Polar Animals Collection – Polar Bear, Walrus, Seal, Whale, Penguin, Narwhal, Arctic Fox

Polar Animals Collection – Polar Bear, Walrus, Seal, Whale, Penguin, Narwhal, Arctic Fox, Puffin, Spotted Seal, and Muskox.

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Alright guys welcome to another video okay so today we have a book that talks about polar animals and we have like one two three four four polar animal figures to add to a collection which I'm super happy with as you guys can see this is basically my collection of polar animal figurines some of them are really cool some of them are vintage figures some of.

Them are really well detailed figures okay so let's have a look at this book and um yeah let's let's begin so firstly I think we have four Minifigures right here which are free they came along the book let's have a look at the figures right now okay it is not the best well detailed figure as you guys can see but it is.

Definitely pretty good in terms of the sculpt the coloration looks pretty good as well so this will be a fantastic addition to our walrus collection okay so let's place a walrus right here and of course we have a reindeer I don't know a reindeer can also be considered as a polar animal so this is something new to me which is pretty cool all right.

Oh okay I thought the figure is not able to stand and we have a polar bear figure right here pretty decent I would say all right and the last one it should be an emperor penguin figure it's kind of dirty right here but still a pretty decent addition to our collection okay so let's begin by having a look at this little booklet.

Right here so let's keep the front part where it talks about the polar phenomenal and let's move on to this part right here because we do have a harm back wheel figures okay home pack Wheels which is this one right here we have a beautiful figure from safari Ltd a 2013 figure very well detailed it has been with me for many years.

Migrate to Antarctica in the summer months to fit on improve Wills Bridge the lip out of water and tweeze On The Backs pretty awesome arm polar figure next let's have a look at this narrow our navel is an Arctic Predator with a large protruding tooth or spiral task let's have a look at the spiral task of the navel right here as you guys can see.

This is Spyro and this is actually an overgrown tube which is kind of interesting and um this figure is actually from 1997. oh my goodness it is actually quite oh about 26 years old if I'm not wrong and here's another one this is from collecte slightly younger 2013 but it is also 10 years old very old figure.

As well pretty awesome now let's move on to the next one laughs all right next we have a deep murky water versus page right here I mean some information in deep murky water walruses use their whiskers caught Viber say to find food all right I.

Didn't know they can actually use a whiskers to find food so very cool so they're like fillers I guess but of course you're not able to see the whiskers right here this is a noise figure from you know safari Ltd again 20 0 4 figure can see it's actually very well detailed and walruses they can actually weigh quite a ton yep another.

One which is right here beautiful worse figure from Schleich all right 2017 figure now let's take a look at the other ones okay we have hop shoes dip divers okay harp soups are born with thick white fur to keep them warm and hot in the snow so I think we do have a hot seal right here this is a hot pursue.

Yep 2004 figure very adorable looking seal next we move on to birds Puffin the Arctic and the Antarctica are full of fascinating Birds some 280 species live in a regions of the Arctic but few can weather the cold Winters around 62 types of birds have been recorded in the chilly climate of Antarctica wow 62 species that is pretty incredible do we.

Have a puffin right here yep there it is so let's have a look at this Atlantic puffins Roost on Sea Cliffs before diving down the average catch is 10 fish in the big per trip very nice they can catch 10 fish in the big this is actually a pretty small big Chon leaves both at both poles this bird's bridge and the Arctic and then fly soft.

During the Antarctica summer very nice alright let's have a look at this and taught a young one wandering Albatross are at sea for five to ten years that's pretty cool all right now let's have a look at this snowy owl I didn't bring much snow we our figure but we definitely have snowy hours okay unlike most nocturnal hours nearly hours.

Hunt by daylight because the nights are too short during Arctic Summers move on to the animals of course we do have um I don't have an arctic wolf but I do have an arctic fox right here guys alright wolves and other animals that live in the North far north have pale or white fur coats to help them blend with the snow very nice of course you have.

Arctic you know rabbit right here in snowy hour now let's have a look at this the mascots is a large proofed animal with a Shaggy coat to keep it warm I've actually brought a Mars Cox right here there it is so it looks very similar to the um photo right here let's have a look at this figure.

2019 figure marks Cox they actually produce a very foul odor if I'm not wrong okay now let's move on to the next page so we do have like polar bears we do have penguins the South Pole food chain is in distress so less ice means less algae for creel larvae lack of Creole threatens the.

Adeli Penguins fruit sauce fuel penguin chicks each adulthood all right polar bear polar bears are the largest land carnivore on the planet although most best are land animals the great sea Battle lives on land sea ice and in the open water an adult male polar bear can weigh as much as 10 men so we have so many polar bear figures let's have a.

