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Lions are the rulers of the African wilderness, they hunt, sleep

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earth the planet we call our home from deserts to snowy mountains surely as the seasons change through the passage of time every inch of our world is as it has always been teeming with life with creatures large and small join us in celebrating the mighty wilderness and wild about somewhere in.

Sub-saharan Africa the early morning Sun rises over the Savannah it is just before the yearly migration and something other than rain ripened grass await the oncoming hordes wildebeest and zebra a predator a maneater a beast of legend.

An undisputed king in the African country of Tanzania the region of the great Serengeti is one of the world's largest and most diverse ecosystems and home to hundreds of species of exotic animals of all walks of life spread out over an area of the size of.

Belgium it spans all moments of joy from forests and swamps hills and mountains wide open grasslands and the great Savannah considered one of the seven wonders of Africa it also holds the world's largest population of the great African lion and there are lay out closely related to the tiger Jaguar and the leopard the lion is typically.

Categorized into eight subspecies spending all of Africa south of the Sahara and India the lion is the second largest living cat they have dominated their habitats for thousands of years as the apex predator stemming from a common ancestor of all cats and million years ago lion.

First of all 700,000 years ago emerging from southern Africa before migrating north fighting its subspecies we know today since its inception the lion has evolved to be perfectly suited for its environment tan fur as camouflage against the Browns and yellow hues of the sandy rocks and tall grass.

Muscular Greenbuild quick dashes and ferocious attacks a perfect predator born to rule one of the most mythic and instantly recognizable animals on the lion has always been seen as a symbol for royalty power and respect for the wilderness a symbol for Africa a symbol for the.

Wild and untamed a symbol for the jungle itself though often called the king of the jungle the lion still rarely ventures out into the dense tropical forests known to be almost twice the size of a grown man the male African lion can weigh as much as a quarter of itani it is out masculinity by the tiger among.

The great cats you unlike other cats lions live on keep a cool prize centered around a group of closely related female lionesses with only one or two resident males the pride area is often a marked territory focused around a nest or resting round inhabited by the females with its fringes guarded.

Vigilantly by the male hunting and acquiring food in the prides typically handled by the females or a lighter faster and more agile while the male washes over the kerbs any prey brought down small enough to be carried back to the pride area anything bigger than that was eaten on the spot.

Often the prey is consumed over several hours in the cover of darkness sprinters more than long distance runners the lioness hunt and cruise slowly stalking their prey from multiple vantage points head held low shoulders hunched still.

Before they strike and before the prey knows how to hit them a single bite to the neck or face the prey dies from asphyxiation though common thought to be primarily ferocious hunters targeting wildebeest zebras and warthogs over half with the food acquired is through expert scavenger.

Who other animals would be foolish enough to contest the lionesses claim to newly fallen correct primarily nocturnal the lion sleeps during most of the day only to emerge shortly before sunset ready in search of food the lion is also the only species of cat or males and females are distinctly different in appearance with.

The mature males distinctive Mane and readily apparent the color texture and length of the mane can be indicative of a line's health as well as the breed the longer and darker it is the healthier the animal main is commonly used for intimidation making it appear larger than it is in the connotation this plays a role in.

Defending the pride from solitaire nomadic males seeking to join pride avoiding direct conflict if challenged a resident male may defend his face and prior to the death and she is also the father of all existing Cubs if a new male takes the resident males place they will often kill the existing Cubs to later replace with those of their own.

Line the lines meeting ritual occurs several times a year once the lionesses are in heat lasting several days with regular intervals because the mating act is painful for the female the male must retain control by force the male approaches the female from behind biting her neck to keep our in place during.

This period a lioness men mate with a resident male up to 40 times a day old parties often foregoing following consummation the female rides and rolls around to increase the chance of conception whereas the male steers clear avoiding post-coital aggression from the female.

exactly 110 days later a litter of 1 to 4 Cubs is born in a lionesses dent initially cared for by their mother alone the Cubs are defenseless and highly vulnerable the Cubs are kept in seclusion from the rest of the pride until they are a month or two of age born blind and unable to move the Cubs.

Quickly gained the ability in our knowing to crawl but to run much to the dismay of their mother who constantly has to relocate their den to avoid marking the area with the scent of the Cubs lion cubs are often go parented by other lionesses as the reproductive cycles often synchronize to allow shared breastfeeding and protection at their.

Young at two to three years of age the lines are already considered sexually mature with many young lions already actively to mate within their pride the females are then integrated into the pride whereas the males are commonly pushed out by their father to find a new pride almost every male lion goes through this phase and are known as.

Nomads wandering the wilderness trying to find a pride with a male weak enough to challenge life in the Serengeti is very perilous as many as 80% of all Cubs die before reaching adulthood from either starvation or Pradesh you jackals hyenas leopards Marshall Eagles snakes are among the young lion cubs many foes.

The mortality rate of even adult lines is also notable behind due to territorial conflicts with other prides as well as human intervention and hunting once spread out across Europe North Africa and Asia Minor the line today has been reduced to a small population south of Sahara of 16,000 individuals.

And an endangered population of only 400 specimens in India today with less and less of the African wilderness capable of sustaining the surrounding wildlife combined with the intense rivalry from the prosperous hyenas illnesses stemming from a limited.

Population plagued by inbreeding and extensive poaching Lions are now considered a vulnerable species with several subspecies considered endangered and on the verge of extinction starting already in ancient Egypt Lions were hunted for sport and kept in cages.

And enslaved as exotic status symbols with the Romans going so far as to engage lions and gladiator games commonly sacrificing Christian martyrs to be eaten alive by lions in the arena the natural habitat has been drastically reduced following the colonization and.

Increased urbanization of Africa starting in the 19th century with widespread stories of their ferociousness as man-eaters lions were extensively hunted and killed to protect the emerging slave and ivory trade with a notable instance along the Sava river in Kenya in 1898 were too rare an unusually large and main 'list male.

Lions attacked and killed three dozen railroad workers they were nicknamed the ghosts in the darkness by the workers who feared them with great superstition and the story seeped into African legend a story that contributed greatly to the Western fears of the savage lion from.

The Dark Continent a large portion of the lion population worldwide are not confined to Sue's and wildlife parks many growing obese and increasingly domesticated no longer able to survive in the wild and frequently made part of public entertainment such as lion taming and.

Circus shows I'm a pretty brave hey buzz get those nails filed a height and though it is uncommon for Lions down humans as a result of prey depletion and human settlements expanding into Bush country some lions have turned to people.

As a source of food estimates range up to 70 people per year in Tanzania killed by wildlife with hundreds of local villagers and Taurus attacked and killed across the continent because of this lion-hunting is again on the rise with the rapidly expanding online black market.

40 hides and other trophies the king of the jungle is on the brink of being a thing of the past but for now it remains one of the last wild predators on earth.

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