Submarine sex: how do animals mate in the sea? | AI | Full Documentary

Under the sea, the reproduction chain is extremely varied and complicated. How are marine animals able to reproduce in such vast, dark oceans where meeting a partner seems impossible?

Over millions of years of evolution, marine animals have used the physical properties of the water, each in its own way, and succeeded in developing original mating strategies for passing on their genes.

Documentary: Sex Under the Sea
Directed by: Etienne Verhaegen
Production: Cinéma Direct

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During the course of millions of years of evolution creatures have exploited the physical properties of our vast shifting and unstable oceans to develop original strategies for finding a partner mating reproducing transmitting their genes like this humpback whale projecting his 15 Tons clean out of the water to woo.

His partner thank you okay We Begin our investigations in the Galapagos Islands where the shallow Waters never exceed 70 degrees Fahrenheit it's the ideal environment sought by sperm whales in which to reproduce.

this solitary male has come here from Antarctica where he's been feeding for six months driven by his Instinct he travels thousands of kilometers in search of a pod of females which he Encounters in the Galapagos each year but how does he manage to locate them in.

This huge ocean in water sound travels four times faster than on land sperm whale uses this protein of the water to emit tricks detect infamous by the time he finds his first females he has been celibate for nine months and is in urgent need of release.

He immediately displays his erect member and begins his courtship highly receptive females release pheromones and dance around him the male displays himself in front of the females and expresses his affection by stroking them all over their bodies.

With his tail and snout he gradually assembles his Harem consisting of pubescent females and mothers with their calves drawn by the commotion other smaller sperm whales join the dominant male taking advantage of any lapses in his attention to slip within the pond and exchange caresses.

The sperm whales gather together in a great circle protecting their young all their heads face each other their tails ready to lash at any intruder is then the scene of a lengthy petting session consisting of caresses nibbles rolling Embraces and general Awakening of their senses with his sexual organ the size of a.

Human being the dominant male slips beneath one of his partners he penetrates her rapidly for a few seconds only as remaining coupled together underwater is no easy task he then repeats this rapid copulation with several females until he is satisfied that he has impregnated all of the pods fertile members.

Foreign s back where he came from sometimes leaving several hectoliters of sperm floating in the sea other underwater creatures also spread their sperm and eggs freely in the ocean fish for example which reproduce without the aid of penetration.

Is also the case with the Myriad life forms which spend their lives attached to the reefs as well as crabs and other Crustaceans shellfish sea cucumber Coral urchins Etc to avoid randomly scattering their reproductive cells at different moments and kilometers apart they exploit other qualities specific to the Sea namely its.

Currents and tides in this asexual form of reproduction impregnation is down to chance but to increase the odds the sperm and eggs are produced in enormous quantities quantity takes precedence over quality to the point of clouding the sea thank you 16 months after the sperm Whalers.

Impregnated his Harem a female aided by two midwives Gibbs birth close to the surface the calf is already large measuring around four meters its umbilical cord and that of its mother will take two days to detach themselves under careful supervision the calf first.

Learns to maintain its balance in the water for two years it will remain under the care and protection of the females led by The Matriarch throughout this period it will stay tucked away beneath its mother frequently attaching itself to one of her teats each day it drinks 20 liters of.

Condensed milk with an equal amount being dispersed into the sea this act of suckling lies at the origin of all the signs of affection and tenderness which are specific to mammals when the pot Dives to hunt in the depths certain females remain on the surface with the youngest whales.

at the extreme tip of South Africa not far from the cape some others sea creatures have formed their own harem but unlike the sperm whale the sea lion is under constant pressure the harene master has no choice but to ceaselessly patrol around his females to ward off other male suitors.

All the time and energy he expends in this way prevents him from hunting and feeding polygamous shows great tendons and folics affectionately with the compliant females one after another but he can only sustain this level of performance for two weeks flirting controlling copulating ensuring.

The trans 20 females feed amounts to some performance small two weeks of sex but then no more in a life must be very frustrating why only two weeks because of all the adults and single males who live about 100 meters from the Harry they also have.

Hormones which arouse them and cause them to pile pressure on the dominant male as soon as they reach sexual maturity at the age of about eight they relent one after the other he has no choice but to face up to them but the young Pretender refrains from engaging in violent combat in order to.

