South Eastern Wyoming   Let’s go for a ride

I got my truck back from the mechanic yesterday, and decided to do a test drive outside of town today. Good for the soul to get out of town! First I went west, out Snowy Range Road and up into the mountains. Then back to town and east to the summit. The town of Laramie sits in a big bowl in the mountains. Elevation is a little over 7,100 ft above sea level. The summit to the east is the highest point of the trans-continental railway, sitting at about 8,247 ft above sea level.

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I just passed a sign that said no more turn around so I decided this was a good place to turn around head back and where I'm at trailhead Medicine Bow National Forest winter trailhead green Rock so I'm going to show you guys the Little River over here this is the North Fork of the.

Little Laramie River and it smells wonderful and foresty out here not sure how much you'll be able to hear so I'll have to sound off because of the sound of the water but there and put snow on the ground this is a town a centennial population.

270 that's right at the base of the mountains and now I'm gonna head back down the valley towards home the freeway kind of a strange-looking deal but there he is.

a statue of Abraham Lincoln that's on the other side of okay so this is a start of the Medicine Bow National Forest on the other side of town heading towards Siam and as you can see it is totally different from the snowy range side on this side we have lots and lots of rock formations which is actually.

Pretty cool – a totally totally different and snowy range over by the freeway there's some really spectacular rock formations too but.


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South Eastern Wyoming   Let's go for a ride