March Winter Storm 2021 – Descanso, CA

Handheld video of the falling snow from the hill behind the cabin. Mostly rain at our 3500 ft. elevation until this surprise late afternoon snow shower. Large fluffy flakes coming straight down for about an hour, very pretty while it lasted.

Taken at approx. 4:30 PM March 12, 2021 in the San Diego County mountain community of Descanso, CA in the Cleveland National Forest. Just a few miles away are the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park and the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area.

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Some of the birds you might see or hear include:

Bullock’s Oriole –
Hooded Oriole –
California Scrub-Jay –
Steller’s Jay –
White-crowned Sparrow –
Acorn Woodpecker –
Nuttall’s Woodpecker –
Northern Flicker –
Western Bluebird –
American Robin –
Black-headed Grosbeak –
Oak Titmouse –
White-breasted Nuthatch –
House Finch –
Purple Finch –
Mountain Chickadee –
Yellow Warbler –
Yellow-rumped Warbler –
Dark-eyed Junco –
California Towhee –
Spotted Towhee –
American Bushtit –
Bewick’s Wren –
Mourning Dove –
Red-shouldered Hawk –

All these videos are going up on my personal channel until I can learn how to properly shoot, store, manage and edit video files for a dedicated backyard habitat channel. I hope to feature backyard nature content with long running unedited videos and edited highlight clips and maybe even a live stream.

Right now we are using a Panasonic Lumix FZ80 digital camera.

If you are interested in attracting backyard songbirds or have any feeding, filming or general tips or questions on creating a backyard habitat, please leave a comment below. Backyard feeding set up has been going for four years but just recently learning how to use this camera to record some videos. If you like our videos and would like to support the channel, please consider becoming a subscriber, sharing our videos, hitting the Thumbs Up or leaving a comment. This tells YouTube this content is worth getting seen. Tell us what you think, what you like, what else you might like to see featured in our future videos.

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March Winter Storm 2021 - Descanso, CA