Avoid injury he only tests his resistance and in a few days he may take his place foreign confrontations the dominant male continues his race against the clock it's 99 cuddles one percent sex this type of polygamy has its drawbacks.

The male will never know which ones he has actually impregnated for as soon as they have mated the females disappear to hunt amid the Limitless expanse of the big blue so this is male polygamist responsibility of fatherhood.

Sex is linked to possession and is therefore a source of violence one example of this is the drama involving that king of camouflage the octopus foreign starts serenely enough as the male octopus Woos the female by displaying his sexual organ to her the hectocotillas a sort of specialized arm.

Located at the end of his third tentacle is by caressing the female's intimate part the female then draws her Suitor to her guiding him into her Den um the conjugal parade is the height of delicacy involving fondling and the application of light pressure with their.

Suction cups accompanied by colorful effects this couple clearly has a need for intimacy but their liaison will be brief as a young male also has designs upon the female her partner emerges from her Den foreign the two Rivals confront each other.

Here the young interloper is driven back with tentacle blows but continues to threaten the lover returns to his Conquest but he is rattled by the presence of the intruder his caresses are replaced by Brute Force no longer content merely to enter her he wraps his cape around her making.

Breathing difficult foreign he spills his sperm into the water the Rival seizes his chance to approach and the two males square up again like pawns on a chessboard each advances from rock to rock ready for a fight suddenly the first octopus sees red and.

Launches himself at the usurper the latter defends himself by ejecting a cloud of ink the attacker wraps his enemy in his webbing Smothers him and lacerates him with his beak the eyes of the vanquished octopus can be seen inside the big male as he struggles briefly before succumbing he will gradually be swallowed.

Then as if nothing had happened the octopus Blends back in with the reef three months later the female octopus has shut herself away in her Lair to lay her eggs she not only has to protect them from repeated attacks by fish but also ventilate them by means of attentive.

Caressence after four to six weeks the eggs hatch and the larvae are dispersed after this you unique laying method the devoted mother will perish from exhaustion and malnutrition the 500 000 octopus hatchlings create a cloud of their own in the depths of the.

Sea we resume our investigations in Micronesia at the bottom of Palau Lagoon and at the edges of the Yap coral reefs in search of a spectacular use of the qualities of water for seduction purposes.

at first glance manta rays don't appear to show any real interest in one another but this changes once the female releases pheromones and then disperses them by means of her ballet spreads the odors until the males become aware of them female does not surrender meekly to the.

First camo larger than the male and a faster swimmer she leaves him trailing in her wake until he is joined by some rival suitors foreign dance she gets the males to compete and will accept the strongest.

Already numbering one dozen the rivals will redouble their efforts to take first place behind the female the process of seduction amounts to a fully fledged contest the female bamboozles the Rival suitors with sudden turns eliminates any Slow Coaches with bursts of speed and leaves the Lesser Droid floundering with her.

Acrobatics Only the strongest will be permitted to transmit his genes through her foreign foreign.

The Chosen male then lands on her back and penetrates her with one of his claspers a sort of hardened Channel through which sperm is released 12 months later the female will give birth to one or two pups no one has ever previously filmed the.

Mating ritual and the sexual act of these sea serpents it is an undulating dance which rapidly becomes a ballet with three or four performers the most forceful male nibbles at the female before latching onto her and.

Penetrating her foreign we located a creature whose potential for violence is so great that if the males had to compete for a female the only outcome would be a bloodbath for due to their fearsome Weaponry of a.

Venomous double Stinger which can cause paralysis the alliances of stingrays are fraught with deadly Danger in her ovulation period this female is emitting a long trail of pheromones immediately a male follows her and she is soon being trailed by all the adult males from The Reef.

The males are recognizable by their two sexual organs or claspers pelvic fins which extend in two fleshy sections rolled up a bit like pancakes the clasp is hardened with age and serve as channels via which the male tries to penetrate the female larger than the males the female leads her pursuers to a confined space at the.

Bottom of a valley her suitors position themselves over her one above another they brush against each other and the tension mounts the arousal of one causes edginess in another are they going to fight and destroy each other the Venom which each carries at the tip.

