Sea Animals Collection – Shark Dolphin Whale Narwhal Beluga Shark Ray Orca Sawfish Lemon Shark

Hi, all this is my collection of Sharks, Whales, and Dolphins. You can find cool Sharks like Great White Shark, Lemon Shark, Thresher Sharks, and White Tip Reef Shark. Whales such as Grey Whales, Sei Whale, Right Whales, Bowhead Whale, and Vaquita. There are Dolphins like Bottlenose Dolphins.
Hey guys I'm den and welcome back to the studio okay so today we are probably making the biggest video on our shocks whales and dolphins collection okay basically every single figure so let's get right into it alright guys so let's begin on probably our biggest video ever okay so check this out plenty of shocks dolphins and whales right here on the.

Table and also in this huge box right here okay so this is going to be epic so let's clean this mess up place them into the two boxes right here okay and of course at the same time have a look at every single figure okay so what is this scallop Hammerhead shock okay I will not spend too much time talking about the figure because we have too many of them.

To go through so this one is a mink wheel a really beautiful one as you guys can see the patterns on his body is very different from the other Wheels right here I think we have a great white shark but I think this can also pass on as a Megalodon such a beautiful one right here we have a hammerhead shark baby yes it's supposed to be a baby.

Although it's quite a big figure all right let's have a look at all I'm just gonna pour the shocks out right here so that we can actually put them back in so you can see we have like so many of them guys too many of them to be honest okay so I'm just gonna put the box right here yep quite a mess but it's fine all right let's have a look at this we have a.

Really cute and adorable one it comes with a button this fin is a button so I think this is actually from one of the Toys R Us set and here this is probably our best Megalodon figure it is a figure from pns so I think this is a really really well done and realistic looking figure really really nice one okay and here we have a goblin shop.

Check this out so it comes with a button right here as well which is also from Toys R Us I think okay next up what is this this I think should be the ball hat wheel guys I think we have a couple of new or ball hat will figures which I'm going to show you guys later on this is a hammerhead shark you can see.

This one is quite cool it comes with a movable heat okay next up we have a squishy one which looks like a Fujitsu kind of a figure um not too sure what kind of shark this is probably let's just call this a blue shark and here we have a shock Ray quite a nice one.

From Safari Ltd and the quitter purple is one of the uncritically endangered um animals up there what is this guys I think this is a gray will okay and all all these little spots are known as Broncos.

Extra um wow we really have too many of them to be honest I have no idea what this is this is like a brown shock so let's just call this a sand shark shall we and of course we have a really terrifying looking shot right here which is known as a basking shark but of course they are filter feeders so they.

Are not scary monsters okay we have another one which is right over here this one looks even you know creepier I would say and this is actually from collecting quite a new figure 2020 figure very very cool the mouth basically takes a lot of water and filter out all the food particles very very cool next we have a whale shark.

Which are also filter feeders okay 1991 figure I've swam with real shots before I think I've told you guys like many times here's another one which is a really really a nice one as well from collecte okay let's have a look at this this is a helicoprion if I'm not wrong which I don't think it's a shock but it's basically a prehistoric.

Um sea animal here we have the killer whale which is known as the Orca okay we have quite a number of orca figures and you can see they always kind of like craft this fin as like a super long fin okay so this one is also from one of the um Toys R Us set if I'm not wrong and this one is pretty cool it comes with like movable.

Parts you can actually open its mouth the flippers can move the tail can move as well very nice and of course from the similar set you get to did you guys see that the entire lower jaw came out that was actually quite funny okay this is a shock right here a great white shark I suppose it comes with a tail I mean movable tail and two movable flippers.

Next are what is this sawfish yep we have like three to four saw fishes in our world collection 1994 figure looks really beautiful and here is another hammer hit shock this is from Safari Ltd 1991 figure which is super old I would say and here's a tiger shock you can easily recognize this with the stripes on its body very very nice and this one.

