Bigfoot Skull Found in Canada?

In this episode, something BIG is aFOOT. Coyote and the crew are on-location in Canada searching for the elusive Sasquatch. In 1967, Patterson and Gimlin changed the world with the alleged first “real proof” of Bigfoot… until now? Coyote may have found something in the British Columbia backcountry that could change history as we know it…

Join us on this hypothetical what-if scenario where Coyote “finds a Bigfoot skull”.

Thank you to Meredith Joyce-Houghton for creating the incredible artwork in this episode! IG: @joycehoughtoncreative

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I found a skull oh you guys are gonna want to come film this you see that like eye cavity sticking up that looks human no it's probably a bear holy mackerel look at that that's not a bear skull okay put that down that is the skull of a primate in the.

Pacific northwest buried under mud in a in a log fall down the side of a river whatever this is was maybe shot in the head there's a hole in the skull this camera recording bigfoot sasquatch the wild man.

We all know the large harry bylot bigfoot sasquatch the wild man we all know the large hairy mythological creature i'm talking about but when did it become such a staple in our culture banana on october 20th.

1967 two men roger patterson and bob gimlin captured footage of an unknown bipedal primate and the legend was born frame 352 became the pose that would define bigfoot and give rise to over half a century's worth of media and marketing including this t-shirt which is available at

Today we're going to make our own sasquatch documentary as we're staying in one of british columbia's hairy hot spots harrison hot springs beyond the comforts of town we will travel many miles into the backcountry.

Where eventually we will park and hike even further on foot to search for signs of this secretive primate well our sasquatch documentary officially begins very deep into the back country the forest trails that we are hiking today are part of the sasquatch.

Provincial forest we chose this location because of its high density of sasquatch sightings so if we're hoping to luckily get this animal on camera this would be the place to do it whether you believe want to believe or don't believe it all in the legend of sasquatch.

Here are the basics you need to know for centuries around the world there have been tales of large hairy bipedal primates inhabiting remote areas of wilderness many species with varying descriptions and a plethora of unique names sasquatch bigfoot squeal sesquack skulcum skunk yeti yowie yaerin grassman.

Big money monster woogie momo muggle on monster wildman abominable snowman fork monster and manush in north america's specifically the animal is referred to as sasquatch or bigfoot if this primate was ever scientifically proven to exist it would likely be considered a missing.

Link in the evolution of great apes and would visually line up alongside them like this what was that let's try it look watching squawking for sasquatch yeah he he thinks he could call them in with his uh squawk so tran i'm sure everybody wants to know has our director photography the.

Guy who's running the cameras usually what is your thought on bigfoot is he out there i don't know you know there's a lot of compelling evidence there's a lot of arguments against it i would say i'm in the middle so right now we're working on some sasquatch b-roll.

I'm not trying to necessarily look like sasquatch i'm just a little bit camouflaged and we found this really cool giant tree for me to walk over so i'm going to do some walks down this thing and i'm going to essentially be in sasquatch mode.

Making these noises and walking the tree and i'm just trying to get my balance right now to make sure i can walk this with speed and precision like a sasquatch if you want to be like sasquatch you have to turn into sasquatch so everybody probably wants to know the.

Answer to this question do you believe that a creature like bigfoot an animal like this a large bibetal primate could exist yes i do and the key word there was animal an animal would exist you know the mythological bigfoot in all the the folklores is one thing but an animal existing in these woods is a totally.

Different story i want to believe that's for sure but i have never actually seen something that i thought was a bigfoot once when i was a little kid my friends and i thought we saw sasquatch it did turn out to actually be a black bear that was migrating through newbury ohio at the time and i know this.

For a fact because it was reported on the local news later that night almost positive that the big black carry creature i saw in the woods behind my house was a black bear so we came up with a unique way to film sasquatch feet check it out little tiny sasquatch feet and we're filming shots of the feet super up close in the.

Environment uh mosses and in the water oh that's like making bigfoot with little tiny feet perfect keep going that's cool try that one more time i don't think this camera does justice.

To how big some of these trees are gopro does a great job of capturing an entire landscape but this tree is absolutely massive i mean the ancient spirit and the forest is wild hey let's film this real quick this is pretty cool one piece of evidence that.

Sasquatch seekers will often point out are busted trees like this this is a young tree this is starting to decompose a bit but they're still green on that end they may be saying well didn't another tree just fall and knock it down there are no trees on top of it so what would cause a tree of this size to just.

Bend perfectly over like this you can see where it's broken it almost looks as if it was pushed and pulled now sometimes sasquatch will mark territories with tree breaks just like this one that you have here very interesting could this be the signs of a sasquatch saying don't go any further this is my territory.

You never know now in the world of sasquatch communication there are a couple of different elements that i have read about you will have people that go into the woods make these loud screaming noises hoping that bigfoot will call back to them i'm not going to go that far one of.