Look at this um this is a very beautiful one from purple something was contributed by a dinosaur um yeah then safarian here's another one um not too sure which manufacturer actually produce this could be Peppo as well yeah.

And here are the mini one which is from this book here's another one from Schleich oh sorry from Safari Ltd quite a nice figure 2008 and with a polar bear Cup right here yeah from collecte noise figure.

And here's another one this one is from Schleich yep so we do have quite a number of polar bears in our collection here's another one polar Bearcat from pnso okay so let's read some facts to throw on your feet helps to keep them warm the pads on your paws have bumps are happily.

For added traction on the eyes very nice polar bears are strong swimmers and able to swim long distances from one piece of ice to another without stopping that's pretty cool so reindeer alright so I didn't bring any reindeer so we can actually skip it so let's move on to the next one Juarez The Walrus is a massive marine mammal.

That lives in the Arctic Ocean this flip flipper-footed animals forage along this ocean sea floor for several small eclectic creatures but walruses such the murky sea bottoms for for the future foot of choice which is clams nice walruses are big they can weigh a walloping 4 and 400 pounds which is roughly about 2 000 kilograms impressive.

Very very impressive walruses rely heavily on their sensitive whiskers to find food underwater because the vision is not great so I don't know how they can actually use their whiskers to help them find food but that is pretty incredible walruses rest and Basque want themselves on eyes or the shore very nice.

Those distinctive Wars tasks grow throughout their lives new roses use the tars to show dominance tasks also helped horses climb ice flows and defend themselves very nice and now for the Penguins let's have a look we have plenty of penguins okay so we have um what is this Hamburg penguin right here we have a gigantic rockhopper.

Penguin over here as well looks really beautiful and here we have an emperor penguin Caleb just some of penguins can stand as you guys can see all right and we have a sliding penguin let's see soft African penguin beautiful one.

Of course this is not exactly like a polar um animal and this is Gen 2 penguin I basically brought my entire collection of penguins to show you penguin cheek right here all right and what is this let's have a look no idea what species probably in an.

Emperor here's another penguin right here this is an emperor penguin pretty sure another one South African penguin if I'm not wrong oh black footed penguin it's a sea lion right here we will come.

To that later on rockhopper penguin very nice let's see what else we've got okay so penguins are flightless aquatic Birds almost all penguins live in the southern hemisphere except for the Galapagos penguin which is found north of the equator the emperor penguin is the largest living species at around 4.

Feet 1.2 meters tall which is roughly about um I don't know how many feet does that let's see what else are that um painting chicks perch on top of the mother's feet and nozzle to keep warm very adorable the collective none of for a group of penguins in the water is a.

Raft on land they are called a weather a raft of a raft of penguins in the sea and a petal of a weather of penguins on land nice penguin chicks perch yep Emperor Penguins May migrate 100 miles Inland every year in March wow that is a lot of um distance to cover birds fly with their wings penguin wings or paddle-like Flippers they flap in the.

Water to swim alright this is a very very interesting book um yeah and I think it comes with um is this like something that you can lift up not not exactly okay so yeah so this is basically my polar animals collection of course there are more which I didn't bring okay but perhaps next time I I can gather all the polar animals and show.

You again so this is a penguin you can see this one is exactly as what the book has mentioned which is right here penguins penguin chicks perch on top of the mother's feet and nozzle to keep warm which is right here very cool and this is actually very very accurate.

Looking it looks exactly like you know the book let's see what else we've got for the tiny little penguin right here very small little one and we have a couple of um seals right here this is a spotted seal with a sea lion I don't I'm not too sure whether we have seen any like sea lions right here in this book did we.

Let's have a look nope I don't think there's any except for the Hawk series is what is this elephant seals nice it looks like a it definitely looks like a manatee to me Albatross would definitely have it so next time we can actually bring it out.

We also have a links in our cats collection so I think we have a couple of links and uh what else are there lambings we don't have the lambings that's for sure I think we do have a reindeer so we can actually create another polar animal videos again and I'll bring every single polite animal next time okay I promise you guys that.

Um yeah I think that's about it cool we have one last penguin right here which I can show you this is um probably African penguin alright thanks for watching this um I do have other books so stay tuned subscribe okay so because I'll be doing.

A birds of prey collection video really soon as well as the best collection okay so stay tuned for that I will see you guys in the next one goodbye

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Polar Animals Collection - Polar Bear, Walrus, Seal, Whale, Penguin, Narwhal, Arctic Fox