Publication of our first children’s book of “Notch, the Rescued Dolphin”

DREAMS COME TRUE – Let me take you on the exciting journey of the creation and publication of our first children’s book of “Notch, the Rescued Dolphin”

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Manta rays are beautiful and majestic animals that have a life-changing effect on people who meet them. We’ve only just begun to uncover their many mysteries. But manta rays are becoming threatened and could even face extinction if nothing improves.

At Manta Ray Advocates, we raise awareness and spread knowledge about the gentle giants of the sea – so the generations to come can experience their near-magical beauty and grace.



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Aloha, this is Martina Wing live from Hawaii. It's Wednesday. It's a little later today at 11:15. I wanted to talk about what's happening here. Happy new 2018. I have my manta ray in my hand of course. I have another one too. This is what I usually do here on Wednesdays. I talk about the manta rays here in Kona, Hawaii. This is my true love. Today I wanted to talk about something that has to do with the manta ray dive here in Kona. It's a long story that goes along with a journey that I encountered over the years and I wanted to share this with you. I know Tara is here. Thank you so much. for being here Tara. Super. I wanted to start out first of all where I.

Am located. People usually don't know this. I'm in Kona Hawaii. On the Big Island of Hawaii. This is Hawaii. We usually have manta rays here on the coastline. There's a dive site here at the airport and there's a dive site here in Keauhou. Today I want to talk about something that happened almost on the day, on the 11th, five years ago. It's where a dolphin came into the dive site during the manta ray dive. What happened after this, and it all accumulated in a dream coming true for me. I want to share this with you today. I usually start out why this story is so special. For this I have something prepared on the other.

Side. Meaning I'm going to flip the video camera around soon. Then you will be able to see what I'm talking about. Then you will dive right into this with me and into this storyline. You will enjoy the journey that I've been on for five years. I was just in the right place at the right time, when the dolphin came to the manta ray dive site and was rescued by a Keller Laros. I'm going to switch the camera real quick. The first picture you will see is of me in gear and what I look like when l I'm actually behind the camera underwater. Sophie is here again from Denmark. Hello, thank you for being here. This is me and what I look like when I go scuba diving.

My camera is down the table, over here. The background you see that where the dive site is. This is at the site by the airport. In the background all these lights are the lights underwater. Here you see the boats and some snorkelers. I'm about to jump into the water. I'm on scuba. This is what I've done now for the last 20 years and diving with the manta rays every night. It's my true love. I happened to be there on January 11th 2013. The next two minutes you will see is the video footage. It's really a short, good story. Go with me on this journey of what happened under water. I have some.

Music in the background and I hope this works out for you. This is Notch the bottlenose dolphin I'm talking about. He asked divers for help. We were at the dive site we were doing our thing with the manta rays. This particular dolphin had a hook in his fin. Stuck in his fin. Now check this out. Maybe you've seen this video before. He swam up to Keller. Incredible skills, and incredible situational awareness of what needed to be done for this animal. So much compassion and love for this creature. It's incredible. He was tangled in fishing line and he couldn't move his left pectoral fin. Notch. That's in the name of the dolphin. He.

Circled Keller for quite a bit. He was holding still. Keller was the best dive master to be asking for help, because Keller had the right tools. He had to clip this off. There's definitely a happy ending happening here right now in a second. He was holding still, Notch is incredible. You see this is a 90 second clip, but the actual in the rescue took seven minutes. The dolphin went up to the surface and then came back down to Jason and Masa. Keller was in the background again. Then the dolphin felt he was fine and he took off. This is what I'm going to talk about here.

Right now. I'm going to switch your way again. I shot this video and it was incredible. This whole community here is in Kona Hawaii. Daniel is here too. Welcome, Europe is here and I love that a lot. I shot this video and the community here is all about helping the animals. We work so well underwater. We usually don't have any interaction Keller and I. Underwater we just really clicked. He was rescuing the animal and I was there with my really bright video lights to give him the light. Because at night the dolphin was just going around him so he could see everything. This was the rescue.

Itself. I put it on on YouTube. Going back for five years or actually it's only three years. It went viral within ten days and this video is now viewed over 30 million times. I actually got a phone call yesterday from Montreal Quebec. A random person found my phone number and called me and he wanted to say congratulations to Keller, to the community and what we're doing here. Wow, five years later I get a random call and someone is congratulating me. This story is touching so many people. What happened for me and in this journey I had this deep desire to do something else with this story. Because I know it's touching so many.

People around the world. Two years ago I was in Germany visiting my parents. I was just strolling along, souvenir shopping and stuff like that. It's when it really hit me. That's when the dream came that I'm talking about today. This aha moment. If you watch Oprah then you know. It's an aha moment, where I've knew this is what I'm going to do with the story in addition to having a video. It was creating a children's book. What I saw in Germany is this little book here from my childhood, it's called Tuffi. A little elephant falling. It had a little accident and stuff like this. I grew up with this little book. I found the book in Germany again. I.

