Antarctic Whale Defense video

Operation Leviathan.
Antarctic Whale Defense video.
Narrated by Captain Watson, this video is a compelling look at their efforts to
protect these gentle giants.

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So you know we spend we spend billions of dollars searching through the solar system for intelligent life to communicate with when we have intelligent life right here on the planet with us that we don't even attempt to talk to or communicate with intelligence is the ability to live in.

Harmony with your natural world by that criteria we're the stupidest of species we will lose more species of plants and animals between 1980 and 2045 than we have lost in the last 65 million years that rate of extinction is unprecedented and we as one species are responsible for that.

The oceans are dying in our time and if the navies of the world had any sense of responsibility they'd be protecting the oceans instead of playing silly little war games with each other the problem is is that we have all of the rules the regulations and the treaties we need to protect the world's oceans and marine wildlife in them.

But we don't have any enforcement all right there are no fishermen anymore there are corporations that are destroying the oceans that is what it has evolved into i know it's a little chilly here today but uh we recently just came back from a place that's a a little cooler than this and that's.

Antarctica my crew and i just returned from chasing the japanese whaling fleet along the coast of antarctica we chased them for 4 000 miles for 50 days piracy was shut down in the caribbean by henry morgan a pirate you want to stop real pirates you need other pirates to do it so we're pirates of compassion who are hunting down and.

Destroying pirates of profit a oriental blueboard or should i said the ss whale meat uh please uh remove yourself from these waters you're in violation of international conservation regulations we're acting in accordance with the united nations world charter for nature and implementing these.

Regulations you're in a whale sanctuary and you're assisting in illegal activity remove yourself from these waters immediately international laws we invite you to get out of here and stop your pirate whaling operations nissan modera this is the fire we're no protest ship now get out of here.

The fleet just returned to japan and they were 85 whales short or their quota so we were able to protect 85 whales this is a growing movement it's the most important movement in the world that is the movement to save life to save the earth it means that we have to stand up and say look we're going to take matters into our.

Hands as individuals as caring compassionate people and we're going to fight back because the one thing that is worth fighting for on this uh on this planet earth is life you

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Antarctic Whale Defense video