Remote Control Sea Animals – Shark and Crocodile

Remote Control Sea Animals – Shark and Crocodile unboxing and review.
Hey guys i'm dead and welcome back to my studio so today we will take a look at two brand new remote control animal figures okay one is actually a great white shark and the other one is actually crocodile so we will be unboxing both of them and test them out in our swimming pool so let's go.

Okay guys so let's begin let's open um the great white shot first because i'm actually quite excited about this one so let's get this out of the box hopefully this is easy for us to actually assemble so let's have a look at this and uh let's see how do we actually.

Assemble this i think that's a battery right here okay so let's have a look i think there's also like a remote control right here so you need to put in the batteries we have actually prepared our battery so i'm quite excited about this.

Okay let me just get some batteries out from this pack right here so just two of them will be enough put it in like this to close it screw this back okay so this is done so we need to.

Assemble the shock retina okay okay the shock is actually a zen but it looks very nice okay shock mechanical so it looks fantastic hopefully we are able to use it in the pool um so now we are going to open this as well so let me take a box cutter um cut this open let's get the crock pot in the box.

Remember this one as well so we are able to pair it successfully as well so you can see this is a nice um crocodile so all you need to do is just to insert this in i think like this okay and the remote control you can open this and put in the batteries as well so.

Let's do it okay guys so basically we have exam but um two of this remote control sea animals so i think it's time for us to test this in the water i'm not too sure whether it's gonna work so let's go and try it out okay the shark is now in the pool and it is working so darius can you.

Please control it here you can see the shock is actually moving wow looks very cool it's kind of slow but you can actually adjust the speed there's actually a button right here for you to adjust the speed so you can you can maybe go faster just press this yeah you can see it's moving much faster.

Right now can you please move it over there okay let's try this let's go for a higher speed you can actually adjust the speed by pressing this button right here.

Okay it's actually raining right now but you can see the shock is actually moving really nicely cool very very beautiful it looks like an actual shop in that awesome stuff okay i think it's time for us to put in.

The crocodile as well okay let's put in the um crocodile oh cool so both are moving so let's adjust the speed of the crocodile by pressing this so that's a crocodile move it let's try to move it.

Yes move it to the other direction someone please control the shock well you can see both animals are actually moving it's quite fun but it's kind of slow but i think you can actually adjust the speed let's see how far we can actually make.

Um you know both the animals go maybe let's try to swim both animals to our neighbor's house let's try that let's try that come on let's move it to the left hand side okay maybe let me try to control it i'll control the shock.

Hold on to my camera there it is okay so let me try this is actually moving forward this is basically moving in circles yep i'm gonna try to turn it to the other side wow it's cool.

It's okay seems like it is just moving in circles oh i know how you can do it so you basically need to move it like um this direction this direction again so you have to go with wow very fun this is quite cool.

Did you move backwards here as you see this is how you can do it you have to push it up and down push it up and down wow it's really fun area capturing capturing it.

So this is how you go easy i'm gonna try to go even faster so you basically have to move both buttons together like this so you can go straight if you push both buttons together it basically moves straight you see.

wow really nice but it's a bit too slow i feel trying to make it go faster maybe you can do like a race tomorrow okay.

Some people can go faster okay

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Remote Control Sea Animals - Shark and Crocodile