Is our one and only fruit shock okay f-r-i-l-l fruit shock Ed at the back of course food truck or one and only one and here is another great white shark which was contributed to ours by a Dan safarian who sent this to our uh Milling address of course if you guys like want to send me drawings or letters you can go on to our about us tab there is an.

Address for fan mail okay next up we have another Megalodon right over here which is awesome this is from safari Ltd quite an oil figure 2013 which is means it's already 10 years old from the time you're watching this um we have a dolphin right here from the same series with all the movable or you know Parts this one it looks pretty cool.

This is probably I'm not too sure a bottlenose dolphin I would say okay we got this quite recently this is actually an Imaginext um great white shark thing looks very cool and it comes with two wheels um at the bottom so as you move along the table or you know on the floor the the tail will just move which is very.

Very cute okay and of course the this articulation right here looks very annoys I would say very nice shock figure here is another squishy shark and this one it's a sperm where you can easily recognize this by the very squarish hit and this one comes with the.

Movable Parts uh as well what is this I think this is known as a rubber gong it's not it's not rubber gang I always thought it's like rubber gang but it's actually known as a spotted rubber gong okay next up we have another hammerhead shark right here this is a hammerhead shark baby I've actually shown you guys this figure just now right we have um.

Two similar figures and this is a narrow now wheel okay I'm not too sure whether I got the pronunciation right but I think so now I will not well now well I think yep very nice so this one will go into the um dolphin um case let's see what else we've got oh this one shouldn't be here this is actually.

Um a lobster okay um here I think we have a tiger shot because of the stripes so I'm calling this a tiger shock here we have a humpback whale a miniature version oh my goodness and speaking of miniature version I think we had forgotten to bring our gigantic figures the jumbo.

Figures here's another goblin shark I think this one is really nice it actually um illustrate the kind of um you know um scary looking features of um you know the goblin shop but at the same time it looks kind of cute as well here's another great white shark.

Here's another one and this one is from Schleck I'm not too sure whether this is actually an original um great white but I think so here's another one with no particular brand it's probably from Peppo if I'm not wrong let's have a look at the next one another tiger shark which is the same.

Figure as the one that we have um taking a look at this one is really cool do you guys think this is a great white shark or do you guys think this is a Megalodon let me know down below I think it should be a great white and here we have um a whale shark very nice one.

And here we have a little diver this diver basically came along with that blue shock the one from Imagine Next together so it's quite a cool one I would say and here is another hammerhead shark figure you need to get the sharp figures from the bottom of the Box this one I think it should be a.

Squishy whale shark oh this one definitely shouldn't be in this video because it is not a dolphin it's not a whale neither is it um a shark is a selfish I think so it's right here swats SWAT sailfish is basically known as a sword sailfish here is another Nair will figure very very nice I'd say.

And here it's another ball head will so I've shown you guys this one just now so we have two pretty big ball head wheel figures this one is from safari Ltd very nice figure and our first beluga whale of the day okay this is from Peppo very nice figure and here's another purple figure it's a great white shark once again we have.

Plenty of great white shark in case that you guys do not know and this is a Mako shock right here you can see Mako right Miku shot our first Mako shot of the day here is a blue shark yes this is actually known as a blue shark literally yep that's right blue shock it's not a great white it's not uh yeah it's it's blue shock this that's the official name.

Yep um oh my goodness another great white great white shark 2016 sticker I'm trying to find different shots to show you guys this is the Bonnet hit shot right here which is also very very cool and here is the other rubber gong in our collection this one is from Schleich as well.

Okay let's have a look at other ones this one is a bull shark which is our apparently Marvel shares and more attacks on humans have been recorded by a bullshock as compared to a great white shark and here's another goblin shark but a nice one I'd say and here is another purple great white okay let's see what else we've got our.

Car from Schwartz still has attacked on right here and another Beluga will okay from pnso is quite a very very nice I mean it's a very intricate figure and this is the squishy hammer hit shock another Beluga will this one is quite nice as well no idea who actually produced this doesn't have the brand below this is known as the blind views.

