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A couple days ago she gave birth to her kittens you can see you can see it sack but that is the kitten's face right there look how tiny I mean look how fresh that umbilical cord is you can see she completely chewed it up what is up guys welcome back to the channel I hope you all are having an amazing day so far so guys I have some.

Very very exciting news if all of you have been following the channel you know that about a year ago me and my brother rescue this black and white kitten that we found in my yard trying to eat my cat food now at first she was very mean because she was so scared but after putting some time and hard work into gaining her trust she has just opened up.

To me and she is an absolute sweetheart but I noticed a couple weeks ago that she is pregnant now we took her to the vet the vet said he didn't feel any fetuses but he was quite wrong guys because a couple days ago she gave birth to her kittens now this little kitty has been staying at my grandma's house so she can be monitored 24 7 since I'm not.

Home all the time and my grandma called me late one night and said she had one of her kittens and I'm not going to tell you exactly how many kittens she's had so you're gonna have to stick along in today's video if you want to see these little balls of joy and guys they are so so precious we actually got some of the birthing on video and it's absolutely.

Crazy these babies are so special to me so special to Mama and I am so excited for you guys to see them but guys before we hop into today's video we're gonna go check out some other growing babies here the baby sugar gliders now I have some very exciting news about the baby sugar gliders and that is their eyes have finally opened.

All right so we've made it outside where I'm keeping the sugar gliders the sugar gliders are right here guys I keep a blanket over them so they can feel extra safe and secure and the reason we waited for night time is because since sugar gliders are nocturnal they're gonna be running around everywhere and the mom is going to be searching for the food while.

She leaves the babies in the pouch so guys all we're gonna do is go ahead and take our blanket off we have a flashlight right here and you can see oh my goodness guys we have one of our sugar gliders right here and this this is actually the mom so guys if you take a look right here you can see her pouch right here it's almost invisible.

But it's there when the baby's trying to crawl in there it actually expands really really wide now guys if you take a look I don't want to shine the light on them too much but you can see the sugar gliders right there oh my goodness guys that little guy right there oh my goodness guys you can see that little guy right there he grabbed the blueberry.

And he is just munching down on it and they're just devouring the food but what we're gonna check right now is the babies because that's what we came here today for is to check the little babies and yes they are in the pouch so we're just gonna go ahead pull the pouch on out guys do you hear that those are the babies making the noise that means.

They're actually a little aggravated right now what we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead open the pouch on up and we are gonna pull the babies on out now guys if you take a look right here you can see his eyes are open and that means he's about 10 days old so at 10 days old these babies will actually open their eyes and.

The other babies on the bottom but I don't want to get them out because I don't want to stress them out too much but look at that guys he's using his self-defense noises right there and there he goes crawling back into the pouch and that is absolutely amazing these babies are growing healthy every every single day so we're just gonna go.

Ahead put our pouch back in there because mama is getting a little worried and now guys we're just gonna hop straight into today's video guys the day has finally come I didn't think Kitty would have her kittens this soon but here they are now she was just laying down and nursing them but she just stood up she seems to be pushing to.

Have another one but look how itty bitty way you're gonna crush your kitten let's let's see this kitten she's about to crush this kitten right here come on Kitty you got here crushing your kitten oh my goodness look how tiny so I'm not gonna pick this one up because this one is nursing but this one right here looks.

Like this little guy is having a hard time finding the nipple but look how tiny I mean look how fresh that umbilical cord is you can see she completely chewed it up this baby is still soaking wet from the sack that it was in when it came out there you go let's try to redirect it to get onto a nipple all right let's see so we're.

Gonna try to help this little baby find the nipple right there there you go you almost got it you're almost there little buddy you just gotta grab the nipple oh my goodness guys so she's not only had two babies but now she's having a third baby right there I don't know if you can see the sack but that is the.

Kitten's face right there oh my goodness you're doing so good Mama so you can see she's just pushing this little baby out it's gonna take some time but this is absolutely crazy oh my goodness you got it you got it oh my goodness oh my goodness sack just broke there's the kitten right there that's the end of the kitten oh oh.

No oh my goodness guys so she's cleaning the little baby right here you can see the umbilical cord is still attached and she is doing an absolutely amazing job I mean look at this little baby this is her third little baby she already has two little babies right here and they're all black and white oh my goodness look how precious you're doing amazing job.

Mama doing so good you got it you care of that little baby oh my goodness that's a great sign that the baby is crying and it's breathing and meowing you did oh good Mama you did so good look at this little baby guys she just chewed the umbilical cord off and now she's cleaning the baby off now.

What the mom will do after she gives birth is she will completely clean the baby head to toe until this little baby is nice and clean because you can see there's some sack fluids there's some blood and this baby definitely needs to get cleaned off now she's doing an absolutely amazing job but let's just check on these little babies right here.

Oh my goodness guys look at this little one look how itty bitty oh no no this was the first baby that was born you can see that she threw the umbilical cord off the umbilical cord is still soft in the next couple days it's actually gonna get hard and then fall off but just look at this little baby hi okay okay I'll let you be there you go oh my goodness.