Enjoyed it so much, so I bought the book. At the end of the book it tells you what really happened to this little elephant. It's also a true story of a rescue. For me it was crystal clear, that I have to write a children's book. My dream came true, last week Thursday when I had it in my hand. This book is now here and it's available. Hi Carrie, thanks for coming today. The book is here. I finally got my dream come true. This was a two-year journey for the book creation. It was a few details. Happy New Year Carrie to you too. When you are walking around in a shopping center and then you have the idea that you want to create a book, then you ask how do I.

Do this you? I needed to find an ilustrator. I needed to get the money together. We did a Kickstarter campaign last year in the summer. It was 120 percent funded. For me personally I have never really done marketing. There's so much to this when doing a kickstarter campaign. Knowing what to do on social media. This was one my breakthrough for the Facebook lives that I do today. I had to go live to talk about what kind of money was needed. We were then funded then last summer. At that point I had the illustratorJackie Mask. Since I was over funded a little bit I reached out to a professional children's book writer. His.

Name is Scott Fuqua. They're both in Baltimore. I had two professionals to help me get this together and this is the final book. I think you all will enjoy when I talk about the characters. The characters all in the book are all animals that live along here on the coastline. First I want to show you the first page. It's actually the manta ray dive itself. I think this really came out, well everything came out great. I really particularly like when you open my childrens book there are manta rays all over the place. I really like that. Then the characters in the book, well of course is Notch itself. I want to tell you why.

Notch is called Notch. He has a notch in his back. This is how locals call him. I didn't come up with it. I'm not that creative. Notch is Notch because of this scar. The other characters we have in the mix is our beautiful Big Bertha. You can see her by the markings if you look it up. This is Big Bertha and she's going to be really important to Notch to understand how to get to the manta ray dive site to be saved. All along Notch is going to run into some hammerheads. We just had sightings here last week on the coastline. He's going to run into well the fishing line itself.

He's getting tumbled up right here. Then there will be humpback whales, her name is Wanita. We had an incredible encounter with Wanita many years ago. We wanted to put the real characters in the book. Check this out, isn't that incredible? Jackie is such a talent, incredible talent. When you read the book it's really hilarious this professional writer, thanks Scott for doing this. I could have not written, nor could I have done anything like this. I created it to put it all together. Thank You Sophia. If you are familiar with the coastline, we do have tiger shark sightings here on a regular basis. It's at the Harbor.

There's one particular tiger shark, by the way that nothing happens with Tigers they just like to hang out at the harbor. There's Laverne and Laverne's of course in the story too. This is Laverne and she's tells him and is important to Notch to get to Big Bertha to get this all together. How to find a solution to come to the Manta ray dive site and get saved. Then one more character that we have in the story, here's Big Bertha again. Now he's at the manta ray di ve site. It's kind of cool. Let me see what other pictures are here. Yes, Waimanu. Waimanu is a Hawaiian monk seal and she's also regular at the dive site. Waimanu is in the story line as well. I also.

Want to show you everybody that backed us for this book. We have a dedicated page for you. It's here on the back. It's our thank you page, with all your names in here of who backed us. We had 150 people helping us out to get this done. Hi Gene. How you doing ? Thank you for that, to all the backers again. Here's also my glossary with all the characters. Also an invitation to come back to the website to to watch the video that I just showed you. It's all coming together, no it's actually together! If you see here in the background there's a bunch of books here on this side. Lots of priority mail boxes. On this side you see a.

T-shirt. I have the t-shirt on. I also have the blu-ray ready, so there's all kinds of things. This whole studio is now full of fulfillment of the backer pre-orders. I'm so proud and that we pulled this off as a team here. I want to mention Jackie again is the illustrator and Scott as the writer. I had Haley as my social media manager. Thank You Haley. She's still with me. Tara is with me now too. Gene is asking a really good question. Where can I get the book? I'm going give you this domain name right now. I've prepared for this. It's called again, Of course I will put it also into the description. I thought this would be.

A really good domain name to remember If you want to purchase it. I like that idea a lot. I'm hoping that this book takes off. I have a few other things happening this year and a 2018 plan. 2018 to make this book go big because it's a proven story. I think you all understand if you watched live or in a replay. It's a story that has touched the world and continues to touch the world. Again just yesterday I got a phone call from Montreal Quebec and some random person called me and said he was really touched by the story. Let's make this book big. If you enjoy this, then share it, buy the book, do something. When you get the book take.

A picture of yourself. Carrie, this is for you. You'll get instructions when you get the book. Your package actually went out yesterday and should be there within three or four days. Priority Mail. Take a picture of you with the book or when you read it to the children. (fb live) What about delivery prices to Europe? Stefan, I'm going to look into this. Tenille is also watching. Thank you so much. Australia, Germany all here. International shipping I'm going to charge you what I need to. I never make any money on the shipping. I don't know how much Germany is right now. I'm just.

Trying to get through this. I got a thousand books and I want to just ship out as much as I can. I've had 170 pre-orders then I'm going to go into detail how the International shipping will work out. I hope that's okay Stefan. Thanks for being here. This is what's my 2018 start into this new year. Thanks for being with me. Next week I have a surprise for you. I can't tell you yet where I'm going to be or what's going to happen. Thank you for being here. If you want to buy the book again it's and I'll talk to you later. Love you, bye.

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