The scenarios that i've always thought was the most interesting is called knocking and that's when a sasquatch would take a stick much larger than this and whack it against the side of a tree listen to the sound that i'm able to make with just this small stick and the side of the tree ready here we go pretty believable we know that people.

Have heard this before the knocking on trees and then they try to answer back so let's try one more time see if we can get a sasquatch to answer us guess sasquatch isn't home all right so mario as a wildlife biologist where do you currently stand on the existence of bigfoot in order to describe a species you need.

To have a specimen you need to have dna analysis samples and we just don't have that i mean so many years of bigfoot sightings not a single camera trap image not a single dna sample no real scat i just i can't really believe in something we don't have evidence for so as a scientist.

I don't believe up here but i kind of believe right here question that i've always had is where does sasquatch sleep does he just lay down in the middle of the forest and take a nap or does he have a cave maybe he has a high-rise apartment who knows he's sasquatch.

Wow it is so quiet out here i can hear a chainsaw way off in the distance probably several valleys over but other than that no noise at all not even any birds you have to imagine that if sasquatch is using its senses to stay hidden.

Hearing is going to be a big one humans make a lot of noise when they move through the environment if a sasquatch heard you coming all we need to do is move further up into the trees and you would never see it it's always important to keep your eyes peeled look around you even look backwards we just found a very unique.

Tree we're going to scout it out it could be a sasquatch portal some people believe that sasquatch can actually shapeshift or transport between dimensions by using trees and this tree that we're about to show you looks as if it was blasted by lightning.

Because it looks burnt out but there are no other trees around here that have burned whoa look at that i think it is it's a sasquatch portal i'm gonna get inside of it and see what happens whoa that's crazy looking wow i feel like i'm getting sucked into.

Another dimension action pay close attention to what i'm about to tell you because i'm only going to say it once moving forward we're going to be creating a what-if scenario now as somebody who wants to believe in the.

Existence of a bipedal primate living in the pacific northwest i have to ask myself why have the following series of events never happened the pacific northwest environment is so epic we've had a great time today just hiking this location getting as deep into the.

Back country as we can uh and my goal right now is to sort of wolverine my way through all of these tangles and i think trent's gonna have the drone overhead looking down at me as i move through that moving the same direction as the water and it's beautiful it's crystal clear check this out.

Nature at its finest i'm going to have to be very slow i can get gps gps so it can act really weird without that copy that uh while i'm in position just let me know got sensors going off everywhere okay i can almost see you yeah you're good keep going.

Maximum flight altitude reached okay i can only go up about 50 feet it's trying to establish gps signal it's locking me out so give me a minute and then we can try it again once i reestablish uh satellite connection oh hey hold on a second yeah what's up i found a skull oh you guys are gonna want to come film this.

Okay all right all right bring it down to me and mario come up there be about a minute i found a skull or a bone or something of some sort right here in the bed of the river did find a he did find a bear skull and um was it west virginia oh yeah that's right i doubt sometimes i doubt his ability to find skulls because i'm off looking for.

Snakes he's looking for skulls you see that like eye cavity sticking up yep that definitely is a skull look kind of human no it's probably a bear i'm sure it's probably a bear so what i'm gonna do is slowly try to unearth it uh you guys good yep there we go there we go.

Yes oh it is a bear it is definitely a bear skull holy mackerel look at that that's not a bear skull actually that is not a bear skull you're right what okay put that down.

Hold on a second yeah put that down holy cow dude that that is not a bear um dude is that a primate skull i mean yeah that's not a bear that's a primate but that's not that's not a human that might be that might be a.

Movie prop i mean i'm almost afraid to say it is that could be a sasquatch skull like that's what i'm thinking right now is that that is the skull of a primate in the pacific northwest buried under mud in a in a log fall down the side of a river like we should look and see if there's other bones uh i highly doubt it.

I that's a it's a it's a primates call i mean i i can't really explain anything else well we're gonna definitely take it back with us we should call someone i mean i'm i'm i kind of just feel a little bit uncomfortable right now stop i'm gonna keep touching it dude i've got service.

The fact is do not call anybody whatever this is was maybe shot in the head there's a there's a hole in the skull maybe it was shot do you know what happens when people find like a t-rex skull an artifact they keep it no he would no he is document it because there could be like other stuff there because it's delicate i think we.

Should put some sort of log that we can mark the area over it it's not like somebody's going to come up here and find it i took a pin okay we're good let's just go i really don't want anything to do with this whatever that is it's not supposed to be there don't worry i left my backpack i'll meet you.

Guys on the trail uh so flustered i left my backpack i'm totally ticking at school i'm sorry mario so another real question is do i tell any of them that i have the skull foreign.

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Bigfoot Skull Found in Canada?