Sea Animals – Octopus, Crab, Sea Turtle, Sailfish, Whale Shark, Wobbegong, Hermit Crab, Squid

Sea Animals – Octopus, Crab, Sea Turtle, Sailfish, Whale Shark, Wobbegong, Hermit Crab, Squid, Lobster, Belemnite, Ammonite, and more.

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Hey guys something and welcome back to another video so today we have a new collection to add to our sea animals collection okay for new playset to be exact so let's take a look at this set right here I think this set is known as um the ocean set that comes with a swordfish I think I'm not too sure what is the name of this fish exactly but it.

Has a name written right below so let's take a look at it later on and of course a mental array right here okay so I think it's time for us to open this figure up okay so let's try to get every single figure out from the box I'm gonna use my um scissors right here to cut the strings loose okay so let's get let's get it out so we can see we have the.

First figure out of the box I think this string is still attached to um you know um the wings right here so we definitely need to you know take it out otherwise it might hurt someone okay so let me try to remove this first okay guys so the first figure is up this is a manta ray really beautiful it has a movable tail the wings can move as well.

And of course this little what do we call this they can move as well pretty cool very nice Mentor we're gonna put this on the table first let's get the rest of the items out as well what do we have right here are we able to just get this up by turning it maybe we can so let's try because I think this is actually screwed.

To the bottom of um the box so let me try this maybe we can just um pull it up quite easily there you go so what do we have right here I think this is a squid if I'm not wrong let's have a look yeah it looks like a beautiful reef squid to me we do have another squid right here so this.

One looks very beautiful I'm not too sure whether this could be a um you know it looks like an octopus as well I mean let's just call this a squid very nice next up I think this it's a um zbrush shark so let's try to get this out from the box as well okay all right guys so this shock is odd it is a wheel shock it doesn't look like a.

Wheel shock to me it looks like a very very small one I mean if it is a real shock it is definitely a super small one but very nice we'll definitely put this in our whale sharks collection I mean our dolphins and wheels collection okay next stop let's remove this little um C chorus right here I think this one looks fantastic that's like you know.

Orange right here and it also some purple color and um the bottom is green so this is a really beautiful and colorful sea cornrows okay next up we still have many more you know sea animals right here I think this one seemed to be a shock Ray not too sure let's get this up from the box all right so this is actually a spotted.

Robber gang which is cool wobber gong so I think it's known as warber gang I'm not too sure wobber gong so we do have one rubber gong and this is our second figure so this is a spotted rubber gong very nice I love this let me just put this one right here okay next up let's take a look at this um octopus octopus let's get this one.

Out as well okay so this is really beautiful octopus is finally out of the box so you can see let's try to find a name um it doesn't have any name but this is definitely an octopus so you guys should know that octopus they are like masters of camouflage they have a really good camouflaging abilities they can even.

Change their body colors the texture as well which is pretty incredible next up let's take this sailfish on I think this is known as a sailfish I'm not too sure let's have a look at this right yep this seal fish looks fantastic not too sure whether this is attached to it I think we can actually remove it as well but let's have a look at this this.

Is basically a um sword fish SWOT selfish nice very nice very beautiful so this is known as a short sale fish I think it comes with a very very nice sail right here and this lateral spirit that looks like a sword and um this portion right here it's movable as well as the flippers the head can be moved as well which is very cool let me try to um.

Remove this from um you know so this this piece of wave Yep this is like the ocean waves is actually attached to the body so let's try to um get this one out as well hopefully we can you know get it out yeah we've managed to get it out yep so this sailfish would definitely go into our fish collection box okay so let me.

Place this one right here and I think we have one last figure right here which is a small little manta ray that this com I think this came along with it right or is this like part of our own collection I'm not too sure maybe it is actually part of our own collection let me place this box away and we can start to have a look at all different sea animals right.

Here okay so um yep so this squid right here will go into this box because this box we are actually putting different cluster shins as well as some cephalocks such as um you know squids and riff squid so this one is our reef squid right here um it will definitely go into the box so let me show you guys okay so this box will.

