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A baby Moose dancing the Tango? A trio of nutty Parrots singing barbershop harmony? The parents of the animal world have to put up with a lot! This episode of Wild America introduces these wacky babies and their devoted carers.

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The Animal Kingdom’s Most Devoted Parents | Wild America | Real Wild

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now my even as early as these 1959 home movies i began developing my lifelong passion wildlife having fun with animals especially babies continues to be a pleasure for me.

My sister mary and my brothers mark and marshall just as it was when we were growing up in arkansas whether we were playing with ponies or helping marshall ride the donkey we learned to love these beautiful creatures we pointed the eight millimeter camera.

At any and every cute garment even this red fox that ate from our dog dish could not escape the camera's eye ah my very first wildlife film squirrel versus house cat a little shaky but it's a start i'm marty stouffer join me for a goofy.

Funny touching look at some wacky babies me foreign decades after our pony rides and.

Youthful exuberant play mark marshall and i head out on a beautiful morning in montana to get a first-hand look at this spring's crop of wild babies just as play exploration and adventure occupied our own time growing up it's a big part of every wild youngster's world.

our first sighting is an infant mountain lion only weeks old hiding beneath the tree likely waiting for mom's return a lone wolf pup wanders nearby these babies are curious about one another they don't yet know they're supposed to be adversaries.

Hey where are your spots i don't have spots my mama told me all mountain lions have spots well there you go i'm i'm not a mountain lion i'm a wolf a wolf watch this let's see i got claws so i can dig in and actually what's a wolf you know a wolf well we.

Howl at the moon that's you that scares me so much at night watch what i can do see man climb logs yeah i could do that if i wanted to well come on i choose not to but besides howling at the moon uh we we.

We hunt in packs oh like this watch so you can climb on a log this kid doesn't know anything he must have been born in the late spring okay so you don't want to go hunting for.

Logs how about scratching some trees no you just put your claws out come on can't leave me alone okay hey i know why don't we go chase some butterflies butterflies i don't think so kid hey you better be careful up there you don't have to worry about me i'm a cougar i'm a puma i'm a lion.

I got an idea let's play hide and seek i'll go hide you stay here and count okay hey i think i'm picking up your scent it's almost as if you're right here that's because i am right here kid okay now i go hide and you count to 300. okay one two.

Three hundred i found you there you are that you see i have to hide before you can see that's how you play hide and seek now stay there and count hey wait a minute one two three hundred three hundred not three.

I see you hey hey come back a young red fox is also out exploring it too is looking for adventure but what is unusual about this little guy is he just can't stay out of trouble this odd looking stalk is a mushroom a.

Stinkhorn mushroom it grows in the colorado underbrush alongside more desirable edibles little does the mischievous fox puppy know but the top of these mature stink horns is covered with a foul smelling slime flies love the spore laden goo animals don't.

Hey that looks delicious just take a little bite of this terrible finally stinky has his smeller back but after a rest count on seeing him again still hungry.

it seems babies are always hungry these downy feather balls think they're starving they're just killing time until they're next feeding mother barn owl arrives with the.

Groceries now i want you to share with your brothers and sisters i told you one mouthful at a time i love it i love it i love it i love it good point about sharon ma i can't watch he has such bad table.

Manners what a geek you're gross even for an owl anybody want a leg one down four to go not all mothers are so accommodating to their offspring.

When it's feeding time come on mom get up this white-tailed doe is more than accommodating triplets mmm chocolate oh boy i got strawberry ma why do we always have to eat on the run how about mommy.

hey everybody look at me i'm a surfer this is cool possum kits are famous hangers on the litter often numbers more than a dozen with each trying its best to hang on hey ma i suck and i suck and i don't get.

Anything that's cause you're on my back i got it hey look at me mom ernie get up here it's time to eat not play hey don't eat it all guys save some for you brother fooling around ernie hey ma are you a deliverer.

Very funny or marsupial he's got no sense of humor this newborn porcupine is urged on by mom to learn its climbing skills okay it's time for your lesson junior okay mom how am i doing you're doing fine okay i think i got it oh dear.

Hey look ma one paw oh i got it don't worry about me my mom i'm kind i just i can't get my paw right up here like i'm fine obviously young mr porcupine doesn't know anything about hanging from a tree.

If you're gonna hang hang loose like this oh no you see it's not about hanging at all it's about climbing now watch a pro door are among the cutest fallers these little fur balls are waiting for their parents to return.

They pass the time like lots of siblings fighting a tiny woodchuck baby watches with great curiosity with mother woodchuck nearby the little one takes a few more chances than he should near the steep dirt bank chucky don't wander off and stay away.

