Great For Kids, Teachers — Paint a Great White Shark with Renowned Marine Life Artist Wyland

Wyland Foundation invites people of all ages to follow along with internationally acclaimed marine life artist and conservationist Wyland as he paints a great white shark. During this 90-minute art lesson, you can learn step by step how to paint your own marine life and learn from Wyland as he shares stories about swimming with sharks, whales, and more. Episode is part of the annual Wyland National Art and Classroom Mural Challenge, held each year from Oct. 1-Dec. 18. Plus, earn art supplies for your school, scholarships, and individual cash prizes. Program is sponsored by the Wyland Foundation,
hi everyone this is wyland i'm here at my studio gallery in beautiful laguna beach weather's awesome november we have the most beautiful weather you've ever seen the ocean's a little chilly i gotta tell.

You i went out there for a swim the other day but anyway we're really happy uh to present this art lesson now to all the young artists throughout the us and around the world so anyway uh you know if i ever wanted to be anything um i would be an art teacher and a coach.

But i can't take that kind of pay cut as you guys know and a lot of people would be unemployed so anyway we're gonna have a lot of fun i'm gonna teach you guys today how to take a blank canvas and create a beautiful ocean scene i've really got sharks on my mind i swim with a lot of sharks i'm a diver.

You know i've been diving the ocean all over the world antarctica the arctic diving with great whites in guadalupe mexico out of the cage by the way once in a while sometimes they come in the cage so we're probably going to paint today a blue ocean and we're gonna feature.

The great white shark one of the top predators on the planet so this will be really exciting and listen for the for the ladies uh for the girls you don't have to worry about sharks or man-eaters you're fine so actually none of us have to worry about sharks because we're not.

On the menu and in fact sharks have to worry about us because we're killing nearly 100 million sharks a year for shark and soup primarily and we don't need it so anyway mine is always about art and conservation and the wyland foundation we're.

Celebrating 27 years of art and conservation this year 27 years so uh please check out the wyoming foundation and see the programs we do so we do two really nice programs we do a national mayor's challenge for water conservation where we encourage all of us to be water wise to conserve.

Protect and respect our water we have plenty of water but we're not taking care of it so anyway that's one of our programs that's generally in the spring and uh in the fall we bring the weinland national art challenge and the theme is generally art and conservation.

And this is part of it this is the first time we've ever done an art lesson live for our our you know beautiful art challenge and by the way the art challenge uh takes place right around october 1st to december 1st so it's it's free to every school every classroom on.

Online learning like we're doing right here anyway you can get your art if you win you can be in our calendar with toro this is a beautiful calendar of all our past winners every year we do this we show this beautiful art look at these artists oh my god so anyway this is going to be fantastic.

And you know just to be honest with you art is important not only to artists okay it's uh important for your education because art inspires creative thinking and we need more creative thinkers and so i'm seeing art disappear out of our schools we need to put more.

Art back in our schools i love our art teachers and in fact i had an art teacher uh kind of caught me drawing in the back of the class and i thought i was in trouble she wanted to see me and it turns out she was an artist and my first grade teacher after we drew for.

About an hour she said you know violent you could be a great artist i kind of perked up a little so that's what this is really about it's about uh me kind of sharing what i know about painting and by the way uh i'm 64 i've been painting since i was four years old so i've never had to get a real job.

Yeah i was always an artist i remember my mom who's sitting right over there watching this darlene hey mom she says hi she uh she came to me at 16. she said are you gonna get a job i said i have a job i'm an artist and she goes okay remember that yeah oh yeah my brothers wanted me to get a job in a factory in.

Detroit and that wasn't that wasn't that didn't sound good so listen you guys pay attention you don't have to work on a factory if you do it's good too it's all good so i'm kind of the mic row of art and business and all that you know i want to you know artists to be successful and give something back but anyway.

I'm gonna start with a little sketch and i always recommend that so the first thing i would say is you artists uh get a little sketchbook i draw every day it's like a basketball player like jordan shooting layups so try to draw a lot you know and uh.

You know you can draw on the computer too just just be creative be creative have fun so here we go so the first thing i'm going to do is i'm just going to take a little pen and i'm going to do my drawing of a great white shark so let me uh let me bring it down here i'm going to put it on this uh canvas.

That we're going to paint but you guys should start with a little sketch so grab your you know sketch paper and maybe a little pen or a pencil um and this is how i do it i generally i generally draw the ocean purse or paint the ocean and then i imagine the animal swimming in it.

Swimming in that ocean realm so anyway so what i'm thinking here is here's a little bit of the surface a little bit of the surface up here and then this is below the surface um as a diver you know we get a chance once in a while to see these uh these beautiful animals so i'm just going to kind of.

Generally sketch the shape of a great white shark so here we go so i want you to see something here you guys are watching right see this i'm doing this one right-handed can you guys see that that's because i'm right-handed okay i'll be over here doing this yeah.

My jokes are just not that great but you know that's why john lovitz does the standout you know and lets me be the artist so okay so here we go so i'm drawing a great white shark now i've spent a lot of time looking at these apex predators so i kind of know what.

They look like and when i'm when i'm diving in the ocean i'm actually painting in my mind's eye so when i get ready to draw an animal like a shark like a great white i can do it so here we go we're just drawing the shark now here's the tail right here.

Guys i know i'm drawing fast and i was telling steve creed the president of the weinland foundation that we're going to post this up on youtube and repost it at wylanda write steve and on on wyland you know dot com.

All of it so you guys can re-watch this because sometimes i draw really fast um when you work for free you gotta work fast and i'm doing this for free so there you go i'm doing this because i love it guys i mean i've been an artist like i said since i was a kid and it's.

It's kind of inside you and anyway here is a beautiful great white shark one of the most awesome creatures on the earth okay and here it has uh here's the gills they have five on sharks you know half the fun is studying your your marine life in my case you know my.

Art director likes some of the other animals greg just walked in and um anyway whatever you love you know paint that draw that you know live that so anyway there it is now let's not forget the teeth these are the teeth and they're a certain shape kind of a.

Cone shape and i hope you guys like sharks a lot of you students a lot of you artists were asking me to do more sharks so this is for you guys and uh everybody take a shot at i'm going to come in here and kind of block that in a little darker so.

Those teeth really stand out so there it is and then again this is just above the surface i'm keeping it kind of loosey-goosey but we're gonna paint this but i think you should start with a sketch i think you should just start with a little sketch okay and uh anyway the sketches are.

Really awesome too a lot of my collectors like to collect these sketches so i always sign them anyway there it is there's the beginning of your art lesson today a drawing of the great white so you take that off your canvas i'm going to show it to you.