Basically contain all the crabs or the octopus and stuff so this is our Sally light foot crab I think this is like one of the most colorful crabs out there yeah in my collection okay so just now I've shown you guys the manta ray and what about this one this is actually a Marbury very beautiful one but you can see I mean you can see the.

Patterns on his body it actually looks like the patterns of a marble I'm gonna put all the Rays right in this particular Corner okay so the mantar ray which is like the biggest one will definitely be placed um you know very close to the Marbury let me show you guys other Rays such as Stingray so Stingray actually comes with a stink.

Um stink right behind so this one would definitely be placed right here and here are two more Mentor release guys okay so you can see of course the patterns of a manta ray um they will actually differ so different mentalities have different patterns so you guys can see if this one is pretty huge and this this two are.

Basically smaller in size but I think um I think they look very very similar to each other just with different patterns and colors yep so we have three Mentor race right now in my collection which I'm pretty happy another way right here is actually a cowl nose Ray so I think um it basically gets his name for this.

Two little nostrils that I I think I think there are nostrils and they look like you know cow noses yep another way right here and this one is actually known as a blue spotted Ray not too sure whether you know that is like the exact species name but you can see it is written as a blue spotted Ray right here beautiful one we have a.

Couple of rays right here without the actual names okay so this three um I basically call them race I don't have any idea what um they are so let's just put this one right here let's move on and take a look at other crap so I've just now I've shown you guys Sally Lightfoot crap right okay so here we have.

A king trap in fact we have two king crabs right here so you can see um yeah king crabs they look quite similar to spider crabs they have like thorns and spikes on their body you know which makes uh them um harder for pre for predators to attack them I I I guess okay so we have um two more crabs right here this one is.

A blue crab um this has been in our collection for quite some time and this blue crab is actually from Safari LT these are really beautiful one I love this 2010 figure so it's known as a blue crab I'm not I'm not giving you know the name because it is blue in color this is the actual name of this crab right here so yep let's see.

What it what other crabs do we have okay let's just call this a brown trap because I have no idea what species this is yeah it's a brown crab with like green spots very cool looking as well it doesn't come with any name below so it's quite hard for us to like different shade okay let's see what else we've got okay so here we have a sailfish I'm.

Gonna put the sailfish um maybe here first because we have to put it in such another box later on okay which I will show you guys I think even for the turtles as well we're gonna put it the turtles in another different box okay let me just put this one right here um so here okay so now let's go into octopus so this is one of our small.

Little octopus if you guys can take a look at this I think you know they look kind of similar this one it's um from Safari Ltd I think this is a very very high quality figure looks really fantastic so let us place um the octopus in this corner right here um what else we've got for an octopus this is like really huge one you can.

Definitely put it inside the Box first it's a really beautiful one it doesn't have any brand name to it um so 2002 figure out I think we got this figure for like a long time oh more craps right here what is this crap let's have a look um it doesn't have any name so I think this one looks like a spider crap.

Because it definitely looks like a spider so I think this is most likely a spider crap I think so it's a pretty odd new figure that was just added to our collection like uh on Monday no no on on Friday and this is a lobster right here beautiful little lobster and speaking of lobsters we have a couple of lobsters.

Um this one it's basically a more common Lobster so it has two huge claws we have a spiny Lobster figure in our cabinet it's a really huge one so I'm not showing you guys in this video and here is another Lobster uh a common Lobster next let's move okay another one a common Lobster about is red in color.

Beautiful and not as sweet and I think this is a giant squid it is supposed to be a giant squid I know that this figure is quite kind of small and here is another octopus right here um a maroon colored octopus kind of cute okay another squid right here with no name and no brand I think this is like.

One of the um budget figures that we have purchased you know many years back next let's go into jellyfish okay so we have two jellyfish right here um you can see I think there are plenty of different of species of jellyfish right here I don't have the exact species as both of them are just written as um jellyfish yep.

