Ranger Stu’s Virtual Zoo – Week 10 – Sea Creatures!

Week 10 of Ranger Stu’s Virtual Zoo is about Sea Creatures!

Today we learn all about the amazing animals that live within our oceans!

Discover 5 really strange animals found living in our seas right now!!

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hi guys range issue here and welcome to ranges choose virtual zoo now it's week ten of range twos Bertuzzi and we are learning all about sea creatures unfortunately I do not have any sea creatures here at the zoo our closest thing to a sea animal is probably the fish behind me in.

Our fish tank these are tropical fish and tropical fish are found in freshwater lakes and rivers where as sea animals obviously live in the sea they live in oceans so next I'll end up a bit more about them most of the earth is water and the ocean takes up 70% of the Earth's surface this means that there is a massive amount of.

Life in the ocean and many areas of the ocean haven't even been explored yet from tiny microscopic creatures such as the animals that make up coral reefs all the way up to the giant 30 metre long blue whale and blue whales are the largest animal there's ever lived they were nearly hunted to extinction many years ago so we're really fortunate that.

They are still alive today and don't forget whales are not fish but mammals like us and we find many mammals in the ocean including dolphins whales seals and even polar bears are classed as marine mammals you will also find ocean birds such as penguins and albatross you find bread towel such as sea snakes turtles and even.

Marine iguanas and you also find hundreds of thousands of species of mini beasts from flatworms to the colossal squid and this creature here is a deep-sea and enemy pretty cool eh but the most common animal group we think of when we think of oceans however are the fish from sharks to blob fish we are fascinated with fish some fish live in a.

Deep ocean without any form of light some fish live in coral reefs hiding amongst the corals and an enemies and some fish live underneath the Arctic ice some fish such as this basking shark even visits the UK and if you're in Cornwall sure in the summer you might even be able to spot one from the cliff edges how cool is that.

So now that we've learned about the oceans and the animals that live within those oceans and what it might be a fun idea to show you guys five animals that live in our seas right now that are really strange or unusual here we go first up are these crazy-looking animals called nudie branches and nudie branches are a group of mollusks which have these.

Amazing colors in shapes they are carnivores that can still the stinging cells of the jellyfish that they eat and use them in their own bodies as a defense against predators how cause that next up are goblin sharks and goblin sharks are crazy-looking sharks that live in the deep oceans around the world they have jaws they extend out towards.

The end of their snouts to catch their prey and they certainly look rather gobbling like yes the sunfish does look like a giant fish head but these massive fish grow up to around 13 feet long and weigh up to 2,300 kilograms but from this photo you can see there has a skeleton within this large body so it isn't just a head with fins the sunfish.

Also lay the most eggs of any fish up to 300 million eggs crazy stuff number four is the Dumbo octopus named because of the large fins which look like Dumbo the elephant's ears they are found all over the world and live in the cold deep ocean here's one from a different angle it's squished the fins do not push them along.

But actually help them to steer them in the water and along the seabed for our last unusual sea creature we have the strange giant isopod yes it looks like an alien but they are related to wood lice and most isopods are about five centimetres long but the giant isopod can grow to 50 centimetres long that's half a meter guys they are scavengers.

That live in the deep ocean and feed on any dead animals including whales and they also sometimes latch on to live prey and one was found holding onto the face of a shark eating it alive scary stuff so hope you enjoyed learning all about the sea creatures and the oceans on this earth next week we have prehistoric creatures which we are going.

To be meeting things like millipedes and perhaps the Giants relatives and loot millions of years ago we're going to be meeting early mouths are maybe a mammal that lives at the zoo that could be closely related to a mammal millions of years ago and we are going to be meeting some other creatures too.

So you'll have to wait and see what that is by joining in next week the week 11 the ranges cheese virtual zoo but in the meantime take care stay safe and see you soon you

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Ranger Stu's Virtual Zoo - Week 10 - Sea Creatures!