Sea Animals – Beluga, Lobster, Hermit Crab, Jellyfish, Octopus, Turtle, Leopard Seal, Manatee 13+

Sea Animals – Beluga, Lobster, Hermit Crab, Jellyfish, Octopus, Turtle, Leopard Seal, Manatee, Seal, Sea Lion and many more.

WARNING: This video is suitable for viewers aged 13+. This educational video includes some descriptive language about animal reproduction and uses words like atrophied, mating rights, mounts etc.
Hello guys and welcome back to the basement dino dungeon today let's take a look at sea animals check them out right over here i'm gonna be telling you guys every single fact that i know on all these different c animals so let's get started okay guys so let's begin the first one right here it's actually a hermit crab.

The hermit crab you know i just came to know that the hermit crab actually doesn't have its own shell they actually takes the shell left behind by other animals for example like c snooze okay so yeah because they do have a very very soft tail right at the back so they actually need to hide inside the shell otherwise the temperature might be a bit.

Too hot for it okay so they actually take shells from other cn was very very interesting effect okay let's move on um what else we have okay how about i'm trying to find a polar bear yes do you guys know that a polar bear they are actually black in color their skin is actually black in.

Color yep that's right they are just covered with you know fur that looks like white but actual fact is that they are black underneath very very cool okay moving on let's take a look at this one right here this it's a manatee you guys know the manatees they actually swim at a very very slow speed of 5 miles per hour that is like super.

Relaxing kind of pace i've actually seen them before i've seen them like slo um you know swimming really really slowly very gently looks very very um pleasing i must say okay let's move on what other effects do we have okay we have a horseshoe crab right over here do you guys know that this sea animal right here they actually existed.

450 million years ago yes destroyed um the population is still quite big but it is actually declining as well okay let's move on let's take a look at another see animal how about oh yes there's one more fact about the hermit crab hermit crabs are actually.

More related to lobsters than a crab and speaking of lobster we have one right over here this is actually um you know love story of two very huge claws as you guys can see really beautiful looking okay let's move on this is amari you marry use they love to leave they love to hide in little cracks.

And litter holes in the ocean sea floor i've actually seen them before i've seen two more use they're like hiding inside this really narrow creek yeah this really narrow crack in one of the stones you know at my local sea aquarium so yeah very interesting they are really this color you know it's.

Like really bright and luminous green moving on let's see what else we've got an ammonite right over here this is also like a living okay not exactly a living this is actually a really extinct it is a prehistoric um aoc creature okay let's move on octopus you can see that it has.

Eight tentacles octopus are really really intelligent animals they can change the colors they can change their body texture they can even change the shape to make themselves look like a rock very very incredible moving on we have a squid do you guys know that squid they actually have three.

Hearts i just came to know this as well so i thought you know this is a very very interesting effect you know for everybody to to know okay um let's move on this one right here is actually a blue crab and you guys know that crabs they do not have teeth in their mouth but the.

Teeth are actually in the stomach which is very very interesting yeah okay moving on let's take a look at this we have a leopard seal right over here so for leopard sales the bigger they are it is actually better for them and they are solitary animals they're not social like the sea lions so the sea lions on the other side are extremely extremely.

Social animals okay um yeah okay let's move on another fact about the manatee is that they actually have very very small brains but they are actually quite intelligent yes i've just read that and i'm you know very intrigued by that i mean if the brain is small wow it's quite amazing that if the brain.

Is small and it can still be smart yeah it's very unbelievable i feel okay let's move on we have um walrus right here in fact we have a couple of warriors in our collection and you guys know that there is actually a functionality to these armed two huge teeth right over here so they can.

Basically dig their teeth into the ocean sea floor while they use their flippers to like dig for food foods such as scallops yeah very interesting okay let's move on we have a chin strap penguin right here do you guys know why it is called the.

Chin strap penguin very simple i mean just take a look at the chin there's a stripe across you know the face right over here so it is why it's called a jean strap penguin okay flying fish i've never really seen them before but i know that flying fish they don't actually fly they are able to swim at really fast speed and just glide.

