Sea Animals – Crab, Coconut Crab, Clownfish, Squid, Manta Ray, Marble Ray, Jellyfish, Sea Horse

Sea Animals – Crab, Coconut Crab, Clownfish, Squid, Manta Ray, Marble Ray, Jellyfish, Sea Horse, Weedy Sea Dragon, Octopus, Gulper Eel, Moray Eel, Fox Faced Rabbit Fish, Sea Turtle, and more.

Hey guys I'm Jen and welcome back to my studio okay so today we will take a look at our updated sea animal figurines collection right here okay because recently we have actually added plenty of new figures check this out this is like a coconut crab we have also added a three spotted crab right here which is really really awesome we have a new.

GoPro you as well some new turtles so I'm pretty excited I need the help of you guys because we are going to reorganize the sea animals into two different boxes right here okay so if this is your first time here this is basically my studio known as the basement Dino dungeon okay where we kept all our dinosaurs and of course animal.

Figurines okay so let's get started okay guys so let's begin okay let's begin with the craps first so right here we have um the three spotted crab right here you can see it has like three black spots on his body this is a brand new figure of no idea who actually produced this but it's pretty cool so we're gonna keep all the crabs into one box probably.

The Box on our left right here okay let's do it of course we have um our very old crap figure right here which is known as the Sally light food crap I think this has got to be one of the most colorful crab species out there you can find purple you can find orange red at the bottom you can find blue as well so this is definitely a very very.

Interesting looking crap out there all right let's move on um okay here we have a catfish that is not exactly AC you know kind of from like sea animal because you can actually find them in like lakes and swamps so yep so this is basically a catfish figure from safari Ltd is it's looking nice 2020 I think we.

Got it like last year or so so I'm gonna put all the fish into one of this box right here and another one and not a new fish that we have just added is actually the koi fish not this one this is actually our old koi fish this is the new one the new koi fish but you can see they are both from the exact same sculpt this is a 2017 figure and this one.

Seemed to be the same I mean they're just basically different color scheme really nice gonna put a koi fish into this box so in case that you guys do not know some koi fish can leave up to even 200 years or are not kidding it's super super they have a super long lifespan next up and out of crap right here we have a spider crab.

Sorry our backyard pardon is actually a king crab yeah it looks like a spider crab for sure and uh we actually have two similar figures where is the other one it's okay we'll come back to that one later on okay next up let's take a look at this one so this one is actually a pretty.

You know at least to me it looks pretty intimidating and terrifying and they can actually climb up trees coconut trees so they are known as coconut crab I think they can actually like take down the Coconuts from the tree which is kind of impressive very cool I mean do a Google you go find you know images you know videos of it they're pretty cool looking.

I would say alright next stop let's try to find um the newer figures first okay how about this one this is is actually known as a chain but Nautilus is you know it's like a creature a sea creature of a shell yeah very interesting looking and to me it looks like an alien because of other tentacles.

Very interesting um creature right here that's 2019 figure from Colette we got this like very recently it's also known as a nautilus pompous very cool I'm gonna put this one um into this box where we kept our you know Across The Shins crabs and all the sea animals with like tentacles and Claws and speaking of sea animals.

With claws you can see we have a lobster right here this one looks very very cool okay uh yeah I mean this is a lobster with two huge pencils do you guys do that spiny Lobster that do not have claws um I don't have a spiny lobster right here but I do have a huge one behind me or maybe I can show you guys later on.

And here we have an octopus and speaking of octopus I think we have quite a few entrepairs in our collection here's another one this one is actually one that I really like a big one it doesn't have any manufacturer name and of course you you guys know that octopus OCT basically means it there's like eight tentacles read noise love this.

Figure um let's move on okay the next thing I'm gonna I think let's put all the turtles together the fish because I don't think we have enough space to keep the turtles as well so yup turtles will go into the box with the fish so what do you have right here sea turtle baby okay I'm gonna put this one right here and you.

Guys can see okay check this out we have another sea turtle baby right here but you know if these two figures are actually pretty different in terms of the sculpt and um the species is also different this is actually known as a cams Ridley see each other or maybe a 2006 figure very nice okay so into this box let's see whether there are more.

Turtles I think there's another one right here and this is a leatherback sea turtle and leatherback sea turtles they are actually very unique two um I mean if you compare them with other Turtles other Turtles are able to find like you know this kind of like hexagonal shape on the shells but not the leatherback sea turtle which is kind of like you.

Know it has a Regis across its shell instead so what is this purple figure leatherback seed holder I think we have another one here which is awesome okay this one is from safari Ltd I think let's have a look 2017 figure yep very nice you can see the ridges on the shell is nicely crafted really beautiful let's move on.

