Winter Deer Activity

In the winter we don’t always see the deer aside from their tracks. That’s because they are conserving energy to survive the harsh winter months. In this video I take you on a short walk to find winter deer activity. If you do this and find a herd bedded down, do not disturb them. Let them be so they can conserve energy.
Today i'm going to spend some time up in the woods looking for a winter deer activity it's been really cold lately we've had a lot of single-digit weather and that makes it a lot harder on the deer but we haven't had a lot of snowfall we haven't had up to two feet or anything.

Like that only about maybe three to six inches i'm going to make use of the utility roads in this preserve i know it very well when i was a kid i used to ride my bike over here from town and hide it underneath the bridge that you saw earlier in the video and then pick through every inch of this area.

This spot i'm going to scout is in a valley and although cold air does settle it's next to a main state highway that gets constant traffic and it's right across the street from town its cove and radiating heat will collect sort of forming a micro environment the ridge up above me leads way to a water basin area it's all the runoff.

From blackrock mountain and frog hill you're not going to see any vegetation in there this time but what is there under the ground are the quorums of jack and the pulpit and indian cucumber including solomon seal right here we're looking at saplings of the burning bush not a favorite of the deer.

And here's our first sign looks like a couple of deer came through looks like an adult and a younger deer all these open spaces that you see where the leaves are that's where the water has melted through this is basically an upland swamp pardon my hand sorry about that folks this yellow bucket that you see here is.

Part of the consortium university schools colleges it's probably a marker for an environmental experiment of some sort possibly a deer exclosure just to see what the deer are eating we're overrun with black birch in this forest because the deer won't eat it they've browsed everything else.

This bush up here off to my left is barbary it's another junk plant it's an invasive the deer don't browse it they don't get any nutritional value from the berries there is a little bit of vitamin c in there and you can eat it as a trailside nibble but you're not going to get much from it.

And here is exactly what i'm looking for see where the leaves and the snow were scuffed up kind of looks like turkey have been through but because of the deer footprints i'm suspecting it was them up above are the red oaks and the white oaks and what they're doing here is foraging.

For the last of the mast the mass is the acorn production from the fall before well it doesn't look like they stayed here very long and it also doesn't look like there were many deer here there really aren't many footprints from this direction if they headed straight ahead it would take them to the western side of the mountain where.

They're probably betting down the sun is a lot warmer there during the cold winter months about 90 percent of a deer's time is spent bedded instead of being active looking for food whitetail deer can do this because their metabolism slows down significantly during the winter months for survival deer often take shelter by sleeping.

Under coniferous trees like these pine trees what you see here are eastern hemlock when you see an easter hemlock out in the forest you can plant on water underneath they'd like to have their feet wet and the makeshift roof of these dense branches and large groves is protection.

From the wind and falling snow it makes a makeshift roof that holds the heat in do deer freeze to death in the winter yes they can when they can't find food for long periods of time and the fur and the fat on them just isn't enough and why does deera's coat get darker in the winter.

Well a lot of times you'll see a change to reddish brown or gray brown and that's because the darker color will help them absorb more of the sun's heat to warn themselves even more

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Winter Deer Activity