peak Fitness.

A strong Coalition like this is ready to claim its own pride and territory not even a herd of buffalo can stop them but they will try the mother Buffalo swings back desperate to Rally her Fallen calf foreign.

But it's too late the breeze carries a sharp warning to the two mothers matimba can smell the intruder's scent they're out there somewhere a deep maternal Instinct directs the two mothers.

They must take their cubs away far from the approaching Danger far from The Familiar mountains that overshadow their home deeper into unknown territory Krueger National Park is vast more than twice the size of Yellowstone.

covered by dense Woodland that supports great herds of plant eaters all of these creatures are adapted to the bush and their own special ways and all of them are prey for lions is ruled by 2 000 lions each Pride with its own distinct territory.

Matinda and Kanya will not be welcome on other Lion's land they can only keep their four Cubs alive if they stay out of these territories from now on this family must live in the shadows but wherever they go they will still leave signs behind one of the three Nomads is on their.

Trail he can smell their scent if the nomads catch up to them they will kill the Cubs that will bring matimba and Kanya back into estrus so they will bear the nomads Offspring soon after.

Rival Predators pose another lethal threat if the Cubs are found unattended by a keen eyed leopard it will kill them hyenas will too predators don't want Rivals around heavy rain clouds Mark the onset of.

Summer foreign the empty River now comes back to life waterbuck thrive in wetlands but even they are captivated by the spectacle from all around animals come to the river.

It gives wild dogs a chance to cool off but none enjoy it more than the elephants foreign Cubs are now eight months old they're Tawny cousins ten months this is unfamiliar territory for the two.

Mothers they don't know the best hunting spots and the bush here is so dense it hides prey well sharp eyes will see the white cubs against the bright green leaves long before the Lions see them after weeks with little to eat the Cubs are skin and bones.

mother Lions do abandon weak Cubs but matimba Waits yet without better hunting the Cubs won't make it so the mothers lead their offspring back to familiar territory.

Home to Timbavati up ahead half a day's journey is the favorite Waterhole of a huge herd of buffalo the strongest and meanest of lion prey to feed the Lions will have to get past aggressive Bulls and a herd of horns a wounded Buffalo is a perfect Target.

Foreign as long as the herd stays put he is safe but after satisfying its thirst the large herd must move on to find good grazing the lame Buffalo is Left Behind thank you the injured Buffalo has taken shelter in the river in an attempt to forestall his.

Fate it's Kanya matimba is by her side with the Cubs this will be their first buffalo hunt matimba can see that she has no need to hide.

the Buffalo is helpless foreign but he's still too far from sure the Buffalo is playing its only car in water matimbo loses the advantage she's wary and now there's a bigger problem approaching.

the stalker stalker are now stocked themselves the elephant ensures the Buffalo lives a little bit longer but the family is too hungry to give up on a sure thing.

Now matimba settles into weight while Kanye chooses a spot in full view of the Buffalo the Cubs are learning one lioness distracts the prey while the other waits to attack Maybe hours later the Buffalo changes position but not wisely.

It's just what matimba has been waiting for the Buffalo is too weak to fight the Cubs Take It All In the lionesses show the Cubs exactly what to do at last the hungry Cubs can fill their bellies The Pride will eat and rest.

Eat and rest all through the night the white cubs are now 10 months old at this age everything's a target for fun Kanye never refuses an invitation to play.

As from a Timber she's always on duty guarding her family still Kanya always tries to lighten the Timbers spirit foreign the Cubs join in as matimba approaches.

spotted hyenas are searching for food they will follow Lions especially groups without males after the lionesses have hunted they will gang up to push them off their kills our pride has taken down a zebra.

The Cubs are not old enough to hunt but they're not so small and helpless anymore the hyenas move in the Cubs are big enough to learn how to confront hyenas so matimba takes them forward.

The atmosphere is charged with aggression by scuffing the ground a Timber Stakes their claim to this place and the zebra kill behind them matimba allows the Cubs to lead the confrontation.

The Cubs advance to the limit of their confidence but it's still a standoff now matimba shows them how to end the dispute a day like this turns a cub into a lion Krueger's hot summer days are time to rest.

Animals need to get out of the baking sun leopards take shelter up in the trees and the lions in the shade beneath them the leopard goes unnoticed until she moves and that gives the Cubs an idea foreign.

It's May the beginning of Autumn and Krueger National Park the Cubs are now 11 months old they're strong and fit their mothers have raised them well they can now follow on hunts watching their mothers every move everything is fair game for these lions even the tallest of prey.

They've taken the young giraffe and have dragged it under a bush out of sight from vultures for extra precaution the mothers bury anything that sends out a strong odor but there's a good Breeze today the scent may not remain in the secluded spot something is approaching.

A vervet monkey sounds the alarm whatever it was seems to have gone the mothers decided safe to return to their meal by dusk the Cubs have had their fill now all they want is sleep but tonight there will be no rest foreign it's one of the nomad brothers.

He charges again but matimba and Kanye risk their lives to protect the Cubs every second they stall him buys time for the Cubs to get away the mothers hold their own against him but now his brother arrives he moves in on the giraffe kill and that stops the attack.

The mothers have no chance against two males but the nomad's attention has shifted they'll settle for the giraffe kill the Cubs can wait now two mothers have only one goal find their cubs their soft calls tell their cubs it's safe to come out.