Guys this is crazy guys look how precious this is she snuggled up with all three of her babies this is the baby that she just gave her or two and she is just doing an absolutely amazing job oh my goodness are you in heaven you can hear she has just been purring away and she is so so happy look at this look at this proud little mama look at you look.

At that guys the second baby finally latched on right here so that's an absolutely amazing sign that this baby was able to find the nipple and is now drinking the milk because guys if you did not know this it is critical that babies get the colostrum from the mom's milk in the first 24 hours after being born so they can get all the nutrients.

And the good bacteria to grow to be little strong kitties oh my goodness you are so adorable you and your kitties can I can get off good Mama I look to you I'm so proud of you look at this little babies so you can see she is nice and settled with her babies thankfully all of her babies are.

Immediately nursing and they have latched on and are just suckling her milk right up you can see she is so so happy and she is kneading the blanket right there you're so happy look at you look at these little babies they look just like you but you can see since there was a lot of fluids while she was giving birth this blanket is very very.

Dirty so we have a clean one so what we're gonna do now is we're gonna switch it out so she can have a clean area so we've switched the blanket it is nice and clean for Mama Kitty and her little babies but look she already got settled with her little ones right here and just look how tiny they are oh my goodness and so we're gonna do is we're just.

Gonna guide this little guy over to this side right here and you can see they're all trying to find the nipple right here now since she has had a long and tiring day giving birth to all of these babies we're gonna let her do her thing let her spend time with her new little instead of just joined us in this big world and guys I'll catch you all in a.

Couple days we're gonna check on them and see how they're doing so it's been a couple days and we've just arrived at my grandma's house to check on Mama Kitty and her three little kittens right here and guys look at them they are all snuggled up with her and they have actually gotten a lot bigger now I'm not sure if you're gonna be able.

To tell on camera but they have for sure gotten a lot bigger now I'm actually gonna be taking each kitten out one by one and showing you guys so let me grab the first little kitty right here all right oh my goodness look at this little baby right here now they're all black and white but they also have distinct.

Patterns that you can tell which kitten is which now since we're only about three days old they are way too young to tell if they are a boy or girl but guys take a look right here when they first were born you could see that their umbilical cord was super super soft and now their umbilical cord is completely gone up you look in the area that the.

Umbilical cord was there's gonna be a little dot right here not just after a couple days after the mom gives birth their umbilical cord will actually fall out now you always have to remember to never ever pull the umbilical cord off because if you do pull the umbilical cord off well it will cause a giant hole in their stomach because it did not.

Close properly so you just want to let it fall off on its own time which it's exactly what happened with this little baby right here you can see there's a little scab right here oh my goodness you have a lot to say and if you guys didn't already notice you can see that this little baby's eye eyes are sealed shut now the baby's eyes are going to be.

Sealed shut for about a week and a half until they start opening up one day now if you also take a look at this little baby's ears you can see that they are barely barely developed now it's going to take a couple weeks for their ears to develop for their eyesight to develop once their eyes open but this baby is all around absolutely adorable you can.

See we have a full little belly right here this baby looks absolutely healthy now let's go ahead put this little guy back right here and grab the next baby this now you can see this baby is still black and white but it has a different pattern I mean just look how cute this little guy is oh my goodness look at these little claws.

Oh my goodness look how tiny and pink this little nose is all right guys we have the last and final baby now I was just looking a second ago and I don't think there's a run I mean they all seem to be sucking on the mom's milk getting enough nutrients and good bacteria to grow their little belly and they seem like happy healthy little babies I mean.

Just look how tiny now if we take a look at this little baby's tummy you can see it also has the little scab right here I don't know if you can see it it's in its fur right there but this little baby is just doing so so good oh my goodness look how tiny I mean this little guy fits the palm of my hand so we're gonna do is we're just gonna go ahead put this.

Little baby back right here there you go mama baby now you're complete you can snuggle them up look at it trampling your face now guys for the next couple weeks this mom is going to be with her babies 24 7. she's going to be nursing them and she's also going to be stimulating them now what that means is she's going to be.

Licking their bottom area to go to the bathroom because up until they're four weeks old they actually can't pee or poop on their own so she actually assists them by licking their bottom area so they're able to go to the bathroom and then at four weeks old they're gonna be weans and then they're gonna be off the mom's milk and that's.

When we are going to be getting her spayed immediately so she doesn't have any more kittens but these babies are absolutely adorable and she is doing an absolutely amazing job let's give her a nice little pet right here all right Mama we'll leave you alone I know you're a very tired hard-working mom but at my friends is going to end today's video If.

You all enjoyed today's video getting to see this Kitty and her three little newborn babies will give this video a big thumbs up and guys what I want you to do is comment down below a squad name for these three little balls of Joy right here we got all black and white kitties in there now guys if you want to see these babies grow up what are you.

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