Of its tail serves as a deterrent amid such promiscuity in a confined space such as this the slightest incident could amount to mass suicide a genital organ open an invitation the female slips into an even narrower Canyon the most able male sees as one of her wings gripping it strongly with the only.

Means available to him his mouth turning around he penetrates her with one of his claspers for several long minutes or that decides upon the moment of separation another male takes over as the current carries them bumping against the sharp reefs.

The male has difficulty holding on to the female such as her size in this way in the intimacy of the deep Canyons the female gathers the sperm of the males thank you through her skill at guiding the males the female manages to prevent Carnage by accepting them in turn thereby ensuring she is impregnated by the strongest.

Sperm so many partners just to lay a few eggs we now return to the shark infested seas around the Galapagos Islands to try to penetrate the mystery regarding the sexuality of these creatures every morning hammerhead sharks rise in their thousands from the depths towards the reefs.

foreign they come to join the cleaner rasses and damselfish which obligingly cleanse their gills and pectoral fins of parasites and tend to the shark's.

Mysterious bites for a while the reef is transformed into a gigantic Clinic foreign but there's something different about this particular Shoal of sharks it's made up exclusively of females.

Not a single male joins them so are these sharks practicing sex segregation let's explore this on the male side with these ragged tooth sharks for example the only time they come together in shows is each June in the caves of the.

South African Coast lurking in the shadows the male ragged tooth sharks with their distinctive pelvic fins Gather in small groups and wait for the females to pass they wait like this for a whole month foreign autumn in the depths of the caves females in their ovulation period come.

And join the males for a hunting session and a shared feast for this informal bout of teamwork one blocks the fish off while the other swallows it head first during the course of this Feast the males and females brush against each other becoming aroused and attracted to.

Each other some of the females even carry scars from injuries caused by males during copulation emails last meal as once impregnated she will cease to feed for the period of her pregnancy nine months later sensing she's about to give birth she feels the need to scratch.

Her belly foreign tooth shock extreme violence Reigns the fetuses have already developed their teeth and the ability to swim the strongest are feeding on unhatched eggs foreign.

And when they grow they will devour each other until only one remains but to compensate for this unique brand of cannibalism Evolution has equipped the female with two uteruses close to Darwin's Arch at the northernmost tip of the Galapagos lies the kingdom of the white tip we were able to film the violence of the sexual.

Encounter between male and female sharks the sea transmits the odors left behind by the ovulating female there are already a dozen or so males on her Trail the most able attempted gripper fins but the female doesn't make their task easy as with all shark species she is larger and faster than the males.

one of her suitors has managed to lock onto her and pulls her down towards the seabed lacking any limbs with which to hold her during copulation he has no solution other than to bite her gills and fins to limit the damage Evolution has led the females to develop considerably.

Thicker skin than the males the sexual Union over the partners go their separate ways but the female's torment is far from over as other males begin hounding her in turn.

Just as with the Rays the male introduces one of his two pelvic claspers into the female's cloaca in a bid to maintain what is an exhausting acrobatic position he pins her against the sand and the sharp Coral with every spasm the male pumps salt water into the channels visible along.

His belly then simultaneously propels into the female's cloaca a mixture of sperm water and serotonin a hormone that aids in pregnation the shark's clasper is an amazingly complex appendage beside the female it opens up like a flower exposing Hooks and Spurs that dig in and keep it in the female's cloaca.

During copulation copulation lasts around 20 minutes for each male no sooner has she been released then other males take over the assault dragging the female to the bottom of a crevice and the murky Waters of the thermocline at a depth of 150 feet.

Many of them try to grip her but the vast majority fail today a surprising and previously unobserved event is occurring the female is being penetrated by two males at the same time already devoid of sensuality and compliance this sexual Union becomes.

Frenetic Only the strongest sperm will prevail the injured female goes to recuperate among her companions but she has one unique advantage on her side.

She can stockpile spermatozoa for 14 months and can therefore wait for her wounds to heal before fertilizing them but those which suffer the most serious injuries will die an agonizing death violence has its very own hierarchy at Sea it's the climate which is Top Dog and triggers the most devastating violence.