Past and glide through the water surveys and just hop into the air and just down again into the um ocean so very very cool yep next we have a blue tank i was fortunate enough to see plenty of blue tanks um at my local sea aquarium and blue tanks you can see once you're dead you're able to see like all the blue tanks ado they are.

All in blue color but some are in light blue some are in dark blue yeah they can basically adjust the intensity of the of the color of the body color which is very very amazing i feel okay koi fish koi fish are able to leave to up to 100 or even 200 years old so there.

Was actually a piece of news in my country which is singapore so a bunch of autos actually entered someone's home and just ate up all the koi fish yeah they just cute and ate all the koi fish and some of them were like 150 years old yeah it's very very set for the owner for sure and you guys know.

What is even more um infuriating is that the authors just eat the head and just throw away the body yeah that is so sad right i mean yeah i mean that's that's mother nature for you next up we have a penguin right over here and this species of penguin is actually.

The largest species of penguins around and um it is known as the emperor penguin and you can see there's like a penguin chick right over here okay all right um next up let's see what else we've got um we have a beluga wheel right over here yeah i think this is a beluga will a really beautiful one beluga wheels.

They can actually use acrylic echolocation to help them find their way in the ocean okay moving on with another crap right over here like what i've mentioned crabs they have teeth in the stomach not they are mouthed.

And all the crab right here and i think this has got to be one of the most colorful crepes that you can ever find out there okay this is actually known as the sally lightfoot crab i mean if you take a look at this crap you can find orange you can find red purple light purple on the underside you can.

Even find blue and yellow so wow there's so many colors you know just for one single crap i must say that it's really really beautiful and attractive okay next up we have a marble ray right over here so you guys can see the difference between the marble ray and the stingray okay so this is a marble ray so it basically gets its name from.

This body patterns you can see it actually looks like some kind of a marble stone okay and this one right here is a stingray of course it has this little spear i wouldn't call this spear like this little spike or you know stink right at the end of the.

Tail right over here so this can be pretty deadly as well so you have to be really careful if you see a stingray stay clear of it okay um another polar bear like what i mentioned they are actually black in color the skin color is actually black and the fur.

Is actually not white the fur is actually translucent so when you view them when you view so much hair together so they tend to appear as white okay we dc dragon right over here a really really beautiful sea animal that resembles a bit like a um seahorse i was.

Fortunate enough to um you know just to see them in my local aquarium they were like just staying still in the water just moving slightly like this yeah um i was also able to see like different kinds of jellyfish i must say that jellyfish there i was really really beautiful sea animals i was very.

Fortunate to be able to see like you know what was that called moon jellyfish they were so pretty they're like translucent they're like see-through and they were actually like putting on lights and you'd be able to see like jellyfish like glowing the dark so it was very very amazing okay.

Another walrus like what i've mentioned just now you know the teeth actually has a function which is to anchor themselves down to the ocean seafloor okay we have a couple of our clown fish right over here do you guys have any facts about the clown fish if you do comment down below but one thing for.

Sure is that i know that you guys would definitely know nemo finding nemo this is basically uh you know the species or the brit of nemo okay moving on with another ray right here and this is a blue spotted ray okay.

Um a box fish this has got to be the one and only fish that looks like a box i mean if you take a look at the body it looks like the shape of a box it looks like a box yeah let's see what other fish we have okay we have a garlic grouper right over here a very huge fish okay with thick lips as you guys can see.

Very adorable looking catfish guys a catfish catfish can grow up to pretty big i've actually just seen one um at a restaurant they actually had a pawn next to the restaurant and i was able to see many catfish swimming around in the pool waiting for people to feed them.

And they actually use this whiskers to help them find a way in the very dirty and murky water okay um a large mouth bass right over here okay with the mouth wide open manta rays i think we have two mandatory figures not too sure where's the other one this is actually all this right over.

Here so for manta rays i was very fortunate to see a manta ray swimming right in front of my eyes when i went to an island called maldives so when they swim they basically move their flippers in a wavy manner and they swim so elegantly they don't swim at super fast speed but you know really really nice incredible.

