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Dr Katja Liebal is at Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire to study the chimps in their enclosure. She believes that the chimps have their own complex system of communication and hopes to compile the world’s first chimpanzee dictionary. Subscribe:

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Panji the chimp's extraordinary skills with human language have led researchers to explore the little-known world of chimpanzee communication at twicross zoo primatologist Dr Katya liebel is investigating the methods of communication chimchus amongst themselves although chimps can't speak they use a range of gestures and facial.

Expressions as a way of communicating gems don't need language in their environment because they have a very complex communicative system based on non-verbal communication by observing many different groups of chimpanzees Katya hopes to compile the world's first chimp dictionary.

The twycross Chimps are a useful group to study there's an ongoing power struggle between the dominant male Kip and a young teenage Challenger named Peter fights between the pair are commonplace the tension is producing a rich and varied array of chimp communication across the whole group.

First gesture noticed by catcher comes as a direct result of the fight Peter is spotted making a facial expression that signifies fear the corners of the mouth are really withdrawn and you can see the teeth they also do this when they scream so it can be slightly open.

Foreign s also have a facial expression for playfulness the mouth is open and the teeth are still covered with the lips will be like this so this would be your play face in this interaction we can see Kip and William are chasing around and you can see that it's a playful interaction.

Because William actually has a play Phase but chimps gestures can be far more subtle than mere facial expressions immediately after their fight Peter Taps Kip lightly on the shoulder it's chimp for saying sorry the individual that lost the fight will approach the more dominant one and will.

Extend its arm to ask for reconciliation so this is an expression of submissive Behavior The Chimps also show such Communications as displaying which means I'm the boss pouting which means give me some food please grooming which means I am your friend and supporter pretending to bite means.

I'm enjoying this play fight all of these behaviors reinforce social bonds communicate feelings and establish who is in charge of the group they even perform actions that seem all too human but while chimps across the world only have a limited repertoire of vocalizations.

They constantly invent and share new gestures with each other one Theory basically is that they imitate gestures from each other they learn their gestures by interacting with others the theory that chimps imitate each other's gestures has led some primatologists to believe that this.

Behavior may have also been present in the ancient ancestors of humans and may have led to the languages that we all use today foreign

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How to Speak Chimpanzee | Extraordinary Animals | BBC Earth