Okay let's see what else we've got this will be placed um in another box as well not in this box I'm gonna put this in um the wheels and dolphins collection okay so let me just put this one right here I'm gonna show you guys where we are placing them later on horse shoe crab is like a living fossil they were they existed.

Millions of years ago and they still exit um in present day which is kind of um awesome Yep very nice I've actually touched one before at my local Zoo they actually allow us to touch you know all this sea creatures very cool next we go into seahorses okay seahorses this is actually one seahorse right here.

Okay and this one actually looks like a seahorse as well but it is a weedy Sea Dragon I've actually seen them before right in front of my eyes at my local aquarium and they look so beautiful and colorful all right and speaking of um you know living fossil okay this is not a living fossil this is actually a prehistoric.

Sea animal known as a silo Kent it is an armored fish if I remember correctly and here's another one which is also a prehistoric sea animal known as an ichthyosaurus I think it definitely sounds like a dinosaur I mean the name but it's basically like a prehistoric sea creature not a dinosaur and other prehistoric animal right here.

This is known as the um pravito seras okay very cool this one as well this one it looks more like a prehistoric squid which is known as a bellamite okay bellamite let me show you guys uh the name is right here bellamite and this is known as prabitoceras very nice name okay let's see what else we've got and.

Another one right here I think this should be an ammonite if I'm not wrong so let's have a look yup that's right ammonite right here also a prehistoric sea animal let's see what else we've got another seahorse right here there's a mini seahorse from Schleich really beautiful one I think we got this from one of our dance safariants.

And um yeah I think these two are basically our own collection we have a small little man sorry right here and this is an eagerly very nice I'm gonna put this two right in this little corner here um this C choros I'm gonna put them away aside and I'm on my last figure it's actually the hermit crab so hermit crabs.

The shell that it lives in actually does not uh it doesn't belong to this sea animal right here they basically used leftover shelves left by other sea creatures okay very interesting yeah okay what we will do next is that we're gonna put this two into the respective boxes okay so let's do this all right guys so this is basically my.

Collection of um sharks right here different sharks such as rubber gang so this one is known as the spotted rubber gang this will go into the box let me see whether we are able to spot the other robber gang easily I don't think so I think it's like hidden below so uh oh yes it's right here guys awesome.

So this is the other robber gang that we have from Schleich it's really beautiful one so this is our second rubber gang figure I think we might have another one okay we might have another one so we only have like maybe like two to three robber gangs very happy to have added this to our collection okay so let me close this next stop let me open the.

Other drawer okay the other drawer basically belongs to different wheels and different Dolphins as well as whale sharks I know that whale sharks could be categorized you know you know I mean we could possibly put the wheel shock in the shocks drawer but I'm just keeping this one right here so you can see we have.

Other wheel shocks right here this one is definitely um much more accurate looking much better looking as well a really beautiful figure from you know safari Ltd and this one is more like a budget figure but still a very nice a mini wheel shop I would say okay let me just close this.

Drawer okay all right guys next we have the other drawer of different sea animals such as you know like seals um walruses I guess or manatees Turtles dugongs some eels and Penguins okay so it's time for us to place this into this.

Box but this one seems to be a little bit big we can probably put this you know along with the other shocks right here but I think for now seems that we um I mean since we still have some space I think it's okay to put this one right here okay so this fish are I think it's kind of big so I'm not gonna put it inside this box because it will take up.

Too much space so what I will do is that I'm gonna put it together with the other shocks let me show you guys okay okay guys so have a look at this this is basically the box where we store our sea animal figurines which are quite big and um those figures that has articulation okay as you guys can see all of them most of them have.

Articulation on on them you are able to move the flippers so I'm able to move the draw so yep so this fish I think will go very well into this box so yep let me just close this okay

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Sea Animals - Octopus, Crab, Sea Turtle, Sailfish, Whale Shark, Wobbegong, Hermit Crab, Squid