Indian Ocean : Maa Rewa – Ocean

Maa Rewa from the band INDIAN OCEAN…its a folklore about the River Rewa(Narmada).

The video depicts Narmada Mandir in Amarkantak in Annupur District of Madhya Pradesh from where the river starts its journey and then the Narmada Valley in its course further.

Video has subtitles in English and also the Lyrics.


Maa Rewa tharo paani nirmal….
Maa Rewa tharo paani nirmal
khal khal behto jaaye

Amarkanth se nikli O rewa
jann jann kari rayo thaari sewa
sewa se sab pawe mewa,
aso ved puran batayo re


Maa Rewa your water is pure

Maa Rewa your water is pure

It flows like this making ripples

Rewa emerges from Amarkanth

All people are busy in your service

Selfless services lead to good outcomes

So says our ancient books