All right let's see what else we've got inside this box um let's let's put all the cross stations into the box first and see whether there are more space for you know maybe like penguins and um Rays okay so what is this oh oh my goodness I have no idea what type of crap this is is this a coconut crab I don't think so.

Guys I don't think so I don't think this is a coconut crap what is this is there like a name right here okay I needed help of you guys cars I really cannot remember okay this is the um the other king crab that I was mentioning about so we have two of them exactly the same I just bought another one you know by accident.

But it's okay it's okay um jellyfish Gonna Keep all the jellyfish together with the Crepes because I've mentioned that sea animals with all the tentacles will go into this box right here okay let's move on two lobsters this lobsters I think they came in and just kind of like budget packs so that that isn't like a brand to it and.

You can see the detailing on this figures are is there are actually not bad not bad at all to be honest okay um yeah let's move on how about this one we got this one quite recently and it came along with this turtle and this turtle is looking very cool it actually has articulation so you can actually move the head out you can.

Move the flippers the back flippers as well is pretty cool um and this is just known as a sea turtle yeah I think this is just a generic sea turtle so it would go into the box with the auto Turtles and speaking of turtle we have another one which is not exactly a a sea animal it is a red ear slider also known as.

Terrapins they are able to grow up to a size roughly about this size maximum and they can live up to like 20 to 30 years they can live on land they actually prefer to live on land to be honest with you because I have two of them okay um they are known as turbo and Luna I named them turbo and Luna I mean like my my kids name them okay.

Um yeah let's move on next up we have a golfer you guys yeah we just got this one like very recently and I had a hard time finding out its name and one of you guys actually told me that it is a GoPro Evie so very cool I mean it's one of the most you know weirdest looking uh kind of sea creatures out there and I'm kind of very.

Rare as well um let's see what else we've got Reef School yep reef squid right here you can see um yes I don't know how many tentacles it actually has um let's count one two three four five 6 the other side.

Um one two three four five six the other side is basically one two three four so ten tentacles okay okay cool cool and here's another squid one of the um you know one of them from the budget packs and here's another octopus with um from the budget packs as well it's not from safari Ltd but it's it's pretty decent but of course the ones from the.

Brands the big Brands will definitely be better you can see plenty of articulation no articulation not back up under plenty of detailing done okay octopus they are fantastic sea animals really really clever really really smart they can camouflage themselves by changing its body shape changing the texture on his body changing the colors.

As well extremely extremely smart animal and speaking of um um sea animals with tentacles here's another one but this one is actually extinct it's an ammonite it's a prehistoric sea animal that looks like a snail okay looks like an octopus with a shell very very nice looking yeah it's known as ammonite Western neem let me.

Try to find and this is actually from Safari Ltd even if I'm not wrong yeah it's right here is really tiny yep very tiny and um I can't even see the date it's way too small okay and here's a hermit crab hermit crabs they are kind of resourceful I would say the back of the body is actually very.

Soft so they have to find shells to protect their bodies and this shell right here doesn't belong to it they basically you know um just search for shells that are left over by other sea creatures and here's another really beautiful octopus I think this is from Peppo really really nice and beautiful one you can see the.

Detailing on this is um absolutely amazing even a sculpt the pain scheme is great as well and you can see the suction cups on every single tentacle is nicely detailed beautiful I love it okay let's move on let's take a look at oh we have another ladder back sea turtle and who actually produced this collected you know it's 2014. if.

I'm not wrong we just got this figure added to our collection like very recently this one as well we got it from I think this was sent to us by one of our Dan safarian uh the piranha yep piranhas are you know notorious for attacking humans but I don't think they attack humans um directly I think I don't think so.

Fitness the camera dropped okay here's another fish right here and um this is a salmon fish all right salmon fish a lot of people use them for food okay I'm gonna put this one right here and um this is a manatee we have two manatees in our collection I think.

Probably a bit more oh manatees where shall we keep our manatees I'm not too sure I'm gonna try to make both on the boxes balance so I'm gonna put the manatees aside first so you know let's let's head back to the um cross station so we have another Lobster so this one will go right here we have a giant squid yes this is supposed to be a giant.

Squeater but I know that this figure is not big at all okay so it's okay here's another crap a generic or brown crab I don't know the species it doesn't have the name it came from one of the budget packs but it's a very nice figure and here it's a oh a prehistoric um squid I suppose it's known as a bellamite yeah it's like a prehistoric.

Squid nice figure let's see what else we've got a small little tiny jellyfish um is one of the um Good Luck uh minis from safari Ltd and here's another prehistoric um crush the shin looking sea creature right here which is known as a privateoceros pravito series is the name written right here yep hopefully I got.