Bit will I don't have much facts about this particular um sea animal but you can see it has like very distinctive spots on his body and of course there's just two little um parts body parts that is quite significant this one I think is a beluga calf even oh it's a pilot will I beg your pardon.

Yeah it definitely does not look like a pilot will I have a few very cool pilot wheel figures right here this one is a pilot wheel and do you guys know why they're known as pilot Wheels they basically swim in pots pots are basically like groups of um like dolphins and there's always one leader which is known as the pilot so they are.

Actually known as the pilot wheel for this particular effect okay and this one is known as the Atlantic white-sided dolphin and you can see it has a very distinctive yellow stripe across the body which you know only the Pacific white so the dolphin has it next stop another old car which is known as the killer will they are known as the.

Killer Wheels because they can actually take down Wheels which are much larger than them in size and here's another great white shark I suppose this one is from bully land um Ado is like a big name but this figure seemed to be kind of like not too durable to say and here's another great white or possibly a Megalodon.

Squishy one as you guys can see this is a zebra shrug and many of you guys actually are confused between zebra and leopard sharks but they are basically the same the patterns on his body will change as they grow we have two exact same figures yep uh sometimes I made mistakes when buying figures I I bought the same one thinking I don't.

Have it yeah that's quite silly of me and here's a gray Reef shock very very nice you can see it's kind of like aerodynamic at the same time and the body hits very different um it's kind of like very very great I mean what I'm talking about here is a gray real shock and here's another pilot wheel which we already have.

Here's a sperm wheel very nice sperm whale figure right here and let's move on and octopus right here and here's a scallop hammerhead shark let's see what else we've got um a dolphin right here possibly a bottlenose dolphin and this one is a mink will alright let's have a look at the other one here we have a blue whale very nice.

Blue wheel let's move on this it's a gray wheel I suppose and it comes with all the movable Parts as well movable flippers movable drawer hit and also too this one will go into this box oh wow this one oh my goodness I don't think we can fit this one in so this one is actually known as the right wheel.

Which is kind of like ironic because their name has the right wheel because once they are being poached by poachers the body will float to the um surface of the ocean which makes it like much easier to harvest and which is why it's doing as a right wheel which is kind of like ironic to me it's very sad.

And this is known as the mega mouth shark which can only be found like really really deep into the ocean waters they are very rare at the same time okay right here as you guys can see we have two shots with like the mauved wide open and they are known as basking sharks as you guys always know okay this one is known as The Thrasher shock they.

Basically use the tail as a weapon to whip up at you know the prey to stun them before feeding on them very smart very very clever we have another one right here as you guys can see Thrasher shocks they are easily recognizable with the very long tail which is really really incredible well we have two similar figures right here as you guys.

Can see we got them from the same set and here is another great white shark which I think this one looks really cool it's very different from the usual great whites that we see they actually crafted the face to be kind of like um hideous looking yeah so it looks kind of like more intimidating and here's another sailfish they basically use this.

Tool to like saw the prey up into like tiny little pieces from what I heard yeah kind of coop and this one is doing it as their nurse shock you can easily recognize this but the two fang-like structures in front of the mouth I don't even know what to call them if you guys know let me know down below and here we have the biggest shock Ray figure in our.

Collection yeah shark free if I'm not wrong shark race or shark race like guitar fish okay and here's a mini um tiger shark so I want you guys to help me with the question or shark race like guitar fish and here's another Mega morph shark um we only have like two or three Mega more sharks in our collection oh yes.

This one is a new one it's salmon shark I'm not too sure I think someone give it to me or did repurchase this I can't remember very very nice I knew some things about the salmon shop but I can't remember yeah very sad let's have a look at other figures right here we have a bottom nose dolphin very nice one you have a literal um humpback whale.

Figure we have to go fast because we have so many to cover bottom nose dolphin here's another one Bottlenose dropping as well a tiny little one and this one is probably another bottom nose dolphin this one I think is known as a say will yep s-e-i yep our mini chakrai from Schleich nice one.

This one I have no idea is it a pointer shark I I think I heard of the name somewhere and this one is known as a bamboo shot and these two songs fan like structures actually um you know look similar to a nurse shock to me and here is a zebra shock you can call this a leopard shark as well okay they're basically the same.

