The Bizarre Grouse of the Scottish Highlands | BBC Earth

In the Scottish pinewoods, the rare bird Capercaillie makes an appearance.

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Snowdonia is Wales’ most dramatic wild place and one of the most beautiful and best loved in the whole of Britain. It’s a land of extinct volcanoes surrounded by the Irish Sea, a spellbinding landscape whose peaks are some of the most ancient on the planet and whose valleys are a refuge for rare and fascinating wildlife including otters, hen harriers and peregrine falcons. This film follows a farmer, a National Park warden, a climber and a poet throughout the year and, through their intimate knowledge of Snowdonia, explores the nature of wilderness in modern Britain.

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Even though only 1% of the original pine forest remains writer Jim Crumley can still feel humbled in its presence pine woods are I mean to my way of thinking are completely different from any other kind of wood especially big pine woods like you get around the Cairngorms we usually do get the chance to you know go for a long walk in trees and there is a.

Sense of the beginning of as you enter the pine wood that it sort of seems to me walk more slowly you walk softer look at where you are and take notice sheltered in the woods from the fickle weather Jim can easily lose sense of time under a tree like this he had his.

First encounter with one of the rarest and shyest creatures of the pine forest I was mine just on the ground and I probably hadn't been in a deep sleep that having been dozing and there was a Scaparrotti alien making this preposterous noise it just started to bitterly parade up and down and his strange and popping noises started it.

Was extraordinary to encounter for the first time in such a situation kappa Cayley or capers are only found in pine forests where they feed on the pine needles and shoots it's in April when the male's head towards a special place in the forest known as a lek the North's word for dance I kind of followed as best I could.

Crawling on my stomach and got to the edge of the this little clearing and there were three or four others here you can interest big black fan thing it's like a black sunrise it's one of those easterly things in nature the object is a shoe size obvious is to attract the females and that whole thing that you know the joy of discovery thing is.

Absolutely for me underpins you know everything they're doing natural it was a rare moment indeed there is so little native forests there are fewer than 2,000 Kappa Kaylee left you

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The Bizarre Grouse of the Scottish Highlands | BBC Earth