Nature’s predators in HD: Sharks on the hunt The Earth-Touch crew dives with ragged-tooth sharks in a gloomy reef environment. And there’s more sharks to come in this HD video as the ocean’s top predators & other marine animals gather for a feeding frenzy.
We drop down on tariffs that is commonly known as three sisters very gloomy and dark water there's quite a lot of suspension in the water making the visibility pretty low these are all animals that you see here are called France maidens a fish that I've never seen not getting much of a sort of 25 centimeters not a very big fish but.

Really a lot of them on the reefs what was pretty impressive for me was the the soft corals that we found her all these animals just wafting in the surge and the current trapping tiny little microscopic animals as they pass through in the current what's a lot of color on these roofs which is very interesting to see some.

Nice big caves and other hangs big pot holes where once you're in there man lay very still you started seeing quite a few ragga tooth shocks they're definitely quite a few in the area these animals are here holding up for for the sardines to start arriving and possibly will move up with the big Shoals up into the kwazulu-natal area.

This morning we made our way up into the trance car our destination here is the porters and John's area where a lot of swirling water occurs and this is going to be the area that we got to be targeting over the next month and a half or so we could spot that the swell was really really big.

These Betsy conditions always seem very untimely and they really seem to frustrate a lot other operators but if you think about it logically these are the the big natural events that create the whole sardine action or get it moving up the coast they start pushing the cold Atlantic water up the East Coast and it's this water that the the.

Big shoals of sardines actually pitcher add on and move within this big cold water mass that's moving up the East Coast you as the Sun started coming up we noticed quite a bit of bird activity and getting out there we we spotted quite a few other common dolphins which are the main.

Animals that really get the boat up to the surface jumping in it was quite a quite a swim to get to where the action was we came across a very small school of radars and the way you can see that there does is obviously the Stars you look very closely the normal sardine has four back little spots down Assad and these guys bald in very loose balls are.

Not tightly packed together which really really frustrates the shocks they battled to get a decent mouthful but they're almost teasing the sharks they they'll come and ball and swell around them which really infuriates them and at times can create quite a difficult situation to be forming in first the Dolphins come up there they.

Push the little sardines up to the surface once they're closer to the surface the birds can obviously see them from above they start diving in and once that happens together with the Sharks and the dolphin it all creates quite a chaotic experience underneath the ocean it's just really good to be back in the.

Water and just seeing these animals feeding again very privileged to have nice crystal clean water really a good day you

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Nature's predators in HD: Sharks on the hunt