From those bully coyotes okay mommy bully coyotes bully my eye we'll see who bullies who mommy thinks i can't take care of myself while one pup is oblivious to the intruder the other thinks this is much more interesting than fighting i've been looking for you you guys have.

Been bothering my family for generations hey it's just part of the circle of life you're not so tough you can't even reach me down here just eat them and come on oh two against one i see what it's like i'll take you both on come on i'm a predator your prey okay feel these teeth oh oh yes i'm.

Impressed whatever realized you look a couple of years and you're gonna be lunch so let's just run along and play don't you talk down to me in this stupid canine i'll chew your legs after understanding.

I'm just gonna walk away oh sure run away you big scaredy cat all the commotion finally attracts mother woodchuck's attention here comes the cavalry oh mommy oh mommy i'm so worried about you what those coyotes were picking on you uh-huh.

It was horrible i told you kids to pick on someone your own size mother and baby reunited safe and sound come on chucky i don't like this kind of gentler stuff shut up stop stop again the relief of the pup after his confrontation is cut short.

By a littermate's awkward malady it seems that after answering nature's call there is a terrible itch in a most difficult place to scratch worms will do that and these poor little guys are likely to have them since they spend so much time near their den oh i hate worms.

If only he could scratch a little faster so this tree is home to a litter of raccoons.

Careful not to venture too far from the safety of the den without the parent these cute little bundles of fur are nonetheless curious i'm not curious i'm starving yeah me too mom should have been back a long time ago come on guys help me go find something to eat.

While fluff ball number one decides to explore on the ground number two worries at home while number three has higher aspirations hey bring back something good yeah there's gonna be plenty of fish down here.

after a lot of effort cub number three finally reaches his goal an egg-filled hawk nest wow the easter raccoon is here hey everybody we got eggs eggs i love eggs that's better than anything you can't find in here.

how do you like your eggs how about sunny side up bombs away oh sunny side down nice catch down there little runny but i love it do i smell eggs are you guys eating eggs.

can it be stinky the fox again indeed it is what trouble is he getting into this time raccoon number one hasn't yet learned caution hey what you doing you want to play no we're trying to eat some breakfast.

Breakfast when you can play hey you better leave my brother alone our mom will be back soon the pint-sized predator's fun is a little rough for the ringtail hey go on and let us eat our breakfast or you're gonna be sorry.

Don't say i didn't warn you whoa well that's the way you feel forget it so maybe you guys want to play after breakfast huh no now you know why i never leave the tree the fox decides to search elsewhere for.

A playmate or a meal usually baby animals do not have to learn life skills on their own parents teach this mallard hen is trying her best to urge her brood of ducklings into the water for a swimming lesson.

hey wait for me i've got my baby cap on somebody please give me a leg up here you guys use all the sunscreen seems like there's always one straggler here we go home for these little striped skunks is.

Close to mama skunk or when she's out foraging they try to stay close to each other except for that one independent spirit oh no doesn't stinky ever sleep here he comes there he goes hey skunk what you doing you want to play uh no.

Come on i've been going all through the forest looking for somebody to play with you want to like wrestle maybe or go jump around or something come on listen we gotta talk um some of the other animals they've been coming by and saying that you've been a little pushy you know.

You need to lay back a little bit what do you mean well um you know like maybe um could you stop wait wait please would you stop going around in this circle you're making me so dizzy i could sniff or we could bite these off you're coming aren't you strong.

What is all this commotion hi hi you wanna play uh-oh oh what is the fox doing here all is well in skunk land again except big mama is still perturbed about the intrusion i turn my back for five seconds and you.

Children are playing with strange animals all right roll call putrid okay you're here uh aroma here i am mommy stay by your brother oh dear busty where are you get over here i told you to stay over here by the lake come here.

You're always getting into trouble it's you isn't it you children are just creating havoc get here come here i need it come along odorous is that you yes it's you come here you stand over here all right.

I guess that's all of us oh wait rosemary you come here oh that's not rosemary it's rosemary poor mom what a litter to care for and there is still one left yep there's always one straggler come here dear there are times when mom's not around to.

Help and encourage this great horned owl fledgling is making its first attempt at flight she i wish mom was here to help and encourage one two three four five okay i'm not getting any lift here brother.

Observes from the nest tower owl landliner zero zero niner wins out of south southwest at one niner proceeding taxi to take off on runway three nights this is harder than it looks okay let's try it again there uh clear for takeoff on runway two-niner and uh.

I'll forget you one two practice also makes perfect for this group of little lumberjacks to become expert dam builders the young beaver must first learn to cut trees like the adults i don't know why but i have a strange.

Desire to chew on this wood sometimes their practice is much less than perfect a more ambitious little beaver and a bigger tree timber oh.

