Ai In The Deep Ocean #IntoTheDeep #Ai



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Around 80 percent of the ocean is unmapped unexplored and unobserved artificial intelligence has the potential to do many repetitive and complicated things better or faster than us humans can and it seems that deep sea research is no different so what robots allow us to do right is is get to places that we as humans can't get to there are.

Many challenges that humans face going underwater but pressure might be the biggest our lungs hold about the same amount of air as a soccer ball at 300 meters they'd be crushed to the size of a tennis ball and if you dived to the Mariana Trench they'd be squished to the size of a pea and one of the ways in which right the robots can be really.

Helpful is that we can do really quick observations generating data either imagery or video right noting all the animals that are there but where I think we're trying to go is to use robots to say something about animals not only if they're present or absent but also their behavior

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Ai In The Deep Ocean #IntoTheDeep #Ai