You guys can see it does that look pretty good boy a lot of you guys are checking in there's a lot of questions um you know i i'm gonna try to answer a few but right now i better focus on painting but there's there's the mouth you guys see that.

Might come in here too look at that i'm playing two cameras right now foundation and uh wyland uh facebook live so both of you guys are getting it but there is your shark so you guys hopefully you got your little sketch down and i'm going to bring that mouth right.

In there look at that as i said the sharks are really critical to the health of the ocean so they're they're not dangerous the most dangerous thing in the entire ocean is not a shark not an orca but us okay that's because of all the pollution we're dumping in there.

Plastic so anyway when i when i paint i try to remember what i saw when i was diving with whatever i'm painting and i've swam with great white sharks i swam with uh tiger sharks and bimini with guy harvey and you know jim abernathy and and all those.

Guys we made a beautiful film called this is your ocean sharks in fact that's pretty much our theme here so you can put your little sketch right here and um anyway i have kind of a different way that to paint so what i generally do is i'll paint the entire ocean first.

And then from your sketch you know that's your inspiration but you can move stuff around it's really fluid when i paint i'm just kind of going with the flow really don't do paint by numbers so i i i miss a couple of steps most most times i just get right to it but i'm going to try to give you the.

Basics of starting and finishing an original painting on canvas or on paper on the side of a wall um whatever you guys like so over here is uh some of my paint i don't know if you guys can see it let me move some stuff around but here is uh here's a palette.

And here is a bunch of my paint right here so i have my own paint believe it or not in fact here i'll show it to you so this is my paint and anyway there you go so it's it's kind of hard to get because i just uh i just basically switched over to.

Another paint company grumbacher and these guys are going to feature but it's beautiful it's acrylic and i use acrylic now primarily because oil is not great for the environment and i've been painting traditional oil paintings my whole life but um you know one of my favorite artists.

Robert bateman uses acrylic so uh i figure if it's good enough for my favorite wildlife artist robert bateman it's it's good enough for me plus it's easier to work with for for the kids and the younger artists and it's better for the environment so think about using acrylic you can get.

The same effect and i'm going to show you how okay hey so i also want to dedicate this painting of a shark to one of the greatest uh photographers underwater and that's ernie brooks ernie's facing some challenges right now he's not feeling that great.

I love the guy he was my roommate in antarctica and the arctic so ernie brooks this painting today of the shark is dedicated to you he's one of my biggest collectors but they call him the ansel adams of underwater photography black and white primarily.

But ernie brooks the legend so ernie this is for you all right so one time i had a question and and the question was when are you gonna quit talking and start painting that was funny you know kids say the wildest stuff so i'll go ahead and do that all right right now you got a blank.

Canvas right okay or paper so i'm gonna take a sponge brush see that sponge brush you guys look at that okay and i'm just gonna put some water in here the water being kind of where the light's gonna be so wherever the light is i'm gonna put some water in there.

In the ocean okay so there it is guys there's the beginning i'm putting water down because it's acrylic and then i'm going to blend the paint right into it i know this seems a little funky you can do this flat too you guys can do this flat but there it.

Is there's the beginning now dip right in here and start with the deepest blue in the bottom okay here's the deepest blue now if we were at the museum of modern art um i'd be finished right you guys been in there you've seen this stuff uh actually it's pretty good but uh just.

Kidding so you know whoops and uh the truth of the matter is that um every painting starts out kind of abstract it's just some of us artists keep going and some go okay i'm finished right there but we're gonna keep going is that okay.

All right so here we go so this is uh this is blue and uh anyway this is ultramarine blue and you guys know i use a lot of paint so there it is there's my blue and this is ultramarine the eyes off marine but you can use uh phthalo blue you can use any blue you can use purple.

Whatever you guys like you know whatever you're feeling at the moment so i'm just kind of doing bands of color i'm just getting the color down there like that so there we go getting the bands of color okay there's the bands of color and i'm moving pretty quick with acrylic.

It's going to dry pretty quick on you so you got to move it all right so i'm going to set that down for a minute i'm going to grab another one and i'm going to squeeze out a little bit of white okay watch this so i'm going to squeeze it out right here and i've got another fan brush.

Okay here we go so i'm going to start thinking about uh you know the light in the water so i usually put the light in and then i blend the paint into it and then i pull the light through the paint sounds hard it's not that hard okay here we go okay so there there's some nice white in.

There right now and maybe i'll get a little heavier right in here look at this so you can see the white white on white's a little top but there you go guys all right there you go there you go now let's get back into the blue okay we're gonna get back into the blue.

And then again i wanted to show like my drawing here i was going to show a little bit of surface so imagine yourself if you're snorkeling or diving you're just below the surface and you're looking at that light kind of coming through that's what i'm trying to.

Recreate here all right so here we go and again that's really abstract now you can do this with a brush you can do it with this you can do it with anything the main thing is just do it you guys heard that commercial just do it okay here we go whoa.

Yeah and i'm a little messy so i want to apologize to all the teachers and parents i'm probably the messiest artist there is but that's okay okay there we go so anyway that is the beginning now you want to try to blend this so let's do that so here we go i'm going to take.

The white and i'm going to come right in the middle and then i'm going to blend that light into it so this again is just your background you just want to be kind of loose in the beginning and so i'm pushing pretty hard i'm leaving that light in here.

And i'm blending the gradations of blue you see that greg my art director's watching he's seen me do this many times for our tv series you know i have a show on pbs2 guys so you guys can watch that it's nationwide it's called wylan's art studio and we film it right here uh where i'm sitting in laguna beach so.

There we go so see how nice that's blending like that so you're just thinking about that light right now you're thinking about that light and then once you drag it into the deeper blue it creates gradations of blue this is one color guys so this is a.

Monochromatic one color so with one color you can create the beautiful ocean the blue ocean so sometimes in nature um less is more and that's what this will be just the beautiful you know open blue ocean and uh once we have the ocean then we'll.

Start thinking about where the shark might be in relationship to it okay so there we go see i'm just blend and blend and blending so it just has that beautiful gradation okay artist there you go so you can come back in here pick up some of this all right that looks good i'm leaving that light.

Kind of coming through the middle all right so there we go there we go steve how's that look beautiful that look good okay so imagine there's a shark in here somewhere in that ocean there's a shark you know some people like this painting just the way it is i've had people some of my collectors go i want to buy it.

Right there i don't know i want to add some animals in here now you can paint right now any animal that you like if you're not big on sharks you can do a dolphin you can do a giant manta ray you can do sea turtles i paint a lot of turtles you paint anything you want and paint a.