It is good enough i know it has something to do with water perhaps if i stacked wood on top of each other in that way we could soon it's seeing almost straight again what was i.

Thinking i had the rest of my life to be busy as a beaver maybe if we stack the foot in the water could i be it no no it's instinct oh this water is so refreshing i just want to lie and relax here in the pond what is a pond until i begin observing animals i did not realize that some youngsters were so.

Good at dancing why a three-year-old grizzly cub can even do the waterlogged ballet.

However as dancers go none can top a moose calf even though the young moose and its dancing partner and elk calf are north of the border the dance has a definite latin flavor so.

so so at first glance the jungles south of mexico.

Do not seem like our wild america but north america extends all the way down to the tropics of panama home to a myriad of exotic life like the spider monkey and the tiny margay these creatures vocalize a wonderfully rich audible feast the jagarundi scarlett mccaw.

jaguar the toenails toucan and the deafening collar monkey what i never knew is that three baby parrots and this odd-looking taper can do such a fabulous.

Barbershop three quartet they've got sharp feet is long so very long it's time to oh that's so nice to sing you know thank you oh you're hungry huh ah hungry hungry great i'm hungry too i know nice.

Little tree we can go get some fruits in the nozzle oh yes awesome nice so nice i tell you what what we do is we take hey where are you going you don't know where to go just like the playful primate this baby.

Kawati mundy is not a carnivore he is so famished he grubs for anything tasty with a few timeouts along the way there are endless treats in the trees if you can just catch them i got it i got it hey come here i got your your history pal come here.

hungry or not i've rarely seen such humorous tenacity a polar bear's determination helps it thrive in the arctic cold baby bears are at home on the icy ledges while mama bear is out hunting i don't care what anyone says i'm.

Freezing yeah me too burr woolly if your boys get bored you can go out and play in the snow oh yeah never would have thought of that ma the cubs soon tire of hanging around and.

Decide to stretch their paws she's a laugh riot out to satisfy their growing hunger they begin the search for a snack even at this young age they know it means they must head to the water oh yeah here i come oh look a loon an unsuspecting.

Loon is about to be surprised guess we ought to eat it then eh the successful young hunter is in no mood to share his good fortune just give me a little piece fate has a way of turning the tables you see the loon has a different plan escape.

You want to be ashamed of yourself picking on an unsuspecting move all right name your leg oh you think you're tough i'll poke your eyes out oh hey those are my foot eyes sorry about the whole thing it goes to show you size and reputation don't always mean.

Victory you just got beat up by a bird yeah so who you gonna tell eh nobody just gonna play on this iceberg hours and hours of fun ages three and up let's just try and be happy eh this is no fun i think i'll go do something else what are you doing over there i'm gonna.

Do some uh some like snow licking you know i think like your attitude's negative oh okay let's find the joy like hey look what i got here kelp never seen this before hey lucky you.

Hey look i'm making angels in the snow the warm sun makes them forget their rumbling tummies and they settle down for a little nap just like their human counterparts animal babies spend a lot of time teething which is why they'll chew on anything and everything.

Ah delicious just moment objective honey maybe grubs don't see honey no grabs it is like an each that only chewing branch can satisfy.

Careful almost slip and fall if i keep this up i could get job in circus maybe instead of circles you should try balance beam be quiet down there i am i'm in delicate precarious position i have to find way to climb up big tree very carefully now.

I see you several times slip i look for grub down here where it's safe yes well it's not safe here perhaps you could assist and bring down please oh hey you think maybe on the ground you could give me a hand up here this is not a good situation.

I'm slipping for you to help me when i fall on back i think you need more climbing training from state school no i hit you so hard i hit you back back here where are you going i have enough i cannot you anymore.

A playful pair of baby badgers forage nearby let me speak first most politely hello badger chicks cubs pups kids whatever let me for to introduce my furry brown brother and myself say you bears aren't from around here are you oh that tickles you like this.

That's nice what's going on over here pleased to meet you oh nice to meet you i think i'll go over here now the cub is not biting the little badger in fact the furry teething toy seems to rather like the mouth massage on its loose coat that feels nice could you do it on the.

Other side no problem sweet lady you smell sweet like honey oh you don't smell that bad yourself we don't like to eat you we like to play yeah don't be alarmed when i bite it's not to make you dinner the other pair seems to have gone beyond.

Stage one they are into full play mode the bashful bear well no chemistry i guess you know as bad we like to eat the big you see bugs and roll around on dead things you don't say oh yes you should try sometime with me.

Uh-huh bye hello now this is more like it that's on first there's plenty of bears to go around with no grown-ups around to teach them the normal reactions to each other they innocently continue to play even though their parental separation is.