The El Nino phenomenon for example has a direct impact upon sharks one of the characteristics of El Nino is an absence of wind in the center of the Pacific rise in sea temperature throughout that ocean and huge climatic disturbance such as drought in Indonesia and torrential rain and storms in Peru and California thank you.

and the effects of El Nino are also felt Beneath the Sea as the overly warm water prevents the shoals of female sharks from rising up to the reefs so that their wounds inflicted by males during mating can be cleaned for a large number of them therefore El Nino Herald's death before they can even.

Give birth a year after El Nino is over the water returns to its normal temperature and the female Hammerheads can at last return to the reefs but in water State the survivors have the air of lepers this year it's not so much a trip to the clinic but a dash to the emergency department.

For those who are pregnant the situation is even more critical as they are weakened by not having fed for a year the length of their gestation period some are showing signs of prenatal contractions and take refuge in the shallows to give birth scasney has the pouch broken then the.

Pup starts to swim its head still stuck inside its mother's belly From This Moment On they are alone in life as the mother is no longer concerned with them the pups are born ready to operate as Predators miniature versions of the adults and just as alert and agile thank you.

the passes between the Polynesian Islands are renowned for their pots of dolphins they have no need of a full moon warm water or any particular season to mate Dolphins hormones are active regularly and the game of Seduction is permanent.

Foreign males and females attract attention and express their arousal by performing terms and acrobatics their sexuality can be summed up in one word rampant but it is orderly nonetheless the mature female dolphin has to resist her initial sexual arousal by first.

Aiding the other females in their act of procreation incest is a particular taboo amongst Dolphins each time they communicate they reveal their identity and family origin thereby avoiding incest and the resulting bad genes today the clan is allowing this female to show her receptiveness to the male's.

Advances by languidly rubbing her belly against the sand her sensuality is heightened by her ovulation this Behavior triggers a full-blown love ritual the preliminaries last for days accompanied by sensual caresses that ratchet up a desire the partners now to explore the entire length of her body.

From the mouth to the genital area when she is ready the female signals this by exposing her belly as for the male his sexual organ is continually erect concealed in his genital slit it only emerges at these special moments and what a special moment the males mate.

With one female then another then another again each time the coupling only lasts a few seconds today however this male has ejaculated early but down to his inexperience or has the presence of a shark made him nervous thank you.

In the Autumn the shallow Bays of South Africa are visited by a species of whale with an extremely strict reproductive rhythm male and female right whales each on their own side have spent nine months feeding off the coast of the Antarctic now they have come here to give birth or to mate the males initiate the Mating.

Game with some acrobatics the partners only have a three-month period in which to reproduce one of them joins a female and caresses her with his snout and fins the male turns onto his back and slips beneath her the density of the water and the lack of.

Stability make penetration difficult but the males have developed a telescopic penis which can be inserted in the female's vagina despite the water that is they copulate repeatedly and take their time two to three hours in all the male remains stable below while the.

Female provides the movement foreign male has picked up vibrations emitted by the couple and Amplified by the sea charge stops the meeting when it comes to sex the normally peaceful right whale exhibits.

Extraordinary energy delivering blows with his tail to the rival's genital area in order to crush the huge testicles located inside his body and if these tail blows don't do the trick the rivals strike each other with their fins and snouts equipped with sharp bristles formed by parasitic Barnacles they're snouts make.

Formidable razor-like weapons their demonstrations of strength are Droid Dodges and lightning repulses reflect their burning desire during this time the female who has remained placidly alongside the fighting males has been approached by Young albino who slips beneath her she acquiesces as she regards it as an.

Additional opportunity to procreate while he sees it as a chance to get ahead of his Rivals the two partners Embrace stroking each other and showing great tenderness with their fins foreign.

The male produces a phenomenal quantity of sperm in order to wash her previous Partners sperm from her belly when the female has had enough she turns on her back to put an end to their Union the male puts away his penis for the next nine months ISRO is over he will play no part in the bringing up of their young.

The female then points her vulva and tail Towards the Sky thus indicating her unavailability to the males the party over she recovers by basking in the Sun one year later the female returns to the area to give birth where she can be observed at length follicking with her.

Calf on her back segregation of males and females sexual promiscuity multiple partners vast clouds of sperm harems and polygamy the sea has created an incredible range of reproductive techniques which make full use of its liquid properties all of this vital energy has just one purpose adaptation in order to.

Perpetuate the species

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