Coral wreath down here but it all starts with covering that canvas you want to cover that canvas and you can do it quickly it's okay and now this has to dry a little bit but it's acrylic if this was oil you know it might take a week or two to dry.

So i did the smart thing i did another canvas so i can get right to the shark so here we go um so here it is okay so i still have my drawing this is you know another backdrop of that theme and then uh we're gonna basically i'm gonna do some light rays let me show you.

Some kind of cool ways to do light light rays so i'm just gonna take a little little brush okay this is a little flat half inch flat i don't know if you guys can see that they don't even make these anymore unfortunately but i'm going to take a little white.

And i'm going to really water it down so it's transparent really water it down and then i'm going to think about light coming through here watch this okay that's almost too heavy hang on okay watch this here we go light rays coming through the surface like this it's got to be really subtle though you.

Can't use pure white you've got to water it down okay so here we go so you want to basically paint the light piercing the surface and that'll that's just a really good feature because that's how it looks so you see that light kind of coming through the surface.

Go ahead and get your light established right like that and they're not all the same they're kind of broken up less and less as you get out to the sides and then watch that angle there but that'll add another nice element here to your painting okay here we go bringing the light rays.

Down a little more so there it is yeah once you establish the ocean then uh then you can start thinking about the shark in it okay now i can either draw the shark or i can draw it with a paintbrush so so i'm going to actually draw this with my paintbrush i'm going to draw and.

Paint in the same motion so here we go i'm going to grab a little white off my palette i got a little white on there i'm going to kind of look at my sketch and watch this here we go so i'm just going to come right in nice and bold like this i'm gonna get that.

Shape right there okay kind of like you drew it so you're actually painting and drawing in the same motion so you're painting you're kind of sketching it you're blocking it in and you're doing a shark right here watch this so you can even start indicating where.

You want the teeth but i would suggest try to try to get the sketch down first so let's take your brush and let's try to do the sketch so let's do the sketch so uh okay here would be your dorsal fin it's kind of a cone shape but they could break through there a little.

It's kind of a cone shape on a shark and then see this line here watch this i'm just going to go like this i'm going to follow that line this is how you paint a shark pretty exciting oh wait i missed the spot no i'm good just kidding okay so here we go so right here we got boom.

Boom there's the front flipper here is the the back and it helps to really you know study the the animal that's what really helps that's what gives me the edge i guess that that i have a chance to be in the ocean and see these things firsthand so you know try to get in the ocean try.

To be a diver you know as dema says you know in all the diet community like ernie brooks uh be a diver be a diver if you want to paint the ocean you've got to experience it and there's no better way uh than diving okay so here we go so i'm kind of sketching it i'm kind of blocking in.

Some of the light so i got white on the brush so i'm just using it to kind of block it in a little bit so you can scratch it like that there you go all right and here we go so there we are right now the eye is important.

So you got to get that eye right so study where that eye would be it'd be right there there's a little nostril okay there we go hope you guys are enjoying this should i take a question can you want to read a question there let me look at i'll see if you guys have a.

Question okay let's see you guys ask me some questions here what's it like to swim with the whale for the first time okay the swim with a whale is awesome i remember when i swam with a humpback whale uh in lahaina i had a couple of research team mark and debbie ferrari asked me.

Came up to my studio in lahaina and said hey uh i know you love whales would you like to swim with one so we actually had an opportunity to enter the ocean gently and uh i heard the humpback whales first because their songs you know penetrate the water some some some of.

Those uh songs that they sing can be heard for like 100 miles to blue whale but anyway i got in the light was coming down through the ocean and then i saw a mother and baby whale just swim right over to me right over to me and she kind of presented her cap it was.

Almost as if um she wanted to reveal you know you know her calf to me so that so that i could be a better artist it made me a better artist but i still can reflect on those those first moments when i saw that mother and baby swimming in that blue open ocean and i paint that often.

So it really changed the way that i looked at whales you know um you know the whales that i paint you know the art that i do is is not marine art that's traditional you know man's conquest of the sea and ships i do marine life art and that's to celebrate these beautiful living creatures these intelligent.

Creatures and while the humpback whales i swam with blue whales in the sea of cortez a 90-footer i was out there doing a film for discovery called wyland brushwood giants and we're doing this uh documentary about all the great giant whales the bend backs um.

Say whales we saw 70 on sperm whales and then on the last day i got to you know basically fall off a little skip and swim with a 90 foot 150 ton blue whale and that thing looked right through me so anyway that really allows an artist to have that vision and uh it sure has you know helped my.

Art all right and the sharks are awesome too guys um like i said we're not on the menu they're not interested in us they're curious though what sharks have you swim with okay i've swam with these guys uh in guadalupe.

Mexico i've swam with them at catalina island uh the the great whites are making a big comeback i've swam with the tiger sharks as i said with jib abernathy uh in his boat and uh with guy harvey and i making a film that world premiered at the newport beach film festival it's called this is.

Your ocean sharks it's fabulous and they did a second film as well with sean and everybody and uh i swam with uh god lemon sharks bull sharks um great hammerheads and bimini oh my god these things were like 20 footers just massive uh so sharks are awesome and.

I've never had any issue with sharks and i've swam with some really big ones yeah so sharks are awesome uh you know whatever the ocean brings is the way i see it so you know i swam with uh leopard uh leopard seals in uh in antarctica and you know they were eating penguins like popcorn so anyway i've had a great uh.

Life of art diving nature and then it all comes together here you know in the art studio so anyway here we go so here is your shark now i'm thinking about the anatomy here i'm thinking about all the little details that i that i saw when i when i saw these things so all that.

Kind of enters into into the painting and so um with me it's it's it's not only about the painting you know a great painting is is like music like van morrison did brown eyed girl you feel it it's about the feeling you know in art so you paint the animal you try to.

Have the perspective in this case right here you're right below the surface and this great white is swimming right into the scene so there it is you guys see that so let's go ahead and continue to sketch it so right here okay right there.

And the tail would be like this guys right here so there's the tail has a little notch right there so you might be thinking you know how could you possibly do this well lots of research but paint your shark whether it's the best shark or something like a picasso.

You know it's all valid it's all good so just be creative have fun with it and i do want to see some of your your images so if you can email them how do they email steve the wyland foundation post them and tag them correctly yeah post and tag and uh i'll tell you what i'm gonna say something really awesome.

So if you guys post and tag your favorite painting uh from this lesson today i'll pick a winner i'll pick a winner and the winner will get my original sketch so uh the winner of this art lesson okay we want you to uh to post them and and i'll pick the winner and the.

Winner will be getting this original sketch that i did so now you can go to college just kidding you better go to college all right here we go okay so there it is so there's the tail so i sketched it i just got paint on my pants.

