Whale Shark Figure Collection Review – Kaiyodo / Kitan Club / Epoch / Colorata

Here is a list of the figures in the video. You can purchase them here if they’re in stock:
https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_dmd=2&_dkr=1&iconV2Request=true&_ssn=jubei88&store_name=kingcrabcollectibles&_oac=1&_nkw=whale%20shark />
1.) Kaiyodo Glico Aquatales Whale Shark Figure w/ bottle cap base
2.) Kaiyodo Glico Aquatales Whale Shark Figure w/o bottle cap base
3.) Kaiyodo Shinigawa Aquarium Exclusive Whale Shark Figure
4.) Epoch Whale Shark Figure
5.) Aquarium Whale Shark Figure
6.) Kitan Cub Whale Shark Figure
7.) Colorata Whale Shark Figure
8.) Colorata Okinawa Aquarium Exclusive Whale Shark Figure
hey guys welcome to another animal figure hunter video and today i'll be taking a look at uh my whale shark figure collection also known as the rinkadon typhus so.

Whale sharks are the largest fish and shark species in the ocean and there are many figures of the shark made by various different japanese companies so let's have a look at some of them uh the first ones i'm going to take a look.

At are made by kyoto so this one here is uh the only figure i have that comes without a base so this is from kyoto's charcoal q animal tails series 3 figure set and it comes in two pieces and these are all hand painted and it's.

Made out of plastic hard abs plastic and you just uh pop it in like that show you again here so there's two holes here on the side and you just plug in the tail like that so this one's a really nice dark color and you can see the spots are very.

Delicately painted on so the bottom is not uh painted thoroughly right here you have the coyote stamp with number 60 in the set but uh this is one of the few that doesn't come with um a base and it's a.

Small size which is really nice and it's very detailed so here are a couple other ones from kyoto this one is from their aqua tale series which they coded with a company called glicko so this one here comes with the base and it's got the scientific name wrinkled on typhus.

Hernanus and you can see here it's almost like uh pretty much the same pose as the first one except that it's a little bit smaller the shade of gray or color is a little bit different this one is more of a blue this one is more gray but it looks nice here with the um.

bottle cap base and this kind of a ocean um base here where the peg fits on so they did come out with uh the exact same figure but without bottle cap so i've seen a lot of these.

Ones coming out around so it's a little bit cheaper without the bottle cap and i actually don't mind it without the bottle cap because it poses nicely you can still take it off if you don't like the bottle cap or the base.

And compose it just like the original one and here you can see the size difference all right now kyoto they also um made this uh aquarium exclusive from shinigawa aquarium in tokyo which is this one and this one is in a really nice pose of.

the whale shark reaching the surface and you can see here it's got water spouting out of its mouth and it comes with a name here now this one here says you know shimmy aquarium but.

I'm sure that i purchased this in uh shiniger shinigawa aquarium that i visited so maybe they did have some of them at hinoshima or they they just printed the bottle cap wrong but the pose is uh pretty unique compared to the other ones as you can see in the.

Background most of them are you know show the pose of the whale shark swimming so this one is a nice pose and it was only available for a few months actually so this one is really really hard to find so the next one i want to show you is this one.

Made by epoch now this one i would say has the most unique body shape because the body shape for this one is a little bit different it's not as uh as flat you can see there's kind of like a hump here on the back behind the head.

Still has the same kind of pattern and this one comes with a base which you can take off and the tail can also be removed and just plugged in like that so you can see here the mouth is a little bit uh.

Smaller than the other kyoto versions so this one's made by epoch now the next one let me show you guys this one is an aquarium exclusive um not sure about the brand name but it comes with uh some japanese characters here.

And this one is a little bit special because it comes with a small manta ray and you can also remove the tail plug that into the body and it's also removable from the stand so if you just like your figure if you're making some kind of.

Setting and you need like a small one this is probably the smallest one that's out there so comparing that with the kyoto ones you can see that uh it's a little bit smaller it's got a smaller head and not as nice.

In terms of the way it's painted and how its eye is kind of uh you know just uh sticking out there it's not what the eye only looks like so it's just that it's cool though because.

It does come with a manta to show you the scale so i mean in real life these whale sharks they can grow like males can grow up to 30 feet on average and females can grow up to 48 feet on average but the actual largest one that's been.

On record is uh 61.7 feet that is huge and there have been reports of ones being as big as 70 feet although you know those ones haven't been 100 documented but the 61.7 foot one has been documented so that's how large they can grow now this one here.

Is made by a japanese company called kitan club nature technicolor and this one was also available in aquariums for a very limited time and it's very nice in terms of like the color pattern and the darker blue color.

So this color is more you know equivalent to that coyote one and it's got a really nice pose here with the water and the base i really like the base of this one here it's kind of nice blue colored base.

So this one is probably on par in terms of rarity with this one as they were as they were you know both only released for a few months at uh specific japanese aquariums and they can be pretty pricey on the.

Secondary market you can find them all right so the next two i'm going to look at uh are the big ones now this one here is made by colorada and it comes from their boxed uh whale and shark set now these ones you should be able to.

Still find them in aquariums and it comes with a watercolor or blue colored base and it comes with a peg you can cut this down to half the size if you want to make it smaller when you're posing it and so here's a look i really like the quality of this one.

It's not easy to break or snap as the plastic is uh pretty flexible you can see here you've got the stamped colorado whale shark here it's a really nice figure and the mouth is nicely done nicely painted.

And just for scale compared to the kyoto one you can see that it's almost uh double the size i would say actually close to even one third more uh sorry not one third three times the size more all right and the last one is this uh interesting.

Green one now this green one let me just plug this one in first so yeah this one just plugs in to the base that has a circular hole on it okay so this green one is more of like a artistic.

Version and this one here was only available in the okinawa aquarium let's see here on so it comes with this stick here that you can remove yeah okinawa aquarium so this is the figure here it's obviously not the real colors.

Of the whale shark and like i mentioned it's kind of like the artistic version it's a really nice cool kind of like a collector's piece to add to your collection some interesting facts i know when people think of sharks that you know think of the great white white shark and you know can be kind of.

Scary but um we all sharks are actually very gentle creatures they're called um filter feeders because they don't eat uh like big game other fish they eat like plankton and small fishes.

And they are actually not a threat to humans so when you see um divers you know on videos and they're playing with whale sharks touching them they're in no danger of being bitten or eaten and they're actually one of the most gentle giants.

Out there in the ocean so whale sharks are awesome they live in tropical and warm temperate seas so um good places to see them at are australia and any place with uh warm waters so yeah this is my whale shark collection.

Hope you enjoyed watching this and let me know in the comments about which figure you like the best and i'd like to know if you've actually seen whale sharks and interacted with them in the wild so let me know about that in comments give me a thumbs up if you liked this video and i'll see you guys in the next one.


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Whale Shark Figure Collection Review - Kaiyodo / Kitan Club / Epoch / Colorata