NEW WILD ANIMALS – Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Red Panda, Orang Utan, Squirrel Monkey, Buffalo, Bison,

NEW WILD ANIMALS – Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Red Panda, Orang Utan, Squirrel Monkey, Buffalo, Bison, dogs like Shiba Inu, and more.

Hey guys I'm Dan and welcome back to the dino dungeon okay so today we have a bag of new figures to add to our collection all of these figures will send to ours by a Dan safarian by the name of Jeremiah so you can see we have lots of stuff to open up with this little bag of farm animals from the Schleich we have a pack of good luck minis we have two.

Climates a gorilla chimpanzee and a red panda and um we're gonna add this to climates to our primates collection which is right here okay so let's do this guys all right guys so let's have a look okay so let's begin with this letter back right here which is a good luck minis from safari.

Ltd so let's put this back open with our pair of scissors I'm just going to cut it from um the top hopefully we don't cut you don't destroy the back because I think this bag looks really nice so let's see what we are getting from this little bag right here okay so let's.

Have a look it's called contents out wow it looks really cute for that's for sure okay so what do we have right here I think this is an hour very nice and all this good luck minis they are actually very soft if you like rubber and we have a little.

Bumblebee I think is this a bumblebee I think so I'm gonna find like a new place or a new box to store our good luck minis that's for sure a small little pig that looks very adorable wow this one is cool this is basically an aurang uton we have a huge one right here guys you should.

Take a look at the orangutan later on very nice let's align all of the good luck minis up together this is the first time I am getting a bag of good luck minis to be honest with you and I'm really happy about it to be honest okay next up let's have a look at this little box that contains two little dogs very adorable dogs I think they are Shiba.

Inus I'm not too sure um probably yeah I think they're Shiba Inus if I'm not wrong um I'm gonna cut this open because there's a tape right here so I'm just gonna cut the tape open just give me a second guys okay one side is open for I think we are done let's let's try this.

And this is actually from Schleich and it's a farm World set comes with a little play pen I think very cool and a little bone that's super adorable okay so here is the little pack of um glitter back it contains the shiba inu the adult one and here's a little playpen oh this is actually the um the younger one the pop.

Very cute so let's um open this up to go with the playpen first so this is like a little bit for the puppy for the doggos and here's like the little bone bow okay next let's open this bag that contains the letter pop super adorable guys take a look at this.

I'm not too sure I am assuming this it's a Shiba inushiba Inu it's like a Japanese you know very popular species of dogs and not Japan so you can actually okay let's try to put it inside the playpen yeah it looks super cute and this is the adult version.

Let's um have a look at this wow looks very very adorable I think it is a Shiba Inu I'm pretty sure I think we can actually put this in our farm animals and dogs and cat collection that's for sure okay very nice so right now we have very cool figures as you guys can see.

I'm just gonna line them up as neatly as possible okay like this okay now let's take a look at the other figures that Jeremiah has sent us what is this a red Pandora so this red panda will go into our wall animals collection that's for sure and this is a safari Ltd 20 20 figure looks really really.

Beautiful looks really adorable I'm gonna put this one right here first and let's have a look at the facts because every single safari Ltd figure actually comes with the facts so let's have a look red pandas are more closely related to raccoons than the giant panda yeah because I think I don't think they have any relation to a giant pandas to be.

Honest with you okay next up let's have a look at this a beautiful silverback gorilla right and this is actually from schluck what a beautiful gorilla figure you can see it's really really nicely crafted gorillas are extremely strong and powerful yep beautiful figure I think we do have a.

Couple of gorillas in our soft African animals collection that's for sure okay next what do we have a chimpanzee oh and this one is actually a female chimpanzee as you guys can see all right very adorable one and this one is from collecte yep beautiful so now it's time for us to take a look at the rest of our primates.

Collection um probably as well as some of the bone Vines okay so this one it's a very annoying squirrel monkey if I'm not wrong which was also sent To Us by a Dan safarian okay it's a 2017 safari Ltd figure gorgeous figure all right let's move on to the next figure let's have a look at what this is and not a.

Chimpanzee and speaking of chimpanzees I've actually just finished watching a docu-series on Netflix which is known as chimp Empire wow it was amazing I learned so much about um the chimpanzees um after the series okay right so chimpanzees they are known for grooming each other okay but they don't groom every single.

Don't groom every single one of them they only groom those chimpanzees which they want to form an ally with okay so if a chimpanzee groom the other chimpanzee back which means that it is able to um you know give back the friendship and to form the alliance it was very interesting I love watching it okay so.

Here's another one which is a baby chimpanzee okay let's move on to the next figure let's have a look at this we have another primate and this one is a man Drew and on top of this body it's a baby so very cute little one next let's move on to the next one which is a spider monkey very cool spider.

Monkey and you can see it has long limbs so spider monkeys they are super agile and um extremely flexible okay now let's move on to the next one and another man drill right here okay let's take a look at some of the bovines so what is this a blue wildebeest beautiful one right here.

Okay um let's see what else we have a white buffalo so we haven't seen this figure for quite some time so this is an interesting one that's for sure okay let's have a look at other ones we have a beautiful mousse so do you guys know that moves they are extremely large some of them can even be taller than an.

Elephant which is quite incredible now let's take a look at more primates another man Drew figure right here this one seems to be really well done okay not too sure which manufacturer actually produce it let's move on to the next one another chimpanzee right here this is from Schleich if I'm not wrong Schleich.

Figures are extremely beautiful I must say okay just gonna put this one right in the middle and uh let's see what else we've got wow what is this Diana monkey right here okay beautiful one is from collect a you can see the face it has like white fur.