Did you guys see that hold on it's my only clean pants can you guys see that there it is anyway there we go okay so where did i put there it is okay all right usually the music's blaring in here so it's kind of throwing me off so usually i have a bunch of friends.

Here watching me paint and my mom just left but usually i got like tom petty on or the egos or whatever you guys like acdc if i want to wake up but anyway set up a little studio space okay and if you're a serious artist be serious dedicate your life to it like i did this.

Is the greatest time in history to be an artist because you can make a great life in fact i wrote this book called don't be a starving artist and uh you know i truly believe that this is the greatest time in history to be an artist because you can make it you can make a.

Living so uh anyway kind of it's a real simple book you can download it anyway it's just a simple simple book about how to be a successful artist in the 21st century and i give you all the little tips and and in the back of the book too.

I it's very important you know i say if you have your family and your friends and your health you have everything be grateful so don't be an arrogant artist try to be a nice person try to try to be a good human being what steve creates and the wildland foundation and all our partners.

Toyota we try to put some good out there in the world and uh you know greg my art director all of us karen my assistant we just we we believe that the violin foundation you know our mission is to inspire people through art and conservation but it's also to put positive things out there and you know.

We need more of that and art is a great way uh for just to see what kids are thinking to see what the people are you know thinking right you know today and uh i'm thinking that hey you know we have a beautiful world and we need more protected areas.

We need to protect the heart of the planet you know and sylvia earl dr earl does that so well with mission blue and then steve creature foundation and our partners really focused on the arteries you know the rivers of hope we call it you know the freshwater hope spots so what's great is i've created this.

Kind of different um art you know lifestyle and it's you know generally it's art or conservation i'm kind of in the middle there i'm kind of swimming in the middle and i really like that because it's the two things that i care about most you know art and in the beautiful environment you know trying to create a.

Better world and let's get people involved in the art challenge yeah and you guys know we're in the middle of our our wyland national art challenge right now so if you haven't done it yet if you're a teacher a parent a student you guys can go to wyland foundation be part of that it.

Goes till december first i believe scholarships there's great scholarships and prizes everything is there so i hope you guys will check that out go to wyland foundation you're already there and uh you know submit your art there's uh there's the art and there's also a mural towns where you guys can come.

Together and uh and paint a mural together and there's also photography for the first time we brought in photography a couple of years ago and you guys are spectacular i just i'm going to finish this painting for you too but i also wanted to tell you that i've.

Been bringing this national art challenge since 1998 and and that was the international year of the ocean so if you know me i do everything big so i said why don't we do this national island ocean challenge to settle celebrate the international year of the.

Ocean so we developed an art and science curriculum with the ocean institute with harry helling the scientist marine biologist and it was beautiful we presented it to um 120 000 you know schools k to 12 in college and 67 million students were invited to.

Be part of this island ocean challenge and that's what really kicked off this national art challenge and we do it every year so we want you guys to really spread the word let all your family and friends know and it's free it's always been free and uh it's very powerful a lot of those.

Artists uh become professional artists uh a lot of them have become scientists like dr sylvia earle and greg stone so uh what whatever you do whether you want to be an artist like me or you want to be a scientist uh you know art can play a very very important role because.

It really inspires creative thinking you know i was reading about steve jobs and he said that art was more important to him than math or science and that really made me feel great the other thing i want you artists to know that you know the most intelligent human.

Being that ever lived on earth the most intelligent human being was an artist i was like wow really leonardo da vinci was more intelligent than einstein more intelligent than any other human being so there's hope for us artists but anyway never give up on our uh writing a book right now with steve creates the president of the wildland.

Foundation called saving art education in america you know i'm seeing our disappear out of our schools and it's unacceptable to us and uh i hope you guys will help support that in fact if you're an art teacher if you want to submit to to have you know a couple of paragraphs about why it's important to have art education in.

Our schools please email us stevecreach and we'll try to get it in the book so uh anyway it's a very powerful book and it'll be coming out next year so anyway i'll get back to painting guys here we go anyway this is the most fun you can have.

I mean sitting in a studio in laguna beach hawaii or florida keys this is cool stuff all right so i want to think about that light on this animal too it's never too early to not think about what the light's doing on these on the backs of the animals so.

I'll just kind of start laying that in and again here's that dorsal bin you can almost hear the music from jaws don't you know when you're doing this stuff so there it is okay all right sometimes i just saw i'm quiet.

I generally generally i'm quiet listening to music in here but i am gonna have a sip of my coffee look at this i even have a coffee cup with a whale hey a lot of you guys see that that's pretty cool i wish it was mine so a little little caffeine.

Maybe a donut that's not mine is it and anyway being an artist has got to be the greatest gig it's like it's like a hobby that got out of control here so uh i hope you guys will use your heart and stay with it man believe in yourself like i said it's the greatest time in history to be.

An artist because you could make a great living and you could really do some positive good things out there all right so here we go now the bellies of the sharks okay the underbelly's light now the reason is some of these animals have light under the belly and then darker on top.

And that's really camouflaged in the ocean so that they can sneak up on predators so if you think about it if they're up at the light surface then you know they're they're kind of hidden in that light if they're down deep the darker backs kind of camouflage them so that they can.

Sneak up on their their their food how does light look different under the ocean than above yeah uh light is is different under the ocean obviously um what's really amazing is um that the colors when you're painting a coral reef are like the rainforest even more.

So i mean there's there's like fluorescent colors i even have fluorescent colors have been painting reefs with cedar fluorescent colors guys so you know today there's so many different paints and different um things you can do with your art.

And you know the the the ocean light is is really mysterious and awesome and i'll tell you when i'm diving all the divers will tell you there's there's a spiritual connection you know we're from the sea we came from the sea so you know you can feel it instinctively we'll water.

So we have a connection to the ocean and um anyway when you see that light and then a shark swims into the scene or a sea turtle and you have that kind of moment oh my god it's life-changing so i encourage everyone to to try to experience that and and.

If you see a whale and you're you're on a whale watch like we we go out with dana warb and uh they do a beautiful job they just right off our coast here in laguna beach you can see blue whales grey whale migration humpback whales dolphins um it's just incredible um you don't have.

To go to sea world guys you guys have it right here the natural world is so mysterious and awesome so there you go what happens when you make a mistake and what do you do if you make a mistake you put a fish there now if you make a really big mistake and you really it doesn't come out.

Write another artist's name on there that's what i do no i don't no you don't have to make any mistakes in the way that i paint guys um you can you can uh get around mistakes because you know i do one thing and then it dictates what the next thing is once you.

