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Doggy Don is an anthropomorphic little pink dog, who resides in the modern suburbs of an unspecified location somewhere in world he shares his house with three trouble making mice: Chhotu (Charly), Lambu (Larry) and Motu (Marly), Don is usually accompanied by his older brother, Colonel (Karnal), who has a stronger grudge against the mice with his shorter temper, and Rox (Ballu), a cranky Great Dane, who is Don’s neighbor.

Doggy Don usually tormented by the mice. His days are always ruined by them – therefore, he always plans to get them away with funny tricks and rarely succeeds.

The Mice Family of three mice, Chhotu, Lambu, and Motu they live together in Don and Karnal’s house in a small hole, which they can use to transport themselves to various other locations throughout the house they get what they desire. Amongst some of the most funniest cartoon characters in animation history, However, there have been multiple instances of them shown to actually mutually care about each other to some degree, particularly.

Chhotu (Charly) is the leader and is the oldest out all of them. He has yellow fur, brown hair, and wears spectacles, which he is blind and the smartest out of all the mice, and arguably the smartest in the entire series.

Lambu (Larry) is a purple mouse, with black hair. He is described as cool, laid-back and chill compared to the others, but still doesn’t shy away from having fun with his friends. He is quite the jokester and he likes to hang around with others.

Motu (Marly) is the youngest of all. He is a grayish blue mouse. As the glutton, he is fixated on food most of the time, and as a result, is the most mentally distant and dim-witted of the group.

Karnal – (Colonel) is the over-protective older brother of Don. He is a muscular green dog with a soldier’s hat, tags, and white gloves. He almost always helps Don for dealing with the Mice Family. He’s quite strong compared to the others.

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