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How do you lead an expedition to one of the coldest climates on earth? Martin Enckell describes what it’s like to work in Antarctica during filming for Blue Planet II. Subscribe to BBC Earth for more amazing animal videos – http://bit.ly/BBCEarthSub

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Post Production Supervisor: Brian Golding
Executive Producer: Jennifer Hile

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I'm told the guy it is a world that it's hard to explain you hear about it you read about it you see it on TV for me was so completely different to what I thought it would be it was so much more so much better I've done somewhere between hundred and hundred fifty trips to Antarctica the.

Ice is part of the magic that wants me to return you get drawn into the polar radiance it's such a wilderness it's such a pristine landscape you are one with the wild lives it's just something that you won't experience over and over I've been completely in love with the ocean since I was very very young I heard stories from my father when he had.

Worked with Cousteau being brought up for those stories led to diving which led me to continue on the past here we can take the helicopter fly down into the Weddell Sea and we can look at the sea as generally the sea as one of the big paws my job is to get people to explore more and learn new things it can be challenging but that experience is.

Breathtaking the role of expedition leader brings quite big responsibility especially when things start to go wrong on the weather creeps in them you have snow storms katabatic winds I suppose start to move and fog rolls in you lose old parents around you it's a place where really the.

Environments in control I cover my fellow this bridge we have a green deck green that I take off the cap I always feed the earth stop going around the corner where I haven't been of course it's always nice to reach a goal or a location but I think that the journey itself can offer so much more.

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Explore Antarctica With A Top Expedition Leader #OurBluePlanet – BBC Earth