I think this is a leopard seal oh man this is a sea turtle baby so there was actually a piece of news in my country um you know some of the baby turtles were hatched and instead of swimming towards the sea they actually swim in shore they went inside the island.

Because they saw a land post and they thought the land post was actually the moon so people were kind enough to like you know grab hold of all the sea turtles and just drop them back into the sea yeah so humanity was.

Awesome yep let's try it lobster right over here we have two lobsters right right here both with um pencils okay frog fish is another really interesting fish if you guys do not know um they can actually walk when i say walk i mean like inverted corners because they can actually use the.

This flippers as lakes to walk on the seafloor like this okay very very cool and interesting octopus are the masters of camouflage okay so i've actually seen a documentary on netflix on the october so they can make themselves look like a rock they can change the.

Immediately the colors change immediately you know from green to brown in just a matter of seconds and they totally look like a rock and they can actually fool the predator okay very very very awesome stuff um a dewgong right over here um this is actually a ladder back sea.

Turtle i mean if you compare it with other sea turtles you can see the shell is actually very very pointed right at the end over here and there are like ridges across the shell as well which is very different from the usual you know ninja turtles that we know okay you can actually see you know like the hexagon shape.

On the shell so they are quite different okay moving on another adult sea turtle okay here's another one really beautiful one this is a smaller version and this is a cow nose ray so you can see oh i think i'm not too sure where's the nose is this the nose yes i think so.

I think it got its name uh basically from the appearance yeah which looks like the nose of a cow cow nose ray moving on we have another crab right here you can see that this crap the pencils are you know relatively smaller than other crabs when it comes to the proportion so this is.

Actually a king crab it's not a spider crab it is a king crab okay and right here we have a salmon fish yes salmon fish um yeah salmon are very very popular you know among humans as food so um yeah so so salmon is actually hunted extensively for food okay.

Let's take a look at some of our different species of penguins okay so this one right here is actually an african penguin and this one right here is a hamburg penguin so you can see a difference between two of them one has a more pointed beak the other one has a rounded uh more rounder.

Big so you can see the body of the um afghan penguins you can see a bit of like you know black patterns on his body whereas the other one is like cleaner this two right here this should be um you know either an emperor penguin or a pink penguin because they do look kind of similar and these two figures i don't.

Think they are accurate enough but what i can tell you is that emperor penguins they are the largest species of penguins around this is known as an angler fish which is another very very interesting fish because it actually has a kind of mechanism but in front of um.

You know its face it's like a light bulb which can immediately light and attract prey so once the prey approaches in the light bulb the anglerfish will just swim forward and just gobble up all the um little fish another lobster right here the starfish.

Okay beautiful one we have two more reviews sea lions sea lions i mean very different from um leopard seals they are very social sociable animals okay and this one is another leopard suit.

All right and this one right here is actually an extinct fish known as a silo camp this is a rockhopper penguin very adorable looking penguin you can see it has very very nice hair style another polar bear cup adorable and this is a hop seal you can easily recognize this by the patterns on his.

Body yeah it looks very very beautiful i must say um soft african penguin right here this one it should be i'm not sure probably an emperor penguin yeah i think so probably and this is probably an emperor penguin.

Cheek moving on another squid a sea horse we have two rays but i don't know the exact species of this two rays right here let's just call this um you know the blue spotted ray and this one as the.

I'm not sure what to call this sand ray because the colors actually looks like sand okay moving on a small little dugong another squid and this is actually supposed to be a giant squid also known as kraken which is like a myth you know kraken is like you know this mysterious sea monster that actually attacked.

Sheeps and um you know sailors yeah so yeah this is supposed to be a giant squid nudi branch i'm gonna find out more facts about this sea animal right here and i'll be telling you guys more in the next video of another sea lion this too i have no idea what they are so.

I need to help you guys okay so thanks for watching this video hopefully you guys enjoy this so i've basically covered two boxes of um you know sea animals and um i've managed to tell you some facts about every single one of them i'll try my best to provide you with even more facts.

In the next video so i'll see you guys in the next one goodbye

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Sea Animals - Beluga, Lobster, Hermit Crab, Jellyfish, Octopus, Turtle, Leopard Seal, Manatee 13+