THE CRABITAT 3 – Several NEW STARFISH added, FEEDING and more.

New update from the Crabitat! Some new creatures added this time, mainly a few cool little starfish. Lagging behind on my updates on this tank as well, so many more updates to come from this tank in the coming time.

Hope you’ll enjoy the video, tanks for watching!

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Creatures in this video:

Scorpion spider crab (Inachus dorsettensis)
Common starfish (Asterias rubens)
Spiny starfish (Marthastarias glacialis)
Squat lobster (Galatheidae)
Painted topshell (Calliostoma zizyphinum)
The great scallop (Pecten maximus)


The setup:
Whole glass tank 248l (66 gallons)
Eheim Classic 350 canister filter


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Hello i'm simon and welcome to cold water tanks uh another update from the krabitat this time the tank has been running for a little while now and everything seems to be going smoothly so far we haven't really seen much of summer.

So far in my area so the temperature in the tank has been quite low staying below 10 degrees celsius which is about 50 fahrenheit but it's still early summer though so i'm interested to see how high the temperature will rise during the warmest time now i haven't really been finding any.

Cool crabs to add to the tank lately but the scorpion spider crab is quickly becoming a big favorite it's just so cool looking and here you can see it's snacking on a piece of shrimp uh someone on reddit wanted to see some sea stars or starfish in the tank and that is something i get a lot of in.

My traps and i also think they would fit in quite well in this tank so so i've been adding a few uh here we have a common starfish small one and this is the one i see most of if i miss with a set of my crab traps i can get a trap full of these these creatures.

But it's a nice looking starfish and it's very easy to keep in the tank they're not fussy eaters at all and i usually just feed them pieces of shrimp mices or fish here we got a tiny painted top shell moving around on some bladder rack which is a macro algae i am planning on adding some bigger ones.

As i do get them regularly and this probably is my favorite kind of starfish it's a spiny starfish and those of you who have followed me for a while will for sure recognize this one just had to include it when i found this small one.

It's another one that's very easy to keep they will eat just about anything but they really like snacking on small snails and mussels which i will add regularly to the tank to feed the feed-its i've also added quite a few tiny squat.

Lobsters not entirely sure what species this is uh as they can be quite difficult to tell apart especially when they're this small i will probably be adding a few bigger ones eventually when i find someone that i really like here we have another common starfish.

This one is quite cool though as it's grown out from one single leg which is a really cool feature of at least some of the starfish and it's quite crazy how a leg can turn into its own living creature it's fascinating i really wanted to add this one so i can see how long it'll take for the smaller.

Legs to grow into full size after adding the scallop i've started doing 50 to 60 liter water changes about one or two times a week someone in the comments of my last kravita video mentioned that the water changes might not be enough.

To keep this thing alive and uh honestly i'm not an expert on these guys so i will probably get some look around for some food to make sure that it will get enough anyways that's it for this video i hope you enjoyed it if you did please hit the like button and if you're new to my channel and want.

To see more please subscribe and hit the notification bell to make sure you'll see when i upload a new video also please leave a comment if you have any kind of feedback questions or suggestions about the tank or or my videos i really do appreciate that.

Anyways thanks for watching

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THE CRABITAT 3 - Several NEW STARFISH added, FEEDING and more.