Ocean predators attack!

http://www.earth-touch.com Some of the ocean’s main animal predators arrive to take part in one of nature’s great events: South Africa’s famous Sardine Run. Dolphins, sharks and diving seabirds all attack a massive shoal of sardines.
We headed north after all victory over the sardine run yesterday and pretty soon we came across an ass ass by Paul a lot of sardines in this particular show or particular pockets and surprisingly enough not that many predators very impressive just to watch how these pockets almost pulsates in the water can.

Now see why we call them bait balls they obviously get pushed up to the surface and then get tightly packed by the dolphins forming these incredible incredibly tackle balls of moving fish then once the Predators started arriving the the action started hunting up the visibility started decreasing said or became a little bit spooky you can see.

Some of the Cape Gannet shooting up to the surface after a dove incredible to see them fall out the sky and then drop 3-4 meters into the water and then actually swim after the sardines chasing them down picking off one or two of them and then making their way back up to the surface once the Predators are aft they started covering up that roll back fall.

Into smaller pockets probably easier for them to manage and to feed off what's also interesting is that the birds will catch the sardine and then eat it underwater obviously there's a lot of competition for for the food once they get up to the surface as we going along you can see the visibility dropping so it starts.

Making it really intense it's another reminder that we possibly shouldn't be here and then the ever playful seals started arriving looking around for whatever they can pick off all of a sudden from some sound or signal diode dart off and kind of leave this poor seal pretty much wandering.

Around what a great dive and what a great day you

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Ocean predators attack!