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In this Video you will learn names of Sea Animals /Water Animals /Aquatic animals for kids.

ENGLIZO offers you this Amazing Video to Learn English Vocabulary with this educational video.

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Water animal's name crocodile crocodile penguin penguin starfish starfish.

Tortoise tortoise whale whale seahorse seahorse octopus octopus.

Dolphin dolphin crab crab lobster lobster snail.

Snail angelfish angel fish jellyfish jellyfish prawns prawns fish.

Fish seal seal frog frog squid squid sea urchin sea urchin.

alligator alligator coral coral clown fish clown fish.

Oyster oyster tuna tuna otter otter walrus walrus.

Shrimp shrimp clam clam eels eels salmon salmon.

catfish catfish

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Learn Sea Animals Names in English - ENGLIZO