Sealion vs 10 Killer Whales! | Deadly 60 | BBC Earth Kids

Steve Backshall witnesses one of the “gutsiest” sea lions alive, as it out manoeuvres a pod of killer whales.

Deadly 60 is a fast and furious roller coaster ride bringing you face to face with the world’s deadliest creatures. Steve Backshall and his trusty team brave some of the wildest places on Earth to come within striking distance of 60 of the planet’s deadliest creatures.

Nothing is hidden in this the ultimate wildlife adventure as Steve and his crew go to extremes to show you just what makes these animals so deadly. Trekking to the heart of the rainforest, diving deep into the ocean’s depths and sleeping out under the stars.

So as Steve dusts off his wetsuit, packs his jungle boots and sets out on his next deadly adventure why not join him as he dives with giant squid, hangs out with killer bees and flies with an eagle.

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this is a real wildlife drama happening right now just surfacing right behind the sea lion almost like they're playing with him but i think it's more because he's just in amongst kelp thick seaweed which forms like a forest under under the water.

Possible also that it's quite shallow here and they can't quite get in at him no match for an entire pod of killer whales the brainy sea lion wisely hides where they can't follow hiding in the kelp makes it harder for the killer whales to see him and impossible to actually get at him the frustrated killer whales step the.

Hunt up a gear the jumping the splashing and the tail slaps are all meant to intimidate the sea lion and drive him out of the kelp i don't believe what's happening this is the most incredible wildlife drama i think i've ever seen they're trying to freak it out and drive it out from where it from it's.

Where it's hiding over here we've got one thrashing its tail going absolutely crazy with tail slaps he's heading out he's heading away our gutsy sea lion hasn't been fooled he's using his superior maneuverability to outwit the orca big burst of bubbles right underneath.

Where the sea lion was it's a waiting game for both the killer whales and the sea lion the sea lion's back out again just remarkable and the sea lion has managed to escape i can't believe the way our drama seems.

To be finishing the sea lions headed off in that direction and our pod of orca just seemed to have given up and they're heading off that way there they go he got away with it he escaped that has got to be the gutsiest sea lion on the planet swimming in that direction right.

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Sealion vs 10 Killer Whales! | Deadly 60 | BBC Earth Kids