Here it's a lemon shark of course it is yellowed in color because of the lemon so it basically gots its name from um looking yellow sawfish this one is from one of the budget packs but still pretty cool this one I'm calling this like a you know sand Hammerhead shot because of the color you know uh I don't think there is.

A name like this I'm just giving this um its own name and here's a like mini great white shark looks very cool I think the scope is very similar to the um Papo figure this is a vaccine shot I'm gonna put this one right in here's another or car okay here it's a great white shot but I'm not putting this into my great white shark.

Box I'm going to put it inside this box right here oceanic white tip reef shark very beautiful one you can see the tips of the the fins are all covered in white this is the short fin Mako shot previously I'm showing you guys like the Mako shot this one is slightly different this one I have no idea I'm calling this.

Like a nurse rock probably and this is the Genghis river dolphin which has like a smiley face but the eyes actually look kind of like fake to me mini whale shark right here and here is another or I don't I don't know what this is it looks like a beluga this one is our Pacific white soda dolphin I think our one and only Pacific.

White Southern dolphin this is the white tip reef shark which is different from the oceanic white tip shot just now okay here is another shot rate no not the shock rate it's a zebra shock right here you can also call it a tiger shark this one I have no idea what this is it looks like a bull shark to me hammer hit shock we have um quite a few.

Hammerhead sharks in our collection black tip reef shock right here okay and you know in fact we have a small version as well which is kind of cool this one I think it should be a rubber gong as well this one I'm not too sure what is this guys it looks like a rat fish yeah and this one is um a zebra shock as well this is our bottom nose dolphin no.

Probably not a bottom nose Orca mini or car right here um dolphin probably a bottlenose dolphin a whale shark right here if there's shark I have no idea I'm calling this a pointer shot because I remember seeing the name as a pointer or something like that yeah and this is a.

Sand tiger shock wow are very very cool looking silverish looking shock no idea what it is this is a beluga wheel another Beluga wheel right here bottom nose dolphin minifigure mini beluga whale and another one another mini Beluga wheel quite a number of them to be.

Honest this one I think should be a Pilot shock a pilot will not not a shock sperm whale pick me pick me sperm whale if I'm not wrong I almost call it a pygmy hippo and here is an octar nice one a couple of uh mini or cars let me try to find a mini or cars we only have one.

Um this is the mini humpback mini sperm wheel another mini harm bag this is our bow head wheel I think this one a dolphin but I'm not too sure what is the exact species this is probably oh this is the Pacific white Southern dolphin noise a blue whale from Colorado quite a nice figure.

Beluga calf okay it's basically like the young Beluga this one oh it looks like a mako shark although it's like a blue shark actually this one I have no idea guys okay sawfish narrow we have quite a number of nail Wheels in our figure on you know figures collection from back will.

Pacific dolphin bottom nose dolphin I beg your pardon here's another one probably the same species great white squishy shock right here very sure this is a blue shark there are some behind so I'm trying my best to get every single one of them to show you guys this one do you guys know what is this.

No idea but it's a squishy shock for sure okay black tip reef shark right here this is most likely a zebra shock this one I have absolutely no idea what it is great white let's just call this a bull shark I mean let's not call everything or you.

Know a great white real shot that's 100 percent and um great white hammer hit oops another hammer hit there's one on the floor as well this it's probably a blue whale no idea what this is great white zebra.

Um I think we have a squid like a giant squid and we have a little treasure box Treasures Treasure Chest that comes with the diver and the Imaginext um figure diver oh we still have two more a small little narrow and a bow head will.

Alright guys so thanks for watching this this is basically my shocks and wheels collection I hope that you guys enjoyed and if you did please give it a thumbs up subscribe you know I'm gonna be making more videos so stay tuned subscribe to my YouTube channel follow me on Instagram as well as Tick Tock just look.

For Dan surprise and you'll be able to find me okay I'll see you guys over there I'll see you in the next video goodbye

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