Have the proportions are so critical that's why you have to study your subjects so you know the drawing helps but you you know instinctively see i'm kind of ghosting i'm kind of ghosting it in to make sure the proportions the light the different patterns that everything's.

Correct and then you can go in a little harder which we're going to do we're going to go in with some really hard um you know details you know the darkest darks and the lightest lights so there it is there we go these things got some girth too these these uh great whites they got a lot of dirt any other.

Questions karen while i'm painting away what do we got you guys want to ask me some questions go ahead now's your time what's going on with the oceans these days are is it going to get better well you know the oceans are facing some you know tremendous uh issues you know plastic is one of the.

Biggest that plastic never goes away it breaks down so we need to use reusable you know drinking you know no more plastic guys we need to we need to eliminate you know single source plastic out of our society so anyway the plastic issue the reality.

Is that it actually breaks down into micro and then that gets eaten by fish and then it runs up the food chain is that those smaller fish get eaten by the bigger ones and eventually the orcas you know the mighty orcas eat uh those fish like salmon and other fish.

Herring and then that goes through the whole food chain eventually comes to us so when you're eating fish you might be eating plastic but you know there's a real positive solution to it and that's um that people young people in particular are really taking action today and.

They're they're finding creative ways to develop new types of uh plastic that it that's not plastic that's biodegradable so there's a lot of hope i'm very hopeful in you know talking to young people um you know probably the thing i'm most.

Proud of is doing this i've actually experienced painting you know firsthand with over a million you know young artists and uh at every one of my whaling wall projects we always invited the community to bring the kids out and paint with me and so i count them now a million juan may million two million three.

And uh we also have a uh wyoming foundation has a mobile mobile learning experience travels all around the us mexico canada and kids enter it as a drop of water and go through the whole water cycle so we're finding creative ways to engage people but.

What i believe most is that nature once once you experience nature or you see a whale it changes your dna you know you become it changes you for the good because once that's embedded in your heart and your mind then you will always be a nature lover you will always be a conservationist.

So you know unfortunately today you know with colbit and then you know with all these you know cost cutting things in schools or taking um you know nature out of the equation you know field trips out into nature and we need to actually have our our youth uh more exposed to nature to.

The ocean to the to the forest so i'm gonna be you know trying to work really hard with a lot of other really great people to continue to you know bring that message so so wylan foundation uh you know we're gentle environmentalists we realize that every single human on earth.

Is important to ensuring that we have clean water and healthy oceans so we uh we actually work with the un environment uh on a program called the wyland world challenge uh while in world water challenge i don't even.

I mean shoot i don't even know yeah so island uh world uh water challenge and what does that mean that means that all seven and a half billion people are responsible for making sure that we take care of our environment you know particularly our water so we what we do is we work with top scientists like sylvia like dr greg.

Stone and we learn everything we can and then we share it forward in a creative way and art allows us to do that like nothing else can so you guys ready to see me paint this shark and if you have a question uh coming in um you guys can yell it at me and i'll.

Try to answer it okay i'll let you guys just kind of watch this chapel come here this is chapo come on i don't know if you can see him got a cool dog in the studio too what's up what's up all right so i also have a tortoise that lives up here a desert.

Tortoise but he's hibernating so chapel kind of stepped in he's playing a role here okay so there it is so so now i'm pretty comfortable with this sketch so pretty comfortable with the sketch now and then i'm going to paint it in in details so what color are sharks well they're.

Kind of a lighter belly that's going to reflect the blue and then they're a little darker on top everywhere thing from black to dark grays all that so there you go so i'm just kind of sketching around here okay how's your how's your sharks doing you guys doing.

Good i'll lean back so you can see mine so this has a nice kind of feeling about it okay so again i'm just kind of putting the light in first and then we'll paint the darkest darks and lightest lights and then we'll blend all the colors all the colors.

So hopefully one day i can be an art teacher in a little town somewhere but now you know i have a pretty uh amazing art company you know with wine galleries and and all that but uh one day i kind of feel like i'm an art teacher anyway and i'm also an art student you know because i'm.

Always trying to learn things okay you also i want you to notice one thing too because i am teaching here sometimes i'm having so much fun i forget i'm trying to teach you guys so anyway i'm doing the uh teeth so i'm using one brush you guys see that one brush for this whole thing so far so here's your teeth i'm just using it.

It's all about the touch you know right greg you can't teach the touch so you gotta know when to push in hard and pull back a little but here's the teeth right here anyway if you guys are watching a lot of you guys know me might not know me but you know i'm the guy that.

Painted those 101 giant ocean murals around the world so that project was great and uh what's great about it is it it wasn't really about me or or you know the art or any of it it was about the communities you know the volunteers you know i'm just a volunteer myself but it was about.

All of us kind of coming together so uh anyway the whaling wall project uh was awesome it took about 27 years uh to do 27 years and four days for the one i did at the edgewater hotel with uh eddie better from pearl jam thank you eddie good job hope your kids are watching your girls.

Um anyway guys there's there's a lot of positive things going on in the world so you know shut off the news go outside take in that fresh air you know just immerse yourself in in the beauty that that we still have we have plenty of it some questions about pressing up your walls you might want to let people know.

We're having a rally in the spring and depending on in sarasota yeah for the launch the mayor's challenge and you were going to touch up your wall there yeah okay so steve creed says uh that next year you know after covert we get beat this behind us and we will um we're gonna go to sarasota and we're.

Gonna do our uh island national mayor's challenge for water conservation we'll launch it next year from sarasota and i'm gonna redo my mural there it needs a touch up and you know the murals outside they're not gonna last forever but might have lasted 20 30 years plus so i also want to get to.

Dallas if you're watching dallas protected my wall so if you're in dallas your city leaders they actually took a stand and make them made them take a billboard off of one of my an advertisement that was covering my wall in dallas so herschel walker my friend who dedicated it i'm coming to.

Dallas next year after covet and i'll redo this while for the the great people of dallas all right i'm coming your way man i love texas don't mess with them so there we go anyway this is looking pretty good hey steve yeah you guys does this feel good yeah so there we go.

Wow and somebody's going to get that sketch so you guys really when you're painting your shark there you know let's see what you got and uh we'll all look at it here at the wyland foundation we'll pick the winner and then i will send you the original and i'll do a personal dedication to you so we really want you guys involved.

And make sure again uh sign up and take part in the uh weinland national art challenge it's happening right now so you got plenty of time october 1st and it goes all the way to december 1st every year right steve yeah got a question i got one plug for you.

If anybody uh won the foundation yeah did a tree uh a wild thing tree at southwest plaza it's called for their for their tree holiday people can go by and see that yeah we're doing a wyland uh christmas tree uh and it'll be at south coast plaza and.