The pronunciation right and here's another very beautiful crap that we've got recently it's known as a Dungeness crap I hope I've got a pronunciation right Dungeness crap yep it's our one and only Dungeness crap it's a pretty small one but um I think the sculpt is amazing it looks really great and here's a blue crab yeah it's.

Known as a blue crab of no idea because the body is actually quite green if you take a look it's written right here blue crab I mean the pencils are blue so I guess that's how it got his name from okay guys so I think we can put the race into um this box right here the race uh because the Rays aren't many so you can definitely put them into.

Um this box along with the cross stations or maybe not I'm not too sure let me see hmm maybe the race can put it together with the um Turtles okay here is a Marbury so you can see the patterns on his body basically looks like the patterns on a slap of marble Stone and here's a stingray right here this is you know.

This is the ray fish with the stink right here oh that's what else we've got mentary we have a couple of mentories in our collection this is one of them and um this is another one with articulation um this sea animals with articulation they are actually pretty fantastic but all the pain work is not very good they are actually made over I I don't think.

They're non-toxic and the paint actually comes off quite easily so I wouldn't suggest getting them anyway I I don't really know the brand is from China I think Mentor Biro street is this actually the scientific name of this um mentori there should be another one in our collection which is right here so you can see the.

Patterns on the manta rays they they look different for you know every individual but the shape is more or less the same very cool let's put them in and speaking of race we have another one right here which is known as the cow nose Ray yep because I think it has like two little I'm not too sure whether this on the nostrils or the breathing holes.

But they definitely look like the nose of a cow all right and here is a blue spotted Ray which looks pretty cool as well okay next stop okay let's see what we can put into the um box with the crabs of course the horse shoe crab will definitely be put inside so right here let's see what else we've got we have a little lobster right here this oh no.

This is not a lobster this is a shrimp a shrimp from Peppo beautiful one and here's another turtle um the turtle would definitely go into the turtle box for sure and what is this type of turtle a loggerhead turtle nice very nice but you know I think this figure is like one of the very old figures so in terms of the article not.

Articulation what do I keep saying articulation in terms of the detailing is not very well done okay but it's still a great figure and here's another one this is from safari Ltd is a much better figure this was produced in a producing the same year okay 2007 but I think it has slightly it is packed with um slightly more details okay.

Large amount of bass right um definitely go into the um Fish Box um let's see whether there are more fish yeah we have three clown Fishers in our collection right here okay mimo Nemo okay so this is basically our biggest one probably our best one clown animalian fish is a full name 2005 Safari LT figure and this is um I think.

This is Nemo I think so pretty cute little figure and this one is a small smaller version which is a very nice from Mojo So we have three clown fishes I don't mind getting more to expand our clownfish collection blue tank okay blue tank is oh is that Dory I think I think so so yep so blue tang blue tang I've actually seen down right in front of my.

Rip it right in front of my eyes in a fish tank and blue tanks they are able to adjust the intensity of their blue color which is kind of impressive so you can find some in Darker shades of blue some in lighting sheets are blue very very cool okay so here's another fish what do you call this swordfish I think so yep swap finish from Peppo quite a.

Nice figure frog fish Fox fish from superiority I think this one looks pretty cool it has a kind of like you know not a very pretty face I would say but it's a very interesting sea animal is able to like walk I'm gonna use like the inverted Commerce because you can use this fiends to walk on the ocean sea.

Floor which is kind of impressive I mean how many fish can walk I don't think there are many this is definitely one of them and what else do we have we have a green ray with blue spots looks pretty cool um so into this box as well oh let's see what else we've got we have more fish we have a squid right here do.

We have a name of this squid yeah I think this is just a squid let's just call this a squid okay let's see a tiny little Ray okay into this box and this is actually known as a cephalopies cephalo piece I think it's a prehistoric sea creature I do not have much facts about this sea creature so I want you guys to comment down below give me some.

Facts about the corporate EU as well as the sapular piece I think that will help me so if I'm able to read out the facts from you guys I'll be able to tell you guys in the next video so this isn't like an exercise for you guys okay search up GoPro U and cephalo piece okay so this is these are basically the two figures that I've just added to my.

Collection and um I don't have much information about them just yet okay so I think it's time for us to decide how we're gonna put um the fish but let's finish off with two fish angler fish right here and a flying fish we're going to this box here's another angler fish right here.

Which is pretty cool um this is a prehistoric fish which is known as a silo cans okay silicant so into the box as well or ichthyosaurus which is a prehistoric sea creature I'm not too sure where it is related to a shark or a dolphin or a fish but I'm going to put it inside this box along with this too fox face rabbit fish and.

Box fish very very interesting looking fish into the um Fish Box um no dopped we have a small letter you right not you a small little Ray right here another small little Mentor Ray so let's decide I think we have quite a lot of space in the crabs box so how about we put all the Penguins here first okay let's go with all the.

Penguins so what do we have right here um a Hamburg penguin and this is actually from safari Ltd quite a nice figure okay and here's a chin strap penguin one of the most easily recognizable penguin species of all time because once you see this little stripe across the chin you're able to tell that this is a chin.

Strap penguin so into this box right here your new home and this one I think is a emperor penguin or either a king penguin can't really tell because um it's not really well done I would say yeah uh oh it's from collecting okay okay and um oh we I have no idea what fish this is so if you guys know please comment.

Down below like like um you know the timestamp and let me know what it is this blue fish please I need to know okay and if you have an African penguin sliding on his belly to be exact a South African penguin from 2007 Safari ltd's nice one into the box and here's another penguin African penguin 2017 into the.

Box with a puffin Puffin I'm gonna put the Puffin together alongside with the Penguins because they do look kind of um I would have said it looks similar the colors look similar black and white okay into the box and here's another one uh where is this from Mojo okay into the box and here's a small little African penguin as well into the box and.

Here's a penguin chick probably an emperor penguin baby yeah and here is a rock hopper penguin I think this has got to be the most stylish fish I mean the most stylish sea animal out there you know take a look at the feathers around the arm head it looks so cool yeah penguin and basically it's named as a penguin but this is a rock of a penguin.

We have two rock copper Penguins here's another one okay very nice rock up a penguin okay two of them oh what is this okay this is a array and it has a rope right here on this thing uh yeah it came with a dive and a dive is supposed to like hold on to the um this little rope so the the ray is.

Supposed to like you know carry the diver along which is kind of cool okay so Penguins this one is a really beautiful one was given to us by one of our Dan safarians uh yeah very beautiful into the box and here's another one into the box so I think the penguins are living happily here.

Maybe we can put the polar bears into this box because we still have quite some quite a lot of space so but this polar bear is is Big it's a baby polar bear from pnso into the box that little corner I think we'll do okay and here's a really beautiful one from Safari Ltd 2008 um this was just added to our collection.

Literally we have a couple of Pull-Up bag hops how adorable one is from collect a one is from Schleich another one is from Schleich and see they are all super cute so we have like a um a group how do you describe a you know like a group of bears do you say a hurt no I don't think is hurt um a pride I I can't remember a group of.

Bears is known as I need the help of you guys okay Google it okay that should be a nice term to describe like a group of polar bears another fox face rabbit fish very cute and adorable another turtle that we've missed out okay let's see manatees where can we put amenities I think I'm gonna I'm gonna.

Put a manatees into this box right here so we have two manatees in our collection one is from safari Ltd and the other one is from Peppo both are beautiful and here it's a dugong very nice and here is a leopard seal I think so spotted Zoo okay spotless yeah I back upon this is a spotted seal for sure leopards use this one this one is much.

More ferocious you can see the teeth really sharp uh walrus oh my goodness where should we keep our Warriors maybe in in this box so we have caught okay we only have three viruses but they are all quite beautiful this one is from safari Ltd this one is from um Schleich this one is from Bueno okay both I'm not both all three are.

Beautiful okay um yeah we are left with some random animals another ray right here which is no name or species starfish you want to put it together with the um cluster shins um seahorse we have two seahorses right here this one is a really small one that.

We just added to our collection uh yep from Schleich beautiful one and this one is from safari Ltd nice one really Sea Dragon I've seen them right in front of my eyes in the um aquarium yep they look exactly like this um we have the um goliath grouper yeah 2015 a fish they have missed out just.

Now another spotted seal um sea lion we have three sea lions as you guys can see this one is from safari Ltd it's quite a nice one another one from safari Ltd this one is known as a California sea lion yep so into the box hopefully you have space squeeze them in there's a mini blue tank right here.

Absolutely a cute super adorable um I think yep leopard seal leopard suits I've actually seen a documentary or okay maybe not a documentary we actually saw a um I've seen a video of one leopard suit attacking a book of people yeah it was um very interesting but very frightening.

For the people as well Amore used we have three of them um okay this box this box okay dugong another one a mini dugong so into the box this is a hop so you not a spot to see you harp seal while Safari helps you noise Duty Branch Beauty Branch calm in.

All sorts of different colors some come in really really colorful colors this is one of the um less vibrant nudie Branch I would say super cute great white from um The Minis and here's a dugong mini dugong so yeah we have successfully reorganized our two boxes of sea animals so this is basically our updated.

Collection of the sea animals okay thanks for watching this I'll see you guys in the next one goodbye

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Sea Animals - Crab, Coconut Crab, Clownfish, Squid, Manta Ray, Marble Ray, Jellyfish, Sea Horse