Meet The Shoebill Stork (Balaeniceps Rex) | Drive 4 Wildlife

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Sushi lives at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe and was rescued by their team after locals set fire to the wetlands. Our Drive 4 Wildlife project will help to rescue animals such as these and the vehicle we are sending out to Uganda will help to also protect them in the wild 🚙

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he is a shoe built stalk these birds are literally the living definition of the term badass they are descendants of dinosaurs they eat on fish and reptiles and they have also been known to stand up to crocodiles in the wild as well unbelievable.

They just they look so prehistoric we're in the wetlands in uganda at the moment on the search for our favorite african bird the shoebill stalk now even though they are classed as endangered here in uganda they're actually critically endangered and that's because.

The wetland habitats in which they live are simply being destroyed in the past 25 years around 40 percent of uganda's wetlands have been completely eradicated which means that over the next 20 years we could lose shoe bills altogether at the moment the latest census suggests that there are only 14 individual shoe bills that live around this area so.

Fingers crossed we can see one but if we don't there's a really good reason as to why but it is also a very sad reason as well we've just come back to the village where we started our shoe bill stalk safari we did actually manage to see one.

But it was very far away in the distance and it was flying away as well but despite only being able to see one and not very very close it was an amazing experience because the wetlands themselves are simply stunning it's another habitat range to add to our list based on the ones that we've seen here in africa so far and it's amazing to see.

How people live around this area as well so there's certainly a lot to take away from it and we did see a lot of other bird species as well you

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Meet The Shoebill Stork (Balaeniceps Rex) | Drive 4 Wildlife