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We’re back with the second half of our Best Scenes From The Hunt Collection.

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the army ant this may look like a ball of a million individuals but make no mistake the colony acts as one a super organism with a sensory system of.

Two million antennae a skeleton made from the living bodies of workers a defense system of soldier ants ready to act at any sign of danger a digestive system processing piles of food deep inside.

Even a coordinated system for dealing with all the waste these are insects that by working together transcend individual size the colony can search the entire jungle and flush out its wildlife.

Each day it sends out a silent probe into the forest in quest of food it doesn't use scouts like other ants instead a vast search party pushes into virgin territory seeking out the signs of anything alive they spread out along a 10 meter front.

Sweeping across the forest floor to find prey the ants must first touch it the iron is that this the most successful hide-and-seek player in the forest is almost completely blind it distinguishes the living only by.

Their movement as long as an animal remains still it is safe but the slightest twitch will give it away within seconds the prey is pinned down within minutes it's torn apart at its.

Joints the more the prey struggles the more the ants engage right across the raid front prey of all sizes are driven from their hiding places even wasps must abandon their homes when.

The ants arrive everything alive in the path of the raiders overwhelmed by sheer numbers even when more sea lions arrive they can't seem to break down the sardines coordinated defenses.

With a shoal this big the sea lions need to isolate a smaller more manageable group of fish but with so few predators the fish still have the advantage all the sea lions can do is keep the.

Sardines at the surface and wait for others to join them tuna their arrival changes everything tuna attack from below cutting off the.

Sardines escape route down to deeper water next to appear sheer waters excellent flyers but also surprisingly agile underwater with so many predators attacking from.

All sides the advantage starts to shift away from the sardines as the fish pack ever tighter their showing strategy now makes it easier for the hunters.

copper sharks they've scented blood in the water surprisingly perhaps the predators never attack one another they work together to corral the ball of.

Fish taking turns to grab a mouthful common dolphins as the shell gets ever smaller each sardine scrambles desperately to hide in the middle.

But now there's no escape the buddha's whale finishes off the feast tons of sardines devoured in less than an hour hunting is only possible.

For three hours around low tide when the mud banks are exposed razor-sharp oysters cover much of the shore beaching here could be lethal the hunters need to find a stretch of shoreline with just the right slope to level and the dolphins risk stranding too steep and they can't force their.

Prey from the water working as a team the dolphins surround the fish driving them towards the shore attacking in perfect synchrony the dolphins create a bow wave it carries their prey onto the muddy.

banks other fish eaters profit from their daring herons and gulls follow every hunt to get to the fish first the dolphins drive themselves high up the bank but if they go too far they risk stranding.

to prevent fish escaping between them the dolphins all beats themselves on the same side always the right but this has a cost each time they grab a fish they also take in a mouthful of mud the grit gradually wears down their.

Teeth but on one side only in time these teeth get so worn down that older dolphins can no longer hunt like this and must find other ways to catch fish to help her in her quest she's equipped with three.

Super powers first an amazing approach to getting about porsche is a jumping spider able to leap up to 50 times her own body length nowhere seems beyond her reach.

Next a second superpower superb eyesight essential if she's to distinguish her prey in all this clutter because her prey doesn't stray porsche is a spider eating spider this raises a few problems her lunch is three times her size.

packed with venom and surrounded by a sticky trap mission impossible not at all because of her third super power porsche is a genius she can map her world in three dimensions.

And formulate a plan of attack she can have an idea the web builder is blind it won't have a clue that she's coming right on target and safely behind those fangs.

But a mind as active as porsches can always do with more brain food here there's no anchor point for the abseil but porsche has another idea instead of going to the spider she will bring the spider to her.

She plucks the strands to imitate struggling prey drawing the spider in to its death leopards are the most versatile of all the big cats adept at finding cover in the most.

Unpromising places the steep walls of the gully are now her cover for an ambush the male puku is close enough but he's too big to tackle she needs to slip past him without being seen.

If he spots her he'll blow her cover slowly does it to succeed here she needs to find prey grazing close to the edge or better still in the gully itself frustration.

Success would have staved off hunger for a week but while there's prey around there's hope peaking over the top is a risk but it's the quickest way to find a new target so.

Uh a burst of speed of 65 kilometers an hour and it's all over in less than six seconds except it isn't dazed and disorientated the impala makes a miraculous escape.


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