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Leopards and ostriches, hawks and iguanas, wolves and buffaloes… Which predator vs prey fight is the best one? Watch part 2 here />Subscribe:

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small lizards birds and insects are the normal quarry but for a few weeks a year there's much more on offer marine iguanas prefer to keep to the water's edge but during the nesting season females must brave it in land to find soft soil.

In which to lay their eggs but she must go carefully the hawk patiently waits to see if she drops her guard she's reasonably safe close to her nest barrow but stray too far from cover and she's caught in trouble.

Foreign the buffalo know that if they stand and face the wolves they have the advantage sometimes these standoffs can last for days but if this strategy were foolproof there wouldn't be any wolves eventually the buffalo lose their nerve.

And make a run for it i can see how the wolves are testing the buffalo looking for a young animal or one that is struggling during the winter the buffalo have to break trail running through the deep snow they tire more quickly than the wolves scattering through the bush forces the.

Wolves to split up and reduces their effectiveness but storm is not distracted he's got a lock on his prey it's a yearling calf is such a huge wolf he's able to bring this 300 kilogram animal to a stop all by himself these are the first intimate images of.

Snow leopard ever filmed in the wild she greets her one-year-old cub her den is well chosen it has exceptional views of the surrounding cliffs on these treacherous slopes no hunter other than the snow leopard would have a.

Chance of catching such agile prey a female with young makes an easier target a large paws give an excellent grip and that long tail helps her balance silently she positions herself above her.

Prey okay but here there are not just two but three cheaters a band of brothers.

they have changed their tactics and by doing so have taken their prey by surprise they have learned that working together they can bring down large prey an ostrich.

A bird that towers over a cheetah and is more than twice as heavy it can't fly to escape danger but it can lash out with a deadly kick a female unaware as yet of any danger even with three of them this is still highly risky if one gets injured the other two couldn't hope to tackle such large prey.

on the other hand if they get it right the rewards are huge the male has spotted one of the brothers but only one it's not too worried then suddenly there are three.

The female is slower to realize the danger and the cheetahs switch tons it takes the combined effort and weight of all three brothers to bring down this powerful birth even now the ostrich could land a fatal kick alessa jaboa.

The hunter needs super senses to find such small sparse prey the rupal's desert fox has ears 20 times more sensitive than our own the jaboa tries to hide but the hole's not deep enough the fox's sensitive nose tells him exactly where to dig there's a sneaky back door.

If he can squeeze through time for the jaboa to reveal his own secret weapon legs like a kangaroo the jaboa can hop more than 10 times its own body length but long legs don't make it easy to hide they come into their own when the only option left is to run for.

It sometimes getting over is tough better to go under the jaboa is quick but the fox is quicker the jabot's only hope is to outmaneuver and he has one last trick up his sleeve hairy feet.

A shock of hair on the sole of his feet grips the sand for a quick turn desert survival requires sensible footwear tonight the desert fox goes hungry you

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