All right the family is reunited they will leave the nomads to their stolen meal and quietly slip away foreign by August the dry winter transforms the bush.

The grass dies back trees lose their leaves winter opens up the landscape it's an excellent time for Young Lions to have a hunting lesson the hunter must be patient quiet focused.

in these conditions a Tawny colored lion Blends beautifully into the bush not so a white lion the kudu spots her and escapes lesson over.

But will these big white cubs begin to impact the Pride's ability to hunt it's now November new clouds usher in the wet season the bush bursts back to life the Cubs are growing larger and stronger by the day.

The white cubs more visible than ever by December the white cubs are 18 months old the male's 20 months they're real lions now and their play looks more like real hunting the pride has another giraffe kill and their meal is attracting attention.

For the next month the hyenas are never far away shadowing The Pride waiting for them to bring down prey but today something's not right the hyenas have suddenly disappeared foreign.

foreign Dawn finds the family shaken by another attack by the nomads they gather in close for comfort and to reaffirm their bonds.

The mothers and white cubs are unharmed but only one Tawny male Cub is participating the other isn't responding he lies quietly a deep puncture wound on his side his mother Kanye knows something is wrong so too does his brother.

He only moves deeper into the bush the Instinct of a wounded animal to hide here I am his brother turns to their mother and invites her to play but for the first time Tanya refuses an hour later the poor Cub can no longer sit up.

His condition is worsening his brother encourages him tries to get him up the Cub is struggling foreign but there's nothing she can do still.

His brother tries again ten minutes later the poor Cub has a painful seizure and then he's gone his family holds back.

Unsure and then matimba and Kanye approach in some quiet way they understand this tragedy to their family foreign sisters says goodbye.

And finally his brother his closest companion foreign all right Kanye's Cub was 20 months old when he died losing him as a profound blow the Cub's death comes at the onset of.

Summer rings and a new cycle of Life taking hold across Kruger it's time for the courtship dance of quite a performer the Red Crested core Han foreign.

it's been two months since Kanya lost her cub but life goes on and she still has one of her own and her sister's white cubs to care for every day presents new challenges to the white pride.

After a failed hunt earlier in the day the white sisters are hungry and pestering their mother to hunt again then something catches their eye vultures they've spotted a leopard with a fresh kill a tall tree is the best place to keep it.

Safe the Young Lions have learned that where there are vultures there's often an easy meal to steal if they can scare off the owner the Cubs spent their youth climbing trees now they have their reward the white cub is not as graceful as a.

Leopard but she still gets what she wants now it's Kanye's turn but it's not so simple for a full-grown adult she can't climb like the Cubs but she can leap after all that her reward is one very thin leg.

It's the Tawny young male's turn he now weighs as much as Kanye only great strength will get him up this tree he is as Nimble as a leopard and gets a choice cut of the meal and provides a nice morsel for his mother this tree climbing skill will serve him well.

He won't have matimbo or Kanye to hunt for him when he leaves the pride stealing leopard kills could help him survive the hard times it's June in South Africa a special date for The Pride the white cubs are two years old and almost fully grown.

They've survived all the perils and all the challenges of growing up Wild they also have a new home range far away from the nomads a place called classiri yeah it's rich in game.

They took down a buffalo in the night but once again hyenas are onto them welcome a brave white cub is ready to take them on one hyena she can handle but a whole clan is a different kind of.

Challenge she moves to confront them with a confident Swagger just like her mother no longer a cub right from the start she takes charge intimidating the hyenas she scuffs the ground claiming ownership of this territory.

This her mother once showed her foreign she is so confident She lays down the hyenas mistake this for weakness and move forward they come at her from all sides 13 hyenas.

She lets them come and then it's her turn the hyenas know they will not get past this lion at sundown the hyenas are suddenly.

Spooked and flee it's a large male and he's heading for the pride offend her family this male is new he's not one of the nomads he calls a greeting not a threat.

matimba keeps up the aggressive defense and moves forward to intimidate him but he doesn't want to fight a white youngster who's pretty intimidating herself is there to support her mother now the whole Pride moves up to join with matimba.

The hyenas helped themselves to the unguarded carcass time to get back to their meal before the hyenas devour it all matimba seems to know this male is not like the others so she returns to her pride and allows the male to follow her the family is still on high alert.

But he isn't here to attack them he's here to woo them but first he will sample the fruits of their hunting foreign it will take some time before he wins their trust but the family now has a big adult male.

To help defend them by the time summer returns to Krueger the new male has secured his place with the white pride Kanye is the first lioness to mate a new chapter is now beginning for the white pride foreign 's new Cubs will be arriving soon.

The Tawny cousin will set out on his own and the white sisters have a whole new life ahead of them they're the first white lions to reach maturity in the wild in more than two decades their success so far has been remarkable they began as scruffy little cubs.

And grew into fine young lionesses for the past two years they struggled to survive Krueger's Fierce wilderness and the challenges of their white coats but they've had two amazing lionesses looking out for them teaching them everything they know their future will soon depend on their.

Own abilities their own teamwork and their own wisdom will they be strong Hunters raising their own Cubs in the years to come the story of Krueger's white lions is just beginning

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