We'll have it up on our site and uh anyway it'll be themed around the ocean raising money for charity and raising money for charity we always try to raise as much money as we can and awareness about all these great charities individuals and groups that are doing amazing work.

You know the whole idea is that one person can't do it one organization cannot do that but if we all work together you know for the health of the planet we we can have a huge impact for generations so it's really nice to see when people and organizations work together for the big.

Picture so uh yeah i'm really happy with this one so let me just do a couple more moves let's see i'm going to go in a little heavier with the white now i'm really going to punch it i call it so i'm going to punch the white on here a little bit.

There you go so now now that you you like the the proportion and everything's looking really good go ahead and get some pure white here off your palette on your brush and just come in a little harder okay come in a little harder like that.

Because it's now it's it's really the details you know after you paint the shark the colors the detail what i'm trying to do is create a three-dimensional world of the great white shark in in the blue ocean so you guys get a kick out of this i'm actually thinking about doing an.

Online uh college uh why you so you're hearing about it first so it's probably going to be a year or two but we want to have basically a one year like virtual learning right and a certificate of graduation from yu and it'll be really comprehensive kind of mike rowe if you're watching.

Where i teach you how to be a successful and um creative artist that can actually go right out into the world and make a great living so learn to trade to be an artist so i think it's time and uh we're working on it we're noodling it around but it's looking really good so so there'll.

Be a lot of elements to it okay so uh it's a whole college curriculum uh in one year okay and then it's about publishing your art you know my art director is going to give a course and what it means to be an art director uh also my my sculpture company right.

They're going to give some lessons on how to be a sculptor like me huh yeah firebird bronze does all the casting about bronzes um i'm going to ask artists like james coleman and and juan friedl to do a class while frito and painting seascapes coleman just the master.

Um anyway it's just an idea and i'm really liking it because this online learning is kind of the way that people are learning nowadays and in one year um you know i'll have a master program too for the second year but uh stay connected you know stay connected.

Be part of go to my facebook all of it my instagram instagram yeah we want you guys on everything so be part of that okay and uh it's all positive it's all really good stuff it's all about lifestyle brand uh and giving back you know how to like i said.

Be good uh good citizens good for your community lift everybody up high so all right so here we go i'm going to finish this for you there we go and you know i really don't know how long it takes i i just paint and see what happens.

But right there you see i'm going in a little harder with the white going in a little harder and then it gets less and less light lights coming across so i have two light sources which is really unusual so i have the natural light and then i have the light when i'm looking at it i.

Flash it as if i'm taking a photograph of the animal underwater with strobes so there it is so i've been really lucky to be an underwater photographer and an international scuba diver hall of famer with my hero jacques cousteau so uh you know there's a lot better photographers like david dubois is my.

Favorite than ernie brooks but um i do like to take my camera virtually on every dive and try to capture some of these incredible scenes that i've encountered but i always tell the photographers i said look if i don't get the picture i can paint.

It i got a little advantage right there you go so anyway artists i'm glad you guys are joining me i think there's only like 20 million people watching right now only about 20 million we need 30 okay i'm kidding i wish there was 20 million.

There might be hey if there was one of you watching i'm a happy guy okay so there we go the white's almost done okay the white's almost done okay greg how's that look that's my art director looking good looks okay.

Yeah it's looking good yeah now if your shark looks like a manatee that's okay just go with it like some of the things that kids paint some of the animals they haven't been discovered yet that's cool that's how picasso painted it's all there all right so there it is couple more.

Moves then i'm going to come in with the darker darks there we go i'm moving over in front of you just for a second i got to cut this now same brush guys one brush someone's asking if they can see the teeth better okay you want to see the teeth.

Okay watch this okay they're kind of cone-shaped they're like this they're kind of pointy they kind of tilt back a little so when they bite something they don't like to hold it okay i'm gonna draw a tooth here for you so hang on okay so here's here's a sharp tooth guys.

So the shark tooth would go like this so let's say this is the the mouth say that's the mouth it goes like this and they're kind of behind there's a couple of rows one snaggletooth out there so it's kind of like this guys they get a little smaller as you get back.

But that's what you're talking about like this and they're kind of jagged too so there's a nice detail of the two and then there's the there's kind of the jaw get it jaws okay so here's the other side too there's the other side.

Just a mouthful of tea there you go boom does that make sense looking okay all right there you go so that's it all right let's go in with some darker deeper colors now let's go for that so we're gonna change color and um i'm gonna use black now black acrylic and i was always told never use black.

Completely wrong black is awesome so anyway here we go so use black you don't have to use black you can mix black but it's another step i'm into just short shortcuts just get right to it so here's black so i'm going to start with a.

Little black on the eye now that dried right away so i can go right into the eye look at this so a nice round shark eye start with that here's a little nostril there and then you can see all the details now this is in the mouth is a little darker in the.

Mouth so there you go so it really helps bring those teeth now if it's still wet you guys can use a little stick like this so you can use that stick this is called a steady stick so in the old days the artist would drink all night and then the next day their hands would be like this.

See i don't do that so my hand's pretty steady but i'm just saying so they would use what they call a steady stick you know this is why artists have a reputation sometimes anyway not me man i don't drink i don't do drugs i do art i do i do paint clean living guys you.

Know i'm not saying i didn't have a margarita now and then but yeah clean living okay look at this now watch this so now your details are starting to come in see you guys feeling me there you go okay so and again you can come in with super details or you can leave it a little.

Uh loose there all right since i didn't drink last night i can put that away all right well here we go so i got black here's a color that you guys probably if you watch my show island's art studio on pbs pain is great this is a good color payne's gray is awesome.

Okay pain's great so let's go paints gray a little bit i'm gonna go paints gray and uh here it is same brush i got one brush here all the way across look at that there it is so pain's great right from the nose straight from the nose all the way.

Across okay and then i'm gonna get a little water and a little white okay so there's the darkest part there's the darkest part and then back here too okay so there we go so as i said they're kind of gray.

So start with that there we go they have some really nice uh coloring but also you want to you want to do some ultramarine blue that's the blue that i use ultramarine use the same blue as the ocean okay and then i'm just going to leave a.

Dirty brush i'm going to grab some of that blue now and just kind of blend it in there so grab some blue with a dirty brush a dirty brush is a good brush because it gives you different colors blended already naturally blended so there we go so now you're just going to color in the.

Top part of of the great white is is really um dark and then the bottom is light you can keep it that simple but it's these details these blending of the colors now i'm going to clean my brush a little come with a little more blue blue and watch this so now.