Um yeah and you guys are in the chimpanzees they are omnivores so they actually hunt for other they hunt other smaller monkeys as well which was which is quite terrifying when I watched the donkey series and here we have a buffalo and here um I'm not too sure what kind of lamb or.

Sheep this is if you guys know let me know down below I'm just gonna call it a mountain goat all right and this is the um orangutan urangutan they are actually very docile extremely intelligent primates and here we have the Texas Longhorn boo beautiful one and here we have the white tail buck.

You can see the tail is actually white in color and what is this is from Schleich um I'm just gonna call this a boo I'm not exactly sure like what is the exact species so if you guys know comment down below okay do we have any more primates.

I think we still have a couple of them this is a proboscis monkey so I've actually seen them so they are very well known for the very huge nose which makes them look very very adorable I would say just going to put this on right here we do have another primate which is a gibbon and this is also from Schleich yeah.

Schleich they produce excellent beautiful animal figurines just in case you guys don't know this is not a sponsored video rush like all of the figures right here are all purchased by myself or given to ours by you know dense safarians so what do we have right here I'm not a wildebeest and this one is a black wildebeest so we can do a.

Comparison right here they do have like similarities for sure but also there are significant differences as well so you can take a look at the horns of the blue wildebees they are basically you know pointing towards the side and these two are pointing towards the front really beautiful black widow bees.

From collecting okay next up we have a Spanish bull right here all right beautiful one next stop what is this I think this is a reindeer I'm not too sure let's have a look we are probably a reindeer I'm Gonna Move the Box slightly away.

And what about this one right here guys is this a gazelle probably wow and I think this one looks like another Texas Longhorn boo oh this is actually known as ankoli what to see cow which can be found in Africa as well so I think it has similar.

Similar features I would say both of them have very very long horns and the face look kind of like similar I would say yeah they look kind of similar that's for sure okay next up we have a human lion tar okay I think the previous one which we don't really know could be a Himalaya tar as well they do have like.

Similarities you can see you know uh the main right here in the horns definitely looks very very similar so this could be a Himalayan tar as well what do you guys think let me know down below next we have a moss Cox right here which is well known for their foul odor so they actually produce a very strong stench which is you know not pleasant to.

Smell that's for sure and you can see they have very very thick fur that actually helps to protect them against predators next we have a bison right here extremely strong and tarf okay I'm gonna put this one right here and if I'm not wrong this is another wildebeest it could be a blue wildebeest.

Right here okay next we have a saber Antelope yep beautiful one this figure sees a little bit sticky so what I usually do because some of them you know the paint may not be you know very very um well done so you can just take like a piece of wet wipe and just give it a good clean okay you can see immediately.

There is some dirt on it it comes off quite nicely so this is what I like to do sometimes just cleaning the figures give them like a good shower all right next up we have a beautiful Jacob sheep they're well known for their four horns right here in our last figure of the day it's actually this little pen dark hop which.

I have no idea what it is doing right here probably it fell off you know from the you know the the drawer on top to this okay so yep thanks for watching this so today I'm just gonna be finishing my video to here um let me know down below what other collection videos you guys want me to make I'll be happy to do it okay thanks.

For watching this I will see you guys in the next video goodbye okay guys we are not done yet I was thinking I am going to keep all of my figures into this box right here and I thought you know if some of the figures are dirty we can actually clean them together but of course you guys if you want to watch some of my other videos please feel free.

To do it as well so let me just clean this uh moose ARP it's actually quite clean this figure okay the next one um let's clean this which is the um ankoli what to see so yeah I mean this could be content that you guys made me like so why not if you guys enjoy this you can stay on behind so I'm cleaning the saber Antelope but no.

And the small little wilder beast okay I'm gonna clean all of the um buildings first so the Spanish Boo this one actually feels quite clean and now the white buffalo it's time to give them like a good shower that's for sure MOX Cox.

Beautiful they are good like a tank red panda will be placed into a different box that's for sure and um this it's I'm just gonna call this the Himalayan tar so if you guys like know the right answer you can comment down below okay I definitely need the help of you guys.

Um white two buck well two but feels a little bit sticky as well yeah because some of the paint that they use in a long time like after several years some of them will feel a little bit like you know sticky yeah it is quite common.

But I think you know when it comes to the figures from safari Ltd collection Schleich they are usually pretty high quality so I suspect the paint that is making the figures wet it's actually coming from one of the um budget figures for example like this one which has um you know no brand to it so yep time for us to put in some of the.

Primates prabowski so one disadvantage of um storing my figures and boxes is that sometimes they might get scratches that's for sure here we have the squirrel monkey orangutan yes orangutan is the one that feels really really sticky as well.

gorilla can definitely put it inside chimpanzee as well that's for sure getting a new piece of wet wipe two pieces to the exact okay wildebeest.

This figure is quite new relatively new Texas Longhorn boo wow this figure is quite old so it's caught dirty I would say so this one needs a good wipe down that's for sure this figure as well quite an old figure you can see the paint is like coming off Gibbon.

chimpanzee the Chimpanzee is pretty clean so it's fine another chimp most cops I'll probably put um the good luck minis in this box.

Because this is one of the boxes that are is actually quite empty so yeah the rest of the boxes are actually very very full this will go into perform animals collection that's for sure okay this is the Diana monkey really beautiful one man Drew.

Jacob sheep this one is awesome okay on the bone I'm just gonna put it in the the farm animals collection as well okay so yeah I am I enjoyed it is um.

Suggest like what videos you guys want me to make do you guys want me to make like sea animals because I feel sea animals are the videos that you guys love the most so let me know down below and I'll see you guys in the next one goodbye

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NEW WILD ANIMALS - Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Red Panda, Orang Utan, Squirrel Monkey, Buffalo, Bison,