Temporary a permanent lack of parental guidance is a big problem for orphans that is the case with the cub i named grizz i carry the orphan to my mountain cabin when she is just weeks old.

Adopting a precious little grizzly like this takes a lot of time and effort besides feeding her i have to play mother to this lovable little teddy bear but her antics and affection provide me with laughter tears and always a feeling of accomplishment.

Oh boy these humans have got it made ah so i'm gonna tickle you bye as a bear gets bigger it grows more and.

More independent and playful good morning mr sap sucker how are you today i hate being called a sap sucker sap sucker woodpecker whatever bear cubs love to tease and tussle a pair of growing grizzly cubs try to.

One-up each other in a game of king of the mountain one silly sibling slips over the edge as he tries to claw his way back up sister seizes on the unfortunate incident sometimes one's misfortune is the other's pleasure especially with a couple of nutty bears.

hey mom sis is playing in the ravine again off islands off the alaskan coast northern fur seals breed and give birth the young although not as agile on land as bears still practice adult duties by playing their version.

Of king of the hill okay somebody want a piece of meat no watch out there okay i'm king of the hills that's so tough i'm up here now anymore i'll bite your whiskers off i don't think so come over here oh okay okay hey look at me.

I don't like that very much here i come soon they tire of the game it's time for a little snuggling with mom tell me what happened sweetheart well i was playing this game and then he knocked me off oh and he pushed me i was kicking the hell it's hard being king of the hill.

As in humans sometimes itching can be contagious.

So as this family of kit foxes begins to scratch mother fox tries to make sense of it all i don't understand i just washed everybody this morning oh golly got me going now hmm.

okay okay they're not real dogs they're black-tailed prairie dogs i'm afraid it seems that one of these prairie pupsters is determined to have an adventure away from home perhaps with this tarantula.

The tarantula is in no mood to be snipped this puppy decides that home is much safer what happened i'm getting back in the hole but the rambunctious little pup is not about to stay in the confines of his den like his siblings.

Oh no he's off to see the world well some of it anyway i wasn't scared all right hey what are all these little what what are these you weren't here a little while ago little does he realize that these harvester ants are about to change his mind about the wide open spaces.

What y'all doing but there he is with all those ants now for the consequences of his curiosity oh scooching on the ground for all he's.

Worth he tries to ditch the stinging monsters finally home sweet home i wasn't scared oh no here's our determined friend again stinky the fox he's out to pester another neighbor a goose nest may be just the ticket good afternoon mr and mrs goose.

But this time it looks like he may be on the receiving end of the fun i don't mean to be rude but as you can see by my feathers i prefer you not touch our eggs is he gone deer not quite here this pair of canada geese are in no mood to have their eggs napped oh there is off.

Stinky on the other hand seems to think it's just a game game i think not now listen here you rotty little mammal keep your balls away from our eggs that's telling him darling thank you i was just wondering if get out of here really go home i don't want to have to get ugly now but.

I was just wondering if the goslings could play the little fox and father goose get into a staring match the gander can tolerate no more clear off to help me you have caused me to lose my temper yes yes thank you boy they're sure.

One thing is certain stinky does not give up easily but even this bundle of energetic aggression is bound to meet his match sooner or later a snapping turtle tries to hide in the low grass oh it is so good to be all alone uh-oh red fox alert.

Hi mr turtle what you doing i've been having a wonderful afternoon playing with all my friends the raccoons the skunks and the geese hey how about you mr turtle would you like to play huh fresh from his last encounter you'd think he would be more cautious but this inexperienced little traveler.

Apparently has no fear big mistake think twice before you break my solitude mr fox oh so you want to raffle even though it seems slow the snapping turtle can be surprisingly quick yes come here and let me give you a little kiss okay with me.

The turtle alone at last slowly and methodically goes about its business oh boy oh that hurts that's the hardest kiss i've ever had he must like me a whole lot ah this has been the greatest day i don't think i've ever had so much fun i think i'll take a little nap.

Late in the day my brothers and i head for a wolf den i spotted earlier right down over there the little wolf cubs are also fuzzy bundles of energy adult members of a wolf pack all help rear the litter.

A female returns to babysit the brood she's prepared to relax and keep an eye on the youngsters until moms return by the time we arrive the babysitter seems bored with it all the cubs on the other hand are anything.

But restful we have fun watching the tireless cubs fed up she calls for a little help finally reinforcements it's time for us to leave these hungry little wacky babies to play out their roles in nature.

with mom back the puppies settle in for a little motherly comfort as evening nears we head back to camp a perfect ending to a beautiful spring day mothers rejoin their young the little ones eagerly look forward to.

A parent's return babies find security in family reunions it is all as it should be we need to do what we can to keep it that way i'm marty staufer until next time enjoy our wild america.


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