We're going to go three dimensional so we're really just painting in the entire shark now i got some some blue right into that darker black blend it there you go get right up to the eye i can't wait to see what you guys are thinking now if you guys do one better than me.

I'm i'm gonna be happy all right take over when i retire next week all right i want you guys to be better artists than me that would be good always try to get better the way to get better guys is draw every day paint every day that's how you get good.

Okay i'm going to go back to the payne's gray and i'm gonna paint the nice uh dorsal fin up on top so this is what you usually see when you see a shark at the surface you usually see that dorsal fin and here's the shape to get the shape right right there there you go there is the dorsal.

Coming right through there you go a little shadow off the door saw there you go now i'm going to do a little blue a little payne's gray a little white and i'm going to sneak over here for a second.

I'm painting like john mcenroe here for a second so hang on two hands it's a little lighter right there okay and i'm gonna get a little more blue a little more light okay so here we go we're going to come across the top a little bit and right here the trick is to try to paint you know a.

Very realistic shark at least that's what i'm shooting for right here super realism but you might want to do it abstract you might want to go the other direction that's okay too so white let me see where i did my white okay i'm gonna grab a little more white right here so you can put a little pile.

On your palette there put all your colors on there okay there we go let's just come under here for a second so there's still a lot more detail to come but we're getting there there it is okay so far so good so you can just blend it blend it blend.

It with acrylic you got to blend it a little faster but that's okay it's okay it's okay for it to dry pretty fast okay so hang on let me look at it all right we're doing good so far i'm gonna grab some blue some payne's gray and i'm gonna come behind this.

This front flipper right there this is a little ragged there and let's do it there we go so i also also say um you know when you're painting a shark be the shark you know i'm not sure that means anything but you want to be the shark you want to be there with the shark.

You want to be this shark as you're painting the soul of this amazing creature one that really strikes fear into the hearts of people ever since that movie jaws came out um you know people have been afraid of sharks but the guy that created jaws this.

Is name steve peter benchley yeah i know wendy real well his wife but uh peter bensley um he spent his whole life you know being an advocate for shark conservation because he knew the devastation that his movie jaws had on sharks but.

Really i think refrigerators that fall on people kill more people than sharks every year lightning so i have nothing to be afraid of really all right here we go guys so i'm just kind of i got really the colors here i have white i've got the blue ultramarine.

I got black and then i have um payne's great that's all my colors so far okay so now i'm going to come in with a really dark black and i'm really going to make this super black so it really punches out to the foreground right here right now there we go so this this will really.

Jump out see i'm just cutting it i'm using the edge to cut in so look at that anyway the great thing about being an artist too it's very peaceful you know when the world gets all crazy and stuff you just go in your studio and you can forget about.

All the craziness you know and just do your art so it's a beautiful way to relax brings peace okay so there it is i just did the the edge right there okay then i'm gonna come right in here so it's all these details like i said the light and the coloring of the shark.

And all the details that really make it come alive okay here is the edge of that now this one's behind so it's going to be a little less you know prominent so there you go and there we go all those details come once you fill it in then you can come in with all the.

Other details okay so here we go right now i'm just painting these little fans and the back fins and okay so you know guys like guy harvey you know great artist he's a marine biologist so he really when he illustrates or paints a shark it is accurate.

In every way i'm a you know pure artist so you know i try to make the anatomy as close as possible but for me it's more about the feeling and you know all that but i do bring some science into my art you know because i think that's an important to tell the story but more importantly to me it's it's the.

Feeling behind you know the painting okay so we are totally getting there now does it look good on the screen yeah it's feeling pretty good still pretty flat now you have the sharp in the ocean and the shark in the ocean are going to get married here pretty soon.

And um anyway i'm just giving you a heads up that's what's going to happen i'll show you how to do that right now you gotta paint the shark purse you painted the ocean and then steve they're gonna get married buddy and i thought we were just gonna see okay yeah no you're gonna see a marriage.

Under there and it's all good usually right about now steve creech tells a joke but he's holding back folks you know you want to get around people that are fun too you know my team here is fun and um and karen brought donuts so that.

Was that's good too okay so here we go there we go okay so there we go again one brush guys this whole thing one brush so far okay so there we go here we go and bam sometimes you feel like emerald over here.

All right here we go back to the mcenroe two-handed stroke there hey however however it feels good in your hand it's um it's like playing an instrument but it is about the touch i can't uh overestimate that okay so here we go now here's the thing that's going to make it a little 3d now i'm going to clean my brush really good because we.

Need a little uh darker kind of under under uh belly so i'm going to use a little paints gray a little blue and i'm going to make that a little darker underneath so here we go what size brush are you using right now this is a half inch flat half inch flat.

Okay so here it goes guys ready so we've got a little darker uh underbelly color kind of white uh ultramarine blue and a little payne's great now watch what this does so instead of just being flat it'll be totally three-dimensional so i'm just going to lay it in there.

Kind of towards the bottom first okay and then i'm gonna kind of wipe it off and then watch this now i'm gonna blend it in there i'm gonna come right to the edge right to the edge right there oh look at that that's looking 3d now that's what i'm shooting for trying to.

Paint a very realistic great white it is so i'm going to come right in here wow right there look at that that adds so much to it that little blending from darker to lighter so there it is some of these sharks are really scarred.

Up too because they fight a lot the males and females kind of go at it okay so there we go hey i don't know if you guys saw but uh david attenborough has a beautiful film on i believe pbs but it's it's phenomenal on nature in his life like you know being out there making.

Documentaries about wildlife and nature but check that out david attenborough he's like 90 years old he's just like one of my heroes okay so there we go you guys haven't seen that it's phenomenal okay there we go and here we go.

Okay there we go so you're just going to try to blend that a little bit uh black is black but my black is the blackest black i have my own black and it's really dark yeah so yeah black is generally black you know you got mars you got ivory black and then we have my black.

Mars yeah mars black and uh ivory black mars is probably the darkest black till you get to mine okay so there we go now this is farther back in the water so here is kind of a nice tricky little move that uh that i use so put a little more blue in there and again this is part of the uh shark.

Getting married uh to the ocean so now the ocean is washing over the shark so and that's that's done transparent glazing a little glazing so you added i added a little more blue to what i was doing earlier and there it is.

So there's a little blue so even that really helps and then i'm going to take some of that blue a little bit of that blue and i'm going to come in here watch this and this will again make it look more underwater because you don't want the shark to be coming off the ocean you want it to be part of the ocean you.

Want it to be in the ocean so here's a shadow right here it's gonna make a shadow cause that'll pop that up a little watch this nice little shadow right there simple and then i'm gonna pop that up there now watch this shadow right here this is how you do a shadow and this is.

All going to make sense so there's a nice shadow there and then i can take that same color notice i just leave that color on the brush and just bring it throughout there you go so acrylic dries right away so you gotta you gotta really work a little faster but you also can come and do glazes.

Because it dries right away the old masters used to do a lot of glazing of colors there you go so that's starting to really feel pretty nice you'll feel it while you're doing it when it's right there it is so i'm going to grab that blue a little.

And uh this is another little tricky move right in here so again that blue now i'm marrying it to the to the ocean it is so grab a little ultramarine blue and just keep marrying it okay now they're getting married guys okay so now they're getting married i.

Can do that up here too a little bit and i'm taking a little blue come right in here come right over the edge there now watch this a little blue here it just puts that back in the water as you want the shark's face coming forward that's where the the drama of the scene comes in.

So again now i'm just taking blue kind of adding some blue in there in different areas you know right right in here too you can kind of add a little bit of blue it really means a lot right in here okay and then again right in there okay now that's pretty heavy so you can back off a little bit.

If you want okay that there you go sometimes i'm just quiet when i paint you gotta think a little okay there we go all right that's looking good how's that how's our time looking good looking good huh yeah all right cool okay.

Here it is here it is little details now in that mouth right right by the teeth look at that all those details really make it come alive it's like that young frankenstein it's alive okay a little too much coffee today here we go.

Easy on the coffee why here we go a little more blue in here i could drop this even farther back but you can still see it it's very prominent but a little more blue drops it back in the water there we go go blue right i'm from michigan so i can say that go blue although i did go to art school i went.

To art school at the center for creative studies in detroit michigan great school definitely page i'm majored actually in sculpture guys so but i can paint so now it's just all about the subtleties of the light everything that's going on it's feeling.

Pretty good i don't know how it looks there but it's feeling pretty good let's do a little light so i i just got a little white on the brush a little light blue and i'm going to come off the edge here a little see how that popped out a little blended there we go there it is bam i feel like emerald over here.

Okay so here we go so anyway now you got your shark in there pretty good so where do you go from here just little details now now you can play with the light so when you add that light up there it just brings it forward a little bit so let's go ahead and do a little bit of.

That so i'm going to add some light here on this front in there look at that see that made it come forward just blend it yeah that's feeling really good guys so you know anybody can start one too you gotta finish.

And then when you finish it you gotta sign it okay so now i'm gonna think about some light on the back i'm gonna clean my brush even while it's still semi-wet i'm gonna grab some white a little blue a little blue a little white and watch this so the lights coming this way.

So let's try to let's try to do a little light on the back the light's kind of playing off the back of the shark like that and then you come the other direction so you can kind of do that there you go get a little bit of light design on the back looks cool see that see and then they have a little.

Highlight right there again the light plane on the back of the shark creates some really cool stuff just imagine that a swimming pool that light and then it would pick up again right here so just kind of like that and then back and all those little.

Details add so much to your painting now remember you guys can come back to this too you can come back and work on it you don't have to finish it in one setting like i do unless you want to so again here's a little stronger lighting on the back.

All right there we go i'm going to come the other direction a little so it's still a little wet so it's kind of blending nice okay wow this is one of my best sharks okay here we go the more you paint it too the better the better your paintings will get so there it is little details.

Anyway you can use a little tiny brush again i've been still using this brush well watch this so right now it's feeling really good you guys but i'm going to come in i'm going to grab a big hunk of white you guys see that and then i'm just going to kind of come in here and.

Kind of supercharge the light as it's piercing through the surface there so i'm just going to add a little texture little whitish whites like that so that just adds so much okay so here we go there we go okay so there it is it's really feeling.

Like the shark's world now i i didn't forget the gills and sharks have five generally so now i'm gonna change brush for the first time so i got a little round it's just a little tiny round brush and i'm going to grab the black which they said never use.

Completely wrong all right so here we go here comes the gills of the great white so you can look at your drawing but i kind of know where they go so they kind of start way up there way up there way up there so there's three four five they kind of turn in a little.

So there's one of the details that uh really makes this a great white shark right there okay again i'm going to come back to this i'm going to come up here i've still got the black on the brush so i'm going to just punch a few areas so as i add the dark there it kind of.

Brings it off the blue a little bit but anyway that's uh that's getting pretty close so i'm gonna go ahead and uh i'm gonna do something that i shouldn't show you but i'm gonna show you anyway so with this little brush i have a hunk of paint on there.

And i call this the rembrandt when rembrandt painted the eyes they said you could hold the painting by the eyes of a rembrandt because there was so much paint there and he did something really smart and you always want to learn from artists you know like rembrandt van gogh picasso uh robert bateman.

So anyway what he taught me is that uh chapel come here chapel here hi sorry there's a dog here it's so cute can i pick them up or not couple come here come here come here this is the guy i've been playing with there's capo anyway you all right you i painting a dog.

There he is there's chapel guys here it's coming at your chapel who said there he is okay thanks buddy it's a good sport so anyway i'm gonna do the rembrandt eye yes so the rembrandt eye is a big gob of paint so watch this right in the eye i'm going.

To put a big gob and the light will catch it you see that i don't know if you can see it but the light the natural light is hitting in the eye that looks cool that looks cool super cool all right so there we go and then i'm going to carve in around these teeth a little.

And we are almost there guys and then right here on the nostril and uh anyway that's it that's the uh original painting of the great white and remember uh whoever sends the best best picture of uh of their painting today from today's lesson uh will get that original drawing so.

Karen how do i where do i tell them to send it it on instagram um it on instagram so we can see it hashtag uh hashtag wyland what else foundation tag at weiland foundation you guys are better at this than me all right but i'm going to sign it now.

So you're going to want to sign your painting and then on the back put your address because if you win i'm going to send you the original there's only going to be one winner all right let's sign this so when you sign it use a smaller brush and i'm just gonna touch up my little.

Puka here okay so here we go we're gonna sign it right now so i use a little blue and a little white and anyway find your spot to sign it i'm gonna sign it right here so this is the great thing about having.

One name so there it is and i always put a copy right right there anyway there is my original there's my original for um the art lesson the first time i did this virtually like this for our weiland national art challenge but i hope i hope i can do this every year and i'll make it part of it.

But uh listen on behalf of the wyland foundation steve creature president all of us marcy greg my art director just all these great people uh and all the people at wyling galleries we love you guys and we appreciate it and to all the kids out there uh you know just just be a world changer.

Use the art to to drive your creativity to do good things to do positive things and um that was fun thank you guys so much

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Great For Kids, Teachers -- Paint a Great White Shark with